Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh noes, i win some monies back?

Staged some sort of comeback to salvage the month a bit. I was at -£2100 at 1 sick point in the month. But taking down a $11 6-max torny on stars for $1.9K helped the cause, and currently i'm -£993.61 online for Sept.

I've played a whole 2 live tornys so far this month, firstly my unsuccessful shot at the gala £110. The last night played the £15 w/rby at moortown, just went down to buy in for the £55 the following night really, but ended up winning it for £280.

So, -£906.01 down for september total, not the worst month ever anymore. Theres still a small chance i can end it in profit. Tonight is the £55 at moortown which winning will probs be £1K+. Then hopefully i can run good online on sunday.

In other news, have just finished my induction week at uni, and it's sweet. It's been weird getting up and getting the bus down etc, but probs good to get some structure back to my life. From now on the course is mainly 3pm starts, so can still try pwn late night donkaments.

Should have some more interesting post's coming up soon with trips to:

  • Dublin - €100K Gtd
  • Cardiff - Blondebash 5
  • Nottingham - DTD

Dublin and Cardiff are in the first 2 weeks of October, and all being well a DTD trip should be in November sometime.

Until then, im out yo.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fame at last...

Finally found the APAT Ireland Interview i did. Thanks to APAT for putting it online :D

Its around 5:30 into this:

In other news, i have won a seat in WCOOP#5 $530 NLHE on sunday. See what happens.

Friday, September 07, 2007

LOL Good start to September...

No no, Lost in the first 7 days of the month, not the best start. It wasn't so much the first 6 days (-£250) but the 7th day. I was in full rage tilt and donked off about $800 @ $5/10 on ftp, and $150ish on Party in tornys and $5/10.

So now im in that twighlight zone of realising what you've done etc. And am going to sort it out, the first major change i've made is, putting my ''poker bankroll'' in a separate bank account. I have £2500 spread online + in the poker roll. Then all my other funds will be for living costs @ the flat etc.

So, $5000 to try and grow into a REAL sum. I wont be withdrawing from this roll, as i have enough to pay for everything for a while. And i will be playing:

  • $11-$55 FO's
  • $5-$22 Rebuys
  • $3r-$58FO Satelites (WCOOP/300K/Million/750K)
  • $1/2 NLHE

I will have a daily schedule to play for most days, and will post it soon. Torns spread across Party, DTD and FullTilt. Then Stars for Sats/Million/Maybe morning torns.

Making separate balances should have been done a long time ago. But now its done and i hope i can spin it up.

I am probably going to go to Gala's £100 FO tomorrow night. To take a last shot before grinding hard. Havn't been there in ages, so hope to run super hot. plz kthx.

On a non-poker subject. Golf today with Sledge, Sniper and Horneris was absolutely comedy i was back hitting the ball well, and 2 birdies and a load of pars was nice to return to. Hopefully i can get back playing regularly again.