Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February results

Another solid month, i didn't expect it to be as good as Jan, but i can cope with it being this good!
Some good results on the MTT front, another 2 wins to add to the list. The sng front went pretty well, and the cash games were toned down! After some BR breaking on Stars. The -$1479.93 on stars is a big chunk of cash game loss but i'l live and learn.

On the live front, i have not played ONE single thing in february! Which is poor, and March will be an action month in terms of casino visits. I am infact, making my first casino visit for feb tonight, on the 28th ffs! So it could well be a losing month on the live front ;-)

So, £4.3K up for 2 months, thats not a bad wage i suppose...a lot more then a part time job could get! But hey, maybe il get pwned in march + blow it all then get a part time job and update this blog as a 'year in the life of a min wage slave'.

I dont think i could stick having a job, so back to the disciplined grind.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fuck the ultimate grinder, Im a balla.

TBH, i was only the ultimate grinder for about an hour after that post...probs just gonna ball it up playing 20 mtt's a day, and going back to crushing the stt's on stars (might try party) at the $27 level.

Been playing a sick amount of mtt's of late...with 2 1st's and some 20-30th's in sick fields of 1K+. So its only a matter of time til i can peel of a pwning cash.

Went back to a few $1/2 cash games last night after deciding to be well balla. This obv failed and i was playing stupid LAG and got owned for $300, then clawed it back with some $27 stts and stars.

Tonight il probs grind some stt later on when they're shit soft, aswell as 10ish mtt's. Nothing the high pressure just a relaxed session.

Monday, February 26, 2007

WSOP Europe

Ship It. Standard!

Best news an 18 year old poker player can hear! The WSOP is coming to Europe!

Schedule wont be announced til may but im so excited at the prospect of trying to sat it in to the £10K 6 day main even! would be the experience of a lifetime!

I love party

2 days ago i shipped $500 onto party..

Today i chopped the $4K GTD $10FO for $1325.15, i got a tad more due to the CL...


Thats 2 mtt wins within the week, running so hot atm, could have been even more, with a few near misses in the $10K (stars) and $5K (tribeca). But il take the 2!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The grind...

Thought i'd test the waters on PartyPoker this week after being told how soft the competition was on there.

So i now have cash on 4 poker sites:

BPL: $500
Party: $500
Stars: $500
DTD: £600

I cashed £2000 of DTD after the mtt win, for fear of tilt + ridiculous cash game play! LOL!

I'm playing with the attitude that i dont care if i lose the $$ off a site, as i can just re-launch cash straight on. But i think im gonna actually grind each individual BR, treating each individual one as my whole BR. Hopefully i can make a killer BR on each site.

This probs wont work on Party + BPL as il be playing $20rbys etc. So my cash/sng form will have to be good :-)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Send the Sherbert


Shipped home the £8K for the 2nd time this year for £2240, and boy it felt good. TBH i didnt really do anything early on at all, was always a low stack, then an utg limp with AA started it all off, and i ground it out solid before turning it on 5 handed and catching some flops.
Was thankful when we moved form 2 tables to the final that the super LAG player who had been on my left was now on my right, that was a huge bonus.

I went for it tonight on the mtt's, playing 16 in total investing nearly $400, and with just 1 cash of $130 in the $5K on tribeca it wasnt looking to good. Then the £8K saved my ass.

That result has helped leaps and bounds for the outlook of february and hopefully i can hang on for another winning month!

I think im gonna cut out the $20K + $15K's on tribeca for now, because they turn into such sick crapshoots that my BR cant handle the swings just yet.

I'l probly just play the £12K, £8K and $4K on DTD, and the $5K's on tribeca.

As far as the ultimate grinding is going, technically the BR on stars is $415, a $10 loss....but it is actually a profit from cash, as i played $25 worth of mtt's on there 2nite, so its a $15 profit for the grind atm, i will get solidly onto that 2moro.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Ultimate Grinder

I want to become a great cash player, and move up the limits to the at least consistently playing $2/4.

And i realise the huge importance of a decent BR. So the stt challenge is going to go on standby, and WILL be picked up again from day 14.

But as my BR on stars cant cope with the swings of playing the $27's. Im going to grind.

I will be 8-12 tabling.......$0.05/$0.10! PMSL, it sounds so embarrassing...but it has to be done. I will be playing this until the BR hits $500, then moving up into $0.10/$0.25 until $1000, then $0.25/$0.50 and so on. If ever my BR drops below the min for the game im playing in, (2000xBB) then i will drop back down.

It would be better for me to do this on blonde due to 30% RB, but the tables are about the size of houses so i think stars would be easier for multitabling.

My starting BR for this is $425, from $1500 that ive put into it this year. The losses are ENTIRELY due to cash games, I am in slight profit from MTT's and have a nice profit for STT's. So im stuck about $2000 from playing stupid cash games like $2/4 and $5/10.

So now it begins, here is the tale,

Of the ultimate grinder.

Days 12/13

Ran ok for these 2 days, started moving to 4 tabling which increased my concentration levels and i ran better.

Day 12/13 Results: +$9 (+$166.50 total)
ROI: +2.3% (after 258 tournaments)


1st: 4 (34)
2nd: 4 (29)
3rd: 4 (30)
4-9th: 21 (165)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Days 10/11

Shipped a decent number for once, but i was falling asleep for the latter 15 but still did ok. Had a bash at 6 tabling which went pretty well tbh.

Day 10/11 Results: +$121.50 (+$157.50 total)
ROI: +2.6% (after 225 tournaments)


1st: 6 (30)
2nd: 3 (25)
3rd: 6 (26)
4-9th: 23 (144)

Gonna continue to solely play the 9 seater $27's on stars, as well as decent gtd's on crypto and tribeca.

I will now being playing tribeca tournys from the BPL skin due to a new loyalty scheme introduced today, so i cashed £600 from BS and wacked $500 into BPL.

I am really going to grind for the rest of feb as i really really dont want a losing month, but it will be a task to make feb positive being stuck around the £600 mark atm. More details on this one later.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Days 7/8/9

Only 23 played in these few days, im seriously lacking motivation and keep hitting $2/4 cash instead.

Day 7/8/9 Results: +$31.50 (+$36 total)
ROI: +0.7% (after 187 tournaments)


1st: 3 (24)
2nd: 4 (22)
3rd: 1 (20)
4-9th: 15 (121)

Not exactly shipping it on home, but at least its green.

Been hitting some form on the bluesq early morning multis, another 2 FT's in 2 days, not major cashes tho, just a $150 and a $240.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Days 5/6

Not got a great deal done on these days as i've been playing live and going out.

I have been playing 2 tables at once instead of 4, and results are really showing improvement.

Day 5/6 Results: +$274 (+$4.50 total)
ROI: +1% (after 164 tournaments)


1st: 3 (21)
2nd: 2 (18)
3rd: 1 (19)
4-9th: 3 (106)

I will continue to 2 table them at the mo to see if i continue with the current success.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Day 4

Today was so sick, everything went against me. It was just one of those days and no matter how many times it went in ahead, it usually finished up losing, hence the lack of games!

Day 4 Results: -$198 (-$270 total)
ROI: -6.4% (after 155 tournaments)


1st: 3 (18)
2nd: 1 (16)
3rd: 1 (18)
4-9th: 19 (103)

So, its off to a pretty poor start to say the least, but i'm not too bothered about that at the minute, i 'think' and hope, that it is all short term variance and i think that i am playing these in a very decent style, and positive results shouldn't be too far away.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day 3

Today i wasn't very motivated, and only swung slightly in profit and slightly below profit all day.

Day 3 Results: -$40.50 (-$72 total)
ROI: -2% (after 131 tournaments)


1st: 1 (15)
2nd: 4 (15)
3rd: 2 (17)
4-9th: 12 (84)

Tomorrow il grind it hard and try get 50, and have a profitable day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 2

Today, went ok tbh..but when it came to HU i just kept losing, not really due to bad luck, i kept getting it in way behind. And deservidly staying there!

Day 2 Results: +$153 (-$31.50 total)
ROI: -1% (after 112 tournaments)


1st: 5 (14)
2nd: 7 (11)
3rd: 8 (15)
4-9th: 26 (72)

So thats 112 tournaments in 2 days, nicely above target, i'm happy to get a green day on the board. And hopefully this will continue into tomorrow.

I've made 2240 FPP's in 2 days now, should be well on the way to platinum status :-)!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Day 1

Wow, i was really impressed by the shear volume of STT's i got through today. I was aiming at 30 at day, and thought this may be a struggle, but i managed 66 today!

Day 1 Results: -$184.50 (-$184.50 total)
ROI: -10.4% (after 66 tournaments)


1st: 9 (9)
2nd: 4 (4)
3rd: 7 (7)
4-9th: 46 (46)

So, obviously not the ideal start, but i managed to cream in a lot of FPP's and tomorrows another day...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Sit and Go BR building

After the failure of my last challenge...

I've decided to try another, it will be remeniscent of thetanks 4000 sng's in 4 months:

I will be playing the $25+$2 9 seater turbo's on Stars, from a $1500 BR.

As of yet, i have no real idea to what my ROI will be, i would like it to be somewhere between 10-15%. I will be aiming at around 30 a day, to really grind out a BR.

The main objective of this is bankroll building. Secondly i would like to become a platinum status VIP member on stars. Currently as a Gold member i recieve 20 FPP's for each $25+$2 i play, at 30 per night that equate to 600FPP's a night, and if i can cruch 500 a month, this will enable me to achieve platinum status.

After realising that playing MTT's on Crypto and Tribeca are much more profitable then Stars, i will probly hit the $5K's and $20K on tribeca and the £8K on Crypto.

I will report back every day probably with current results.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have been running really well in the MTT's and the HU's, i think my HU game is coming along greatly. And i've stayed totally away from cash.

I'm happy to say i've had 2 FT's in 2 days, both coming in the 4pm bluesquare $5K Gtd, an 8th for $250ish and a 2nd for $1225ish.

I have been making a timetable of MTT's each day, and hitting 9/10 a night. Its been pretty successful and find myself £500 up in february already. I aim to continue playing the $55 HU's and hitting a decent amount of MTT's a night, and the results should hopefully come flying in.

Due to a poor end to Jan, i finished £3200 in the green, it could have been better, but im not complaining in the slightest, a v good start to the year.