Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Roundup...

12 months playing a decent amount netted me an £8,070.22 profit. My target at the beginning of the year was to make £12K. But after a more relaxed second half of the year i am happy with my total.


For the past 12 months i have had 9 winning months and 3 losing. Varying from +£3,202.38 to £1,567.70. Online poker has really made me want to die at times this year, but im back in love with it after finding iPoker's mtt's.

Individual Sites Profit Breakdown:

  1. DTD +£3,416.09
  2. BPL +$2071.85
  3. Party +$1567.55
  4. Stars +$1100.00
  5. BlueSQ +£400
  6. Mansion +£366.29
  7. Mermaid -£14.63
  8. FTP -$2069.08

Total Online Profit : £5,518.44


I played 54 live tournaments in 2007. Cashing 16 times, I won 4 of them outright and chopped one. Making £2,528.56 from live donkaments.

I didn't get into much live cash game action in 2007. I sat 10 sessions winning 4 times, losing 6. Overall turning a profit of £2.00. I think exploiting cash at Moortown in 2008 needs to be done, but i usually tilt if playing after busting from a tournament, so maybe going down at 10:30ish and playing cash only.

I played 5 sng's live, winning £21.22. These are mainly from bb's and apat and usually just for comedy value.

Total Live Profit : £2,551.78

Goals for 2008:

  • Make £15,000 profit
  • Play at least 1 GUKPT leg
  • Play 2 WCOOP Events
  • Secure a job in a poker room for my placement year
Happy new year everyone, lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. imo.

Actually an ok day...

Zomg, 4 final tables in one day. 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 6th though, so brudel.

Started at like 5ish as Horneris was grinding and hit most torns on iPoker, DTD and Party. Went deep in the $10r with Horner, ended up busting in 6th for $250.

Then the 2nd lot of tourns around 11/12pm kicked off and i built stacks pretty deep in the $6K double stack and the $4.5K on iPoker, as well as the 2nd $10r on party. I finalled in all 3 of these, coming 3rd in the $6K for $950ish, 2nd in the $4.5K for $850ish and 2nd in the Party $10r for $750.

Ended up winning £1,100 for the day. And the BR looks a lot healthier going into 2008.

I will post on the 31st with my years round up.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Back playing...

Having got my essays out of the way i have had a few days to grind some tourns again.

I cashed $500 off stars and put £250 on DTD to play all the tourns throughout the day. Have won 2 mtt's since moving there. But only small ones for $750 and £200.

Had a potentially big sunday by qualifying for 3 of the biggies: Mansion 150K, DTD £40K and Tilt $750K. Ran bad in all 3 (mansion KK < AA. DTD AQ < KK and Tilt AA < 85c on a 889r flop)

November finished in the green, shiiiiiip. LOL +£94. Came 4th in the £55 at moortown on the last day of Nov to swing it into the green. Decided to run QQ into KK 4 handed for a decent pot but bricked the turn and river after a hopeful 9TJ flop. At least it ended the worst spell i've had in live poker, 11 tournaments without turning a profit!

Gonna keep grinding DTD and Tilt mtt's for as long as i can, but i think i might have to do some more work soon so it may have to take a backseat.

Friday, November 16, 2007

APAT Walsall, Winning a Donkament and Plans

APAT was a pretty hard failure. Beginning with the drive down, stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours on the M5. But listening to the audio recording of Barry Greensteins 'Ace on the River' took the edge off.

After finally arriving at the end of level 1, i started to accumulate a few chips and was always gradually increasing them by every break. At the end of level 10, a pretty sick hand happened between myself and M3boy, and a massive thread on blonde was started about it, here.

Anyway i won that pot, then knocked off a shortie and was in good shape with around 35 left. Then i kept getting moved and sat down at a new table utg and folded, then in the big blind was dealt AJo. The cut off popped it up to 12K (he had a big stack and i could only guess his range was amazingly wide in that spot) so i moved in for like 33K more. He made the call with 44 and i lost the race. 29th place was good for £0. Can't be to unhappy to busto in that spot tho. 100K pot near enough.

The other night Horneris decided he couldn't play the $22 deepstack 6-max on stars any more as he had work in the morning and it was like 4am. So i took over for 20% thinking it nicely bubble it for him. But obv as im only playing for 20% i run good and pwn the whole thing taking down $1.7K total. Of which only $350 was mine. ffs stars let me run good when its all for me ldo. But at least it gave me the feeling of closing out a donkament again. Since that i don't think i've played a hand online. I had an exam for uni last monday, which went pretty well. Then as a reward for my hard work i was looking forward to grinding some torns so hard. But of course the internet decided it won't bother working any more, and the router blew out. ffs stars.

So hopefully that will be fixed soon. But poker will still be on the backseat as i have 2 essays to do, and 2 mates 21st's to celebrate. Involving trips to Newcastle and Liverpool. Thankfully the Newcastle trip (being Horneris's) will involve the £30 FO on saturday night at Aspers. Lets gogogo.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Busto in a month?

Sigh. Another month living in the flat, and another terrible month. I dropped £780 online, and another £160 live. So donking £1950 in August and September is not the greatest start, especially with the added living expenses i've taken on since moving in.

So as my rolls been pretty destroyed im back to grinding again. Playing tourneys from 6-1 every day was really hurting the roll. So its back to the grind. 10 tabling $16 sng's for November. Maybe not the whole of Nov but at least for a few weeks to build some scratch and hit the tourny's again.

Its sad as i really felt i was on the verge of a big win, been very close to some $4K-$10K wins but just that final hurdle goes wrong and i end up crashing out for $100-$900. So the big win will have to be put on hold.

Its not going to be easy and i'm probably going to nut a fair few objects throughout the mind numbing sng grind. But it'l all be worth it if i can build the roll back and be back smashing the mtt's.

As well as dropping the £1K in October it was probs one of the more expensive months with trips to Dublin and Cardiff throw in there. Making it hurt the finances even more!

Another trip is coming up tomorrow. With the English leg of the APAT Season 2 Tour. £75 FO with 10K and 40 mins clock with all the levels. Hopefully a score will be had. Me, ChipRich and Linux are going down. Should be a good laugh.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blonde Bash 5 - Cardiff

I was too lazy to write a trip report for this one, but left it in the capable hands of ChipRich to do it some justice.

Click Here to read it.

The weekend was total comedy from start to finish.

Bring on bB6 in Nottingham!

Monday, October 08, 2007

International Poker Open - Dublin Trip Report...

Day 1 : Friday

I got back from uni at 5:15pm, and am very excited about the upcoming trip. I open the door to the flat and see Rich passed out in bed still, lazy bastard. JP and Sledge are in Headingley having a few sherberts and i was going to go meet them before being put on uber life-tilt via the bus service from Leeds to Headingley. 30 mins to wait for a bus that is supposed to come every 3 mins.

Sledge and JP turned up at the flat about 6 and we ground out some games of fifa before Horneris arrived, then the game switched to ProEvo, Sledge declared he would play anyone for any amount, Horner beat him 5-1 and Rich owned him 4-1. LMAO. By 8:20 the taxi still hadn't arrived, then we got a phone call saying it was outside and shipped the bags out to begin the trip. And everyone was praying to run good in Airport props one time.
We arrived at the airport and joined the massive queue to check in. Horneris had been saying how poor it was that we were checking bags in and would be able to avoid waiting around spotting his bag on the carousel in dublin. So we checked them in, got through to the x-ray machines, Horneris put his bag through and they find loads of liquids/hair product etc! So he has to go right back to check in with his bag. Huge beat imo.

Anyway, throught to departures and the prop bets begin, £1-£10 omaha/hold'em/high card flips. I managed to run super hot and make £20 in 20 mins. Rich's face here shows how he ran:

We see a lolly machine, and remebering how +EV I am in betting which colour will pop out vs James. So we have £4 on it, and a Pink one flies out, ship. Sadly the plane begins to board shortly after so there isn't time for much more, me and JP have a bet on what time the wheels will touch down in dublin, i take odd minutes, him even. After a double shot of rum and some pineapple flips we began to decend into dublin. The plane touched down on an odd minute, (i pwn props so hard) and we made our way into the terminal, where i have £4 with brent on who's bag will come through first, and £1 with JP on the same thing. JP's owns it and i lose £1 to him, but of course mine pwns Horner's so ship the +£3 profit, (he thought he had an edge as his bag was checked in last, what a douche).

On exiting the airport we see the worlds biggest taxi queue but join it for the fuck of it as the only other option was a bus. LOL buses. But it shot down fast and we were at the Jacobs in no time. We got the keys and lobbed the stuff in the room. JP and Horneris went to the Fitz to change some money, and try go on Shaun '[censored]' Deeb BJ spin ups. While we attempted to sleep. Which failed and they came back in around 3 with no winnings. We then got to sleep and awoke when a 'roomate' came into the room, we had booked 5 beds in a 6-bed room and were sharing with some random polish guy...

Day 2 : Saturday

I woke up to JP: ''Well, Brent has no head'', Sledge: ''wtf?'' *looks down to Brents bed*. This comment spurred from the various jokes about the ''Hostel'' films and the fact we were sharing a room with an eastern european. In truth, Brents head was still there. And we were reading to play some poker. After stocking up on a cooked breakfast, red bulls, lucozades, water and chewing gum from spar, i was ready.

We arrived at the RDS and i was amazed by the sight, 108 poker tables inside this massive hall, i went over to the huge screen to see ''David Jones - T107-8''. We sat down at a random table to wait and met Rookie and Aisling. And before long it was time to grind.

I moved to my table and as i run bad it was one of the self-dealt ones, but a french guy had offered to deal so it didn't really affect me. Apparently some of the tables didnt even play a hand in the first level as no one would deal! I got off to a shitty start in the tournament after getting deep in a pot with 78s and a 8JQ8 board before another Q fell on the river to fill up his AQo. So down to 6K, then up to 12 and finished the first break on 9.7K. I was v tired and playing pretty bad but kept chugging red bulls and lucozade to keep me concentrating. When i got back i started spinning up to around 18K but dropped back to 10.7K by break 2, with TT and AKh losing. After another bad start to the 3rd session i was back a 6K before checking down JJ until the river on a J9X9X board and over-betting the river and getting paid by 77. I got a table change to the v good table and i was looking forward to going robusto. I got to 23K v quickly but blinded back to 18K by break 4. On return from break 4 i found QQ and 16.3K in my stack. UTG popped it to 3.5K, the hijack then smooth called and i just moved in for 16.3K. UTG folded pretty fast, and the hijack not so fast. He was about to muck his hand, then put it back down and called it off with Jc9c. He got there with a J94XX board. And that was that. 9 hours of poker, which i thoroughly enjoyed. Horneris was still alive when i left with a huge stack. he still had 5 hours ahead of him if he was to make day 2 and the money.

We got a taxi to the pub on the corner near the Fitz and sunk a few bev's after sledge busto'd (he flips bad). And waited on news of our hero. He was doing very well and increasing his stack at every text msg. We moved to the Fitz and Sledge ground some €1/2 PLHE. And flopped the nuts while winking and giving us the thumbs up in full view of his opponent, who still paid him off! We got back to the hostel and met Brent in the doorway. He had made day 2 with 130K. One time. €32K for 1st and my 15% looked v.good.

Day 3 - Sunday

I was looking forward to playing some more poker today. And woke around 12ish after a heavenly sleep, i looked around and saw Sledge and JP were gone, turned out they had gone to the Fitz at 9am even thought it is blatent that no-one would be there. Brent headed off to the Jackpot for day2, and me and Rich went to a supermarket for some breakfast. We got a taxi to the fitz and saw no-one was there so started to walk towards some bars that Sledge and JP may be in. We found them very soon walking down the road and went into a pub for a bevvy. Before returning to the Fitz and meeting TheClaimer, Dewi, Booder and their mate who's name i didnt catch. Dewi claimed there were 20 runners in the €30 F/O Booder then called him a ''thick prick'' as there was 120 runners, with 4K stack and 20 minute clock it was going to be a quick one. I was pretty sure i was going to win it with 45 left but i ran bad with 88 vs Q3o and AJh vs TT and i was gone. Nevermind. Brents gonna win with €4500. But turns out he busted early and was infact in the €30 torny but downstairs. So i went to the pub for a few and decided to miss the €40rby. Brent will give you a full tourney report on his blog. We ended up staying for a few, getting a burger king and going to the Fitz for the degenerates to try one more sick spin up before heading back to the hostel and setting the alarms for 7:15, urgh.

Day 4 : Monday

Early rise and departure to the airport. Me and Rich got a taxi and the other 3 got in another. Rich runs so terribly that after we were dropped off he realises that he left his wallet in the taxi!

After a ridiculous amount of jokes about this, we begin to worry that he may go over the edge and try hijack the plane or something. I manage to win £19 flipping with james on the plane and after a short taxi ride from the airport. We were home again.

Prop bets = +£53
IPO = -£105
Fitz Torn = -£20
Hotel = -£40
Flights = -£45
Rich's face after realising hes lost his wallet = PRICELESS

Another unforgetable trip and i can't wait for the next one. Just too bad we couldn't have a sick result.

World Blogger Championship of Online Poker

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 1469314

One time.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh noes, i win some monies back?

Staged some sort of comeback to salvage the month a bit. I was at -£2100 at 1 sick point in the month. But taking down a $11 6-max torny on stars for $1.9K helped the cause, and currently i'm -£993.61 online for Sept.

I've played a whole 2 live tornys so far this month, firstly my unsuccessful shot at the gala £110. The last night played the £15 w/rby at moortown, just went down to buy in for the £55 the following night really, but ended up winning it for £280.

So, -£906.01 down for september total, not the worst month ever anymore. Theres still a small chance i can end it in profit. Tonight is the £55 at moortown which winning will probs be £1K+. Then hopefully i can run good online on sunday.

In other news, have just finished my induction week at uni, and it's sweet. It's been weird getting up and getting the bus down etc, but probs good to get some structure back to my life. From now on the course is mainly 3pm starts, so can still try pwn late night donkaments.

Should have some more interesting post's coming up soon with trips to:

  • Dublin - €100K Gtd
  • Cardiff - Blondebash 5
  • Nottingham - DTD

Dublin and Cardiff are in the first 2 weeks of October, and all being well a DTD trip should be in November sometime.

Until then, im out yo.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fame at last...

Finally found the APAT Ireland Interview i did. Thanks to APAT for putting it online :D

Its around 5:30 into this:

In other news, i have won a seat in WCOOP#5 $530 NLHE on sunday. See what happens.

Friday, September 07, 2007

LOL Good start to September...

No no, Lost in the first 7 days of the month, not the best start. It wasn't so much the first 6 days (-£250) but the 7th day. I was in full rage tilt and donked off about $800 @ $5/10 on ftp, and $150ish on Party in tornys and $5/10.

So now im in that twighlight zone of realising what you've done etc. And am going to sort it out, the first major change i've made is, putting my ''poker bankroll'' in a separate bank account. I have £2500 spread online + in the poker roll. Then all my other funds will be for living costs @ the flat etc.

So, $5000 to try and grow into a REAL sum. I wont be withdrawing from this roll, as i have enough to pay for everything for a while. And i will be playing:

  • $11-$55 FO's
  • $5-$22 Rebuys
  • $3r-$58FO Satelites (WCOOP/300K/Million/750K)
  • $1/2 NLHE

I will have a daily schedule to play for most days, and will post it soon. Torns spread across Party, DTD and FullTilt. Then Stars for Sats/Million/Maybe morning torns.

Making separate balances should have been done a long time ago. But now its done and i hope i can spin it up.

I am probably going to go to Gala's £100 FO tomorrow night. To take a last shot before grinding hard. Havn't been there in ages, so hope to run super hot. plz kthx.

On a non-poker subject. Golf today with Sledge, Sniper and Horneris was absolutely comedy i was back hitting the ball well, and 2 birdies and a load of pars was nice to return to. Hopefully i can get back playing regularly again.

Friday, August 17, 2007


What a weird 2 weeks in online world:
1. Get off to a steady start = +£150
2. Grind grind grind = +£600
3. Ridic shots part 1 = +£350
4. Ridic shots part 2 = -£450
5. Grind grind grind = -£300
6. 2 2nds in a night = +£250

So, been yoyo'ing about a bit but am back on the right side of the line. And going to continue on my current diet of the $10-$55's and $5-$10r's. Seems to be doing the trick in the form of 3 2nds in mtts in the past 2 days. Beat: Losing all 3 HU. In fact, i've got HU in 5 mtt's on party since having the LeKnave_SISM account, and lost every single 1. So sick. Maybe il have to adapt, or maybe i'm just running bad once there. But cashing for $2K in those 3 torns helped out.

Flat news - Still not moved in, im such a laze and cant be actually arsed to sort my stuff here, and theres no need to as i have the whole place to myself while family are still away. Finally got onto BT and broadband should be ready to go by next friday. So thats the new date. Either then or thurs. Or maybe monday if i can be arsed to have some live grinding going on every night. I thinks i'd still be too bored though, so probs be thurs/fri.

Here is my interpretation of week 1 of living there:

Rich and James will be fighting non-stop i guess. And il be kicking back on the sofa.


Monday, August 13, 2007

Norrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I'm pretty sick and very stupid.

Despite last post, i couldn't resist another shot at the glory of the sunday majors.

Played basically every torny on party investing about $550, and getting back about $50, then on fulltilt i spent around $500 (including $90 in sats to the $1M, then directly buying into it for $322) and cashing for $0. On stars i invested $70 and got back around $180. Typical that i run ok in the $11 $100K, the world hugest donkament. But like death in $300K and $1M.

But yeah whatever blew like $900 on the day and am currently at (-£141.22) for August. Terrible discipline but hey gotta take a shot to win huge sometime.

Its back to actually grinding now. And the good thing is, i HAVE to have a break, apart from 2moro. As moving on tuesday and the internet wont be up til fri/sat i dnt think.

So the aim for 2moro is to grind out like 150 $11 turbo sng's on party, and try run @ like 20% to make back the $280 that im stuck in August, then when i get internet in the flat i can go for it in $10-$55 FO's and $5-10 rbys. And NO exceptions.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Taking Shots...

As i was +£600 for the first 8 days or whatever of August, i thought id have a few shots at some bigger tournys.

Starting on the thurday i played the $55 FO, $22r and $33r on party, and had no success in those or ne others that day, and finished down $300, then had a grinding day on friday and lost another $100 then tonight (saturday) i had a shot in FTOPS#5, which was a $100r, i got in for about $40, then topped up at the break for $100, and have just been busted for a sweet pot with TT vs AK, the board coming a lovely XXXXK. Sigh...

But after those shots im still +£346 for the month to date. And now its grind time. Just gonna hit party mtt's every day ($10-$55 FO's, $5-10r's) as well as all the $26's on ftp.

Maybe i will take 1 or 2 shots 2moro, at a sunday major. I will see how i feel.


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July roundup...

Perfectly timed last week of July just as i'm about to move into the flat, i managed to have a +£1999.59 which should help with bills.

In the first 7 months on 2007 i am currently +£7797.41 a whole £797.41 ahead of schedule! So am very pleased with myself.

Moortown is arranging 3 £50 FO's near the end of August, and i think i can make 2 of them (1 coincides with Leeds fest) hopefully i can do well and there should be some good money as 1 of the £50's is a 120 seat max torn.

No more news at the moment, hopefully next post will be from the flat, with some pic's of it.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is alright...

Since the last post i cashed for $1.25K on Party for 5th in the $18K then took down the Moortown Masters for £1K.

Again the structure was heaven, until late on when it become sick with 5-10 bb's each. Managed some bigjoe2003 push botting and got to the final 2nd or 3rd of 9. Lucked out with A8 chopping with AT, when i fancied taking down the 35K of dead money in the pot. Then AJ beat AT and i was chipped up. After blinding away, pushbotting some more and AKs vs 77 holding, i flip good etc. I found myself HU.

The first hand of HU (him - 490K, me - 210K) he open shoves the button (blinds 10/20K) i look at A2. I said to him, well....u have KQ, maybe i was conveniently hoping but i called. He tabled KT and i held up. Then a few hands later i limped the button with 94c and got to see a 9d 8s 4d flop, he checked to me and i bet out 30K, the turn came a 7c and he again checked, i bet 55K and he moved in. I made the call and was shown 7d2d. Managed to dodge the diamond or 7 on the river and it was over.

We have signed the house contract and will be ready to move in between the 4th and the 6th. Just need to get broadband up then i'll consider moving.

Also, i found the pokerweek episode my brief appearance was on, (no interview, just a small profile):

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Running well...

So, since the last post, i stuck to plan, putting $500 on Party and FullTilt. I did put $200 on stars against what i said, but only because i saw the pocketfives WCOOP main event sat with 3 seats added that i could'nt resist.

Party has been going well with the BR quickly up to $1050 from a few deep finishes and multiple finals. That is now back at around $800 from a dry spell. FullTilt got off to a good start quickly rising to $1000, with a 2/114 in a $22 FO. This dropped to $600 and is now up at $1900 after a 3rd in the $20r. DTD is slow going at £170, have been trying to play the £3.50 sats into the £6K, then just buying in anyway if i fail. But i have finalled in the £6K and the $5K recently, but unfortunately it was just a 10th and a 9th i think. Then stars is sat around $140 but i can never be arsed to play on it. Much prefer the torns on DTD, Party and FTP. But am currently +£600 for July again, so its been a really up and down month!

Coming up is the Moortown Masters this friday, hopefully i can make a decent score, or Horneris can, having swapped 20%. One time.

On the house hunt front, we are close to signing the contract, and am going into Leeds later to finalise it. As Horneris dropped out of the move (sad news) we had to start the hunt again, looking for 3 beds. And have settled on a brilliant flat that looks amazing inside and i can't wait to get moved in. Surprisingly i am really excited to start uni despite the work, hopefully it can help structure my life more not just the standard 'go to sleep when tired, wake up when not' scenario that i've faced for the past 14 months.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Running so bad at the minute. After a great start to the month with a $2K score in the million, i was about +£700 after the first few days, this is now at -£45.60, nothing too drastic/damaging, but still nothing to be optimistic about.

I put £200 on DTD to try regain some of Jan/Feb's mentality, but not much has happened so far, but gonna keep hitting the £6K and $5K every night. Think i could catch a break in one.

After cashing out $2000 from stars, i have busto'd it for $500, then loaded another $500 on and busted that. On FullTilt its been similar and have now busted that.

I will load $500 onto FullTilt and $500 onto Party aswell as having £150 on DTD and start playing lots of tourneys. I cba with Stars and 100000 runner fields.

On the live side i've been one 70/30 away from winning £800 twice now. Once AQs losing to AJo 4 handed for a huge pot. Then JJ losing to K5o in another huge pot 11 handed. So sick how i've been running at vital times. But nevermind.

In other news, we nearly have our house sorted for uni/grinding next year. In headingly near all the heavenly bars, looking forward to moving in around early August. Its gonna be a shock for me when uni starts i think. Havn't used my brain properly in about 18 months, so we'll see how quickly i can adapt.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

6 months as a ‘pro’…

I started playing very seriously when I returned from Australia on the 2nd of January. And its been a ride and a half so far. But I’ve loved doing it. I couldn’t imagine having one of those ‘job’ things and think doing what I do is great…

Halfway review:

Jan - +£3,512.38
Feb - +£1,078.95
As you can see, I got off the year to an absolute flyer, with 2 wins and a 2nd in the £8K on DTD aswell as a 1st and a 4th on the live front. And tbh, I thought I was invincible and could pwn anyone, how wrong that was.
Mar - -£1,323.20
Then came March, I was buying into big tournaments, and playing a lot of $3/6 and $5/10 to get even, and was clearly tilting hard, and doing ridiculous things. I remember under raising all in with Q high on the turn once, he called with K high and took it, so stupid. But I believe March was a good thing, it brought me to earth and let me know that I have to play good all the time and cant afford to make poor decisions regarding game selection if I am to continue doing it for a living. And It could have been even worse if it wasn’t for a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th and the casino!
Apr - +£22.53
So, lesson learned and onto April…which was another very poor month but my game selecting had improved and I was sticking to tournaments mainly and not running too hot.
May - +£1,274.59
May was a very important month confidence wise and I managed to notch up some tourney wins/decent cashes. As well as making a few hundred from the sng challenge myself and Horneris had. It gave me the belief that I could continue on this path. Live was a blank month in May and ended up losing £69 despite having 10% of Chip Rich’s £1.6K score down in Luton.
Jun - +£1,239.35
I’ve really enjoyed June, and had a great month personally, not on the money front but on the life front. Beginning with an unforgettable trip to Dublin with Linux and then a great week of golf and beers in Spain. Online poker has been pretty poor again, but live has been great. I’ve not played much (6 tourneys) but feel I have got somewhere. I have played my first 2 £50+ slow structured freeze-outs and am proud to say coming 4/150 and 2/70 for £600 and £630 respectably. As well as a HU chop in the £10 w/1RBY for a further £200. I have been playing live poker at casino’s for 15 months now, and that’s my first ‘comma’ month live. So ship it, slow fo’s ftw ldo.

I had set a target of £1K per month for my first 12 months playing ‘pro’ (I don’t like using that word to describe myself tbh, but don’t really know how else to put it!) And am currently +£5797.82 after 6 months. Cant be too sad about falling short but only on minimal amount.

Currently im sorting stuff out for a house in Leeds for uni next year for Myself, Linux, Horneris and ChipRich which will be so heaven and i cant wait! And also a trip for a week or 2 to spain in september to kick back before uni starts for Myself, Sledge13, SnipeR, Horneris, ChipRich and Linux it will be a great week of golf, poker and beers in the sun.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Refreshing break, back to the grind...

Got back at midnight last sunday from a week at our new villa in spain. Looks great. Hopefully we can get internet set up then myself, ChipRich, Horneris and Linux will venture out for a few weeks in September. Managed to get 4 games of golf in at La Finca, and shipped the £50 bet me, my dad + brother had on. Not bad after not playing for 16 months! Back hitting the ball miles, need to touch up on the short game though.
Im ready to get stuck into online again, and could do with making another £500-600 online before June closes out.

I will be hitting Moortown this weds for the £10 w/1 R/A and again on friday for the £55 FO. The £55 is majorly hyped up by everyone, but i cant help thinking it will turn into a ridiculous crapshoot. With 20 minute blinds and a lack of 75/150 and 150/300 levels it won't be too great. But the fields so soft i can't afford to miss it. A £1.4K first prize would be a nice touch and finish my live poker month off nicely.

Havn't played too much since returning, lost about $100 on stars, and $30 on party, aswell as winning $50 on FTP. So nothing drastic. Hopefully i can make some stuff happen this week. Nothing much to report elsewhere, best of luck to Pab in the $5K Short Handed coming up this week.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Some Success...

ShipNutzzzzzz. Notched up win number 6 of 2007.

I got deep and decided as the money on this final didnt scare me, i would begin to make a few moves. Then this hand develops:

MP raises to 12K and gets 2 callers, MP had been very active and i thought chances were, he wasnt too strong and by the others flat calls they werent either. So i toyed with the idea of squeezing it, but thought better and ticked the ''fold'' option. Then ChipRich pops up on msn:

Well............... were not playin scrabble now says:
squeeze this

So i think fuck it, and do it. The result was sweet, and as i showed it. It meant i got paid off here:
So that put me in sweet shape and i couldn't really lose. So took that down for $870, while at the same time pulling out a 24th place in the $10r for $109. So not a bad afternoon on the stars MTT's.
I have put $200 on Party and $200 on FullTilt. And began to try gain some $26 tokens to play the various gtd's on FTP i had 6 and have played out those to no succes, but still have $220 + a $26 token so will be trying to grind out some more of them. On Party i've been playing the random regular tournies and not succeeded too much, and the balance is at $160. (Finally realised how to turn off the characters on there so ship that, ty Dale)
Playing live at Moortown tomorow and the whole motley crew should be down, should be a good laugh.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

APAT Dublin...

Day 1 : Friday

I wake up at around 12, excited as hell, and speak to my pro railer Linux sorting out what time his mum will be picking us up. We agree on 6:00ish and i have to grind through the next 6 hours to get to the agreed time. It couldnt come soon enough, bag was packed and i was ready to hit the skies.

His mum turned up to complete the hour drive to the airport, we had planned to go this early so we could have a few beers and watch the england game. We arrived at 7:00ish and headed off to the bar before check in as we couldn't check in yet. We had a few pints while playing some £0.05 a point chinese. I ended up +3 pts. Which i then lost in a few hands at NLHE. This is where the gambling begins. We leave the bar and still unable to check in, we start betting on anything and everything. We see people stood around and know that there are 3 flights checking in: Alicante, Ibiza and Dalamar. So we decide to put a wager on where this group of people are flying to. They seem a family type group, so i go for Alicante, and i lay him 3/1 for his pick of Ibiza. They join a queue and we look at the check in sign reading Dalamar, and the wager is voided. So sick, where the hell is Dalamar anyway.

We the see a lolly machine, with 4 colours in, Linux ships in a 20p for the £1 wager of which colour will shoot out. I have red+pink, himself blue+green. A red one comes flying out and i get a victory dance going. We have various other bets before checking in, including a car video game race ( i owned) a coinflip, high card, a variation of high card, and of course plenty of flips. When we finally got through check in, i found myself -£6 already for prop bets. I then spy another lolly machine, and recall my huge edge from the last lolly bet, and dont see how i can lose, so a £1 bet and a pink lolly later, i have narrowed the deficit to -£5.
We manage to get through to the bar in time to see the Terry goal w/ Beckham assist. I was extremely happy to see Beckhams cross put away and hope he will be a permanent fixture once again.
We board the plane and get a 3 seat aisle to ourselves, perfect for using the middle seat for flipping. We also have a bet on the time we land, odd or even minute. I see an old gummy beat on the floor, must've been there weeks, and offer £10 for JP to eat it. He debates and takes the plunge. And nearly throws up, i couldn't stop the laughter. The drinks come round and we indulge in a shot of rum each. We land at 11:26, so i own the bet. I had now narrowed the margin to -£3 after various flips and the landing bet. Ship it Holla

We get in the airport and have a bet on who's bag comes through first, mine appears and the margin in -£2. We head outside and find a bus going near where the Fitzwilliam club is. We get off and walk forever, before asking some Irish piss heads where it is, they enquire why we'r not going to the hotel first, as we had our bags with us, JP, these bags are full of money. And luckily they dont buy it, and move on. We approach the cardroom and see Ironside and Tikay outside and greet them before registering inside. We see Kinboshi grinding cash and see a Tightend special SNG in progress in a private room high up over looking the bottom floor of the casino. They have been playing a while and it is a 10 euro rebuy, We walk in a Kev shouts out Miners! and Tighty asks if we want in, As its the hand before rebuys stop, I cant resist to value to get in with a 350 Euro prizepool and fish such as RookieITB, Colchester Kev and Tikay. So we both buy in and recieve 3000 chips, and look around and everyone has 5-20K! We both do no good and i am spite called out by Rookie and Kev, Rookie insta calling my shove with his J8o and Kev having a cool 56s. I liked the 66Q flop tbh, but meh Kev had got there harder. Rookie ended up taking it down. With Lee (our other roomie) taking 3rd.

We departed the casino, and got back to the hotel to drop the bags off and find some food, we walked forever to find it, then looking down a side street we see an 'OPEN' sign glowing in pink neon. ''Yessssss'' the group exclaim and begin heading towards it, a few Pizza's, Burgers and Kebabs later we are ready to hit the sack and be fresh for the saturday, Day 1 of the APAT tourney.

Day 2 : Saturday

We get up around 12ish for the 2:30 pm start, i hadnt got to sleep until about 6ish so was pretty creamed. We make the 20 minute walk towards the casino picking up Lucozade and Water on the way. Before registering and finding a breakfast place.

I draw table 2 seat 7. And begin the grind hanging around 10K but playing a decent number of hands. After the first break i have about 14K. And i return for the 200/400 level (was disapointed not to see a 150/300) and begin making a bigger stack, i 3-bet a guy all in with JT on a 78T flop, i thought he was setting me up to r/r me off a pot from hand 1. Turns out he had 78 but an ok turn+river of JJ sealed the deal and i was up to 22K. I moved up to 28K but lost a lot with AK after missing the flop, then got involved in a pot. I limp early with 5s 2s. He raises it to around 1200 and is fairly deep. I decide to call and take off a flop. Which comes QQ2. I check and he stabs 1400 in. I think for a while and will find out if he has AK on the turn. So i make the call. The turn comes a 5. And i check again. This time he fires 2500. And i dwell for quite a while before finally believing it is AA/KK he has and give it up. By the 2nd break i am annoyed and only have 11K and coming back to blinds of 600/1200 i am not happy. Linux reasures me that i am DEFINITELY going to win.

I return and lose 1800 through the blinds and then i am in the cut off with ATo and another shortie pushes infront of me. I have 7500 and decide its gamble time. I call it and see his JJ, but an AXX flop was a welcome sight to move me up to 16K. I blind away a bit before limping on the button with KcTc, blinds call/check and the flop comes Ac Jc Td. It's checked to me, and i bet out 3500. The big blind says, ''I raise you all in'' and i call it. The turn comes the Qs and its there. Up to about 24K. Then i preceded to win 4/5 big hands:

A double up from Eck's TT vs my AcKc up to 60K ish. 66 on a 962r flop vs A9. Up to 120K. A guy pc'ing himself with 7h9h ran into my QQ. Up to 150K and finally a r/r with AK forced the 2nd CL to pass AQ, up to just under 200K before day 2. A real rush of cards helped me build up to be 1/20 for the final day.
After day 2 had finished i caught up with Kin, Lee, Pilf and Linux at the Pub on the corner. And we decided to go down to Temple Bar for some bevvy's. Eck, Kev, Tighty and Ginger got a Taxi, we decided it would be a good idea to walk it. Stupidest idea ever, it hammered it down so hard and we were all drenched. So a few bevvys in Citi Bar where Kev abused my hair, and it was back to the Kebab shop after Lee walked us a mile the opposite direction. The back to the room for a quick sng with Eck. Then bed.

Day 3 : Sunday

I draw table 2, seat 4. And boy did i regret it, 7 ppl on table 2 were big stacks. And the only 3 short stacks were seat 10, 2 and 3. So standard. I got off to a really bad start, and blinded away before trying to make something happen with 9To in the cut off. I made it 15K (3/6K) and got looked up by the sb. He checked the AXX flop, and i bet out 21K. He quickly called, and checked again on the blank turn, i checked behind, and he shoved the river i quickly folded my ten high. The pot was a mistake, and it was against one of the players i rated very highly.

I was getting impatient and when i was in the bb with T4o, it was folded to the short stacked dutch man in the sb, who made it 15K. He had around 50-55K. I flat called and the flop come AQ3. He dwelled and checked, at this point i knew the pot was mine, but checked behind to find out wether he was trapping. When he led out 9K on the turn, i knew he wasnt. And he checked the river over for me to bet out 18K, he quickly folded and i showed the hand to tell them i was here to play poker.

Players began dropping like flies on table 1. And people were shifting around. Then a hand came up, the Dutch man limped for 8K, i looked at Ad2d and flat called, and we were 4 way to the Td3d5c flop. It was checked to me and i bet out 16K. The sb folded and the bb pushed for about 45K. Jaques folded and i decided to gamble with the huge draw + potential overcard. He turned over Tc4c and the turn was the 4h, giving me the straight, i managed to dodge a T or 4 on the river and a Kd peeled off giving me a winning flush. And boosting me to 220K. I made the final 3/9 with 198K and drew seat 1! A seat i dont particularly like. And despite drawing the 2 big stacks on my left, i felt confident after talking some strategy with Kev.
He asked me to wear a shirt for the final + interviews and i was very happy to get one! I had been dying to get 1 since ChipRich bagged 1 in Luton.

The final started cagily and i began playing small ball limping and betting at flops, which was working well. Then the guy i had marked as my toughest opponent raised in mid-late position, and i looked down at JJ. I decided to flat call rather than r/r as i hate r/r in the sb as there is such a small range you can have. And a tough opponent can expoit that. The flop came Q22. I checked, bb checks and the aggressor bet out 40K. I called it and the bb folded. We checked it down and he mucked.

Then came a big hand. I limped utg with 88 and Laz behind me raised it up to 36K. I flat called and we are HU to the JTT flop. I check and he checks behind, I was now very confident of his holding. And checked again to him on the 5 turn. He bet out 75K and i had 155K back, i had him pinned at AK/AQ so the outs he had were sick. I couldn't flat call. So i pushed. He dwelled for a long time before folding and i showed the 88. Furthering my message that i'll put it all on the line to win this thing, i was playing ftw and nothing less.

I got to see a flop with a LP limper in the sb with AdQd, the flop came QQ3 (2hrts) and it was checked. The turn came Kh, and i bet out and got called. The river was a brick and i bet out 35K. Now the guy i was in the pot with had shoved on a 2 diamond flop with A6dd. And checking in last pos on this flop, i was convinced he couldn't have XhXh. So i was certainly infront. He dwelled for ages, and announced all in. I called and he turned over KT. I would've refered a flat call from him then, but i think he would have only had 40K back, so he wanted to get it over with. At the final break i was T1/5 with around 420K, the guy i'd marked as the tough opponent also had 420K. I doubled brendan up with AsJs vs his KK. And he was on the comeback.

A big hand then arose where he min raised utg to 40K and i called in the sb with 5d7d after it being passed round. The bb folded and the flop came Td 9d Tc. I checked and he bet out 70K and left about 140K back. I decided to c/r all in, and he quickly called with AA and the diamond failed to make it. If i won the pot id go 1/4 with over 50% of the chips in play and in a very good spot to take it down. As it happens i was down to 109K with 5 bb's. And after shoving a few times i got a call from Brendans Ad8d, i turned over a blind Q8o, and he deservedly bust me out in 4th place winning £600.

I was congratulated and Tikay came over to say how i was 1 of 2 ppl playing real fearless poker on that final and he would have loved to have seen us play HU. The other player he was referring to was Paul Townsend (my toughest opponent). He ended up busting 3rd with KT vs the AJ on Brendan. He was playing to win it, and good on him for gambling there.

I got my 15 seconds of fame, and an interview with Rhoweena Colclough and Dave Compton! Will have to see Poker Week next week and see the comedy of it.

On the way out, i was starving so we went into Burger King, Linux spotted some potential comedy. There was a sign saying ''Add cheese to your order for 40c''. So he paid Lee 1 Euro to go up and ask 1 of the foreign cashiers for some cheese.
Lee: ''Hi, can i have cheese please?''
BK person: ''Bacon and cheese burger?''
Lee: ''No no, just cheese please''
BK: ''can you tell me which number''
Lee:''yeah its there (points at sign) just cheese''
Manager comes over
Lee: ''Hi can i have some cheese''
Manager: ''im sorry sir, u have to get a burger to add the cheese to''
Lee: ''Oh ok, nevermind then''.
We were all pissing ourselves so hard, i have no idea how he kept a straight face, but he did! classic comedy from the APAT Wales winner!
After this we found a traditional Irish pub, and it was having a lock in. Great stuff. So we enjoyed a few pints in there, before heading back to the hotel and getting 1 hours sleep before getting up at 6:00 to get a taxi to the airport. Myself Linux and Kin said goodbye to Lee as his flight was checking in. And played chinese for a while before our flight number was called, we said bye to Kin and headed off home...
...before making some more stupid bets of course.

May Roundup

May was a decent month for me, and i was happy to make a decent profit for the first time since february.

As you can see the bulk of the winnings coming on stars, mainly due to the $3r result. And blonde's contribution via the $3.5K gtd win

I suffered a £154 loss on DTD, but this isnt much as the mtt's i play on there are £15-£22, so only a 7-10 BI downswing.

My Total profit for 2007 is now at +£5008.47, and at only a few days into June, i am not far behind schedule.

I will be posting a Trip Report of the APAT Ireland event in the next few hours. It should be a fun read describing an amazingly comedy trip.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Dublin Bound...

Jetting off to Dublin tomorrow for the £75 Freezeout APAT Ireland event. Im going with Linux, and will do a report when i return sometime on monday. Looking forward to meeting the characters whom await us.

Speaking of characters, went to SnipeR's to join him, Sledge13, Mazza and SnipeR's wife Mel, for a cracking homegame. The needling was out in full force, especially from SnipeR and Mazza towards Sledge, but babyface gave bk as much as he got, ship it wonga, obv. We played 3 deepstack freezouts, the first with a 30 min clock (zzzz) then the 2nd 2 with 10 minute clocks which were comedy.

Hopefully this can become a regular game as it was none stop laughter and total comedy.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some relief...

Well, as i only post when i win...i should probably post about now.

Went deep in the Stars $3r last night, got the the final 3/9 and managed to come 2nd for $2.4K.

I thought about folding, but grew some sack for once

I wasnt too happy though, as the opponent i drew heads up for the guy id've picked to play from 18 left.

Set up so hard beeyotch

Then he trapped me himself:

Bad/Tilty call

I managed to get out a line i've been wanting to say for a while now. When some kid proposed a deal. I shot back with ''No deals bitches'' so was happy to get it out finally. Speaking of the chatbox, must give a big shout out to messr's Horneris and ChipRich, whom both recieved 1 month chatbans on Stars for their abusive rail comments directed at anyone who won a pot off me. Horneris managed to lose his with 16 left, and ChipRich managed to rail some final table action, losing his with around 8 left.

If i had won, i was going to take a week off from poker and just kick back doing nothing. But that would've probably been a bad idea anyway as i'm finally coming into some form. Maybe the pokergods have something bigger in store for me?!

I'l be jetting off to Ireland on the first for the APAT Dublin event, this should be great fun with the characters that are Linux, Kinboshi, Colchester Kev etc.

Check this out: JimStringer there are some pic's of myself, Horneris and ChipRich after an all day drinkathon then hitting some casino action.

Note: I have updated my 'blogs' section, take a glance at a few, you'll find some entertaining reads.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Send it.

LeKnave takes the $3.5K down on iPoker, send it.

Well timed win i think, hopefully i have opened the flood gates and my total roll has been boosted back over £4K. So i'm content for now would love another win soon though.

I have cleared 450 FPP's of the 2250 required to clear my $150 bonus on stars. Will try play 100 sng's tomorrow when i can be arsed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stoke Team Event

LeKnave, ChipRich, Horneris, Kinboshi, the nun, MasterOfNun, SnipeR and Sledge13 made up the team chosen to take on Stokes finest.

The event consisted of 10 teams with 8 players playing an 8 table shootout (1 team member per table) with the top 2 getting through to the final 16. And points were allocated dependant on the positions people busted.

For the 64 who didnt make it through, a bounty tournament was started, giving £5 and 1 point for each bounty a player took.

Round 1

I sat back for a while to get a feel for the table, and was pretty comfortable with it. As blinds escalated i started raising in late pos and taking it down or limping and betting w/e flop came. This worked fine, and as the bb got to over 1/100 of the chips in play, i started using the strategy that has treated me so well in online sng's. It is a strategy i learnt from watching bigjoe2003 play. This involves jamming most hands and rapidly increasing your stack. This play started to especially annoy one player. Who tried to tell me it was poor as ''only a better hand will call'' little did he know, that the chances are its gonna be a while before he find that hand, and by that time, it wont even dent my stack. So i casually stated that this was the optimum play in a short stacked sng. This got under his skin you could tell, for him to come back saying how he plays £100 sng's on Ladbrookes. I couldn't have given less of a shit if he was Joe Hachem, he was my bitch and i was gonna own him.

After returning from the break, we were 4 handed, myself on the small blind for 600, him on the big blind for 1200. It was passed to me and he said, if u push im gonna call you blind. So i looked down at a pretty 83o, of course the 'optimum play' was to push. He dwelled up and stared me down for a while before folding. I just sat there mellow, Huck Seed style. I decided it would be best to show him the hand so i flipped up the pretty cards for all to see.

Of course it had to end as it usually does, the big stack limped on my small blind, the button passed and i look down at 2 red kings. I push, bb folds and the limper insta calls with 2 red aces. And it was all over.

Round 2

The scalp tourny was a great laugh and i was delighted to see i was drawn on ChipRich and SnipeR's table, so i knew we were in for some comedy. Starting with SnipeR putting his scalp card on his forehead, ending with him comparing Horneris to Greg Raymer. We were pissing ourselves. I busted with AK vs 99 and 55. I think id rather cut my eye out then lay AK in that joke of a tourny!

Brent decided to grind it out like Knish, for some reason making us stay way later then necessary, i was nailed from being up since 6am and not looking forward to driving back!

We had some further comedy with myself, Sledge13 (who was hammering back the magners) ChipRich and our pro railer, Linux. Involving him going to the toilet and ChipRich downing his pint, he wasn't too happy on his return to see the remaining dregs. Sledge will tell you that much!
All in all it was a great day and nice to meet the crew again. We were in stitches for the majority of the day and we'l have to do it again sometime. Looks like a few will be up at Moortown on the 25th for the £50 FO. Should be a good laugh.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

PokerStars FTW

Pokerstars 10 billionth hand is coming up, and they are giving away a shed load of things.

10 billionth hand promotion

I have shipped another $600 onto stars as they are doing a reload bonus of 25% up to $150, i should be able to grind the $6's and clear that in about a day or two.

Edit: It should take 2/3 days as it is only the base FPP rate that counts towards clearing the bonus. I will be getting 6 points per $6.50 sng so will have to play 375 to clear the $150 bonus.

In other news, i ran good simultaneously in the $5r and $10r on Stars and iPoker, but only cashed for $260 total coming 7th and 12th. Could've been a lot more. TY to sledge/horneris and chiprich for the rail. A good payoff s coming soon, i know it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Big MTT day results...

03:00 - $16.50 FO - -$16.50
03:00 - $11r $55K - -$31.00
05:00 - $22 FO - -$22.00
07:00 - $33 FO - -$33.00
07:45 - $1r - -$2.10
08.00 - $11 FO - -$11.00
08:30 - $2r - +$4.41 FUCKING SHIP IT. HOLLA
10:00 - $33 / $5K - -$33.00
10:15 - $5r - -$30.50
11:45 - $11 / $1.5K - -$11.00
13:00 - $10r - -$51.00
13:15 - $22 Deepstack - -$22.00
15:00 - $8r / $10K- -$24.80
16:15 - $33r / $5K - -$33.00
16:30 - $3r / $4.5K - -$9.30
17:00 - $11 / $2.5K - -$11.00
17:00 - $22 / $10K - -$22.00
17:45 - $22 / $3K - -$22.00
19:00 - $3r / $10K - -$21.30
19:15 - $11 FO - -$11.00
19:30 - $55 / $2K - +$345

Total - -$68.09

Wow, that was nearly so so sick. Then it all came through in the blonde $2K gtd. 3rd for $400, i blew up pretty badly though with 3 left.

Seat 1 - 6K
Seat 2 - 22K
Me - 32K

Seat 1 folds,
Seat 2 raises to 2400
I push all in w/ AQo
He calls with AKo

Hmm, slight cooler i suppose. But i played like a tool on the bubble (weak passive) As i was so desperate to make the cash in this one.

So the mtt day wasnt a total failure, i lost nearly $70, so will now play with the remaining $380 of remaining sng profit.

gg wp nh etc.

For fucks sake...

The one shot i had at a decent cash ends in the same shite, 4 hours 35 mins into the $22 Deepstack on stars, 24 left. 18 paid.

And Le-fucking-Knave is gone in 24th.

Big MTT day today...

Well, as i've only been playing 4-5 mtt's a day, today i decided im gonna have a shot and attempt a comma pay off. I've been coming so close to the big money, but kept falling 1 hurdle short. Today i'm gonna bring my A-game (if i have one) and WIN.



03:00 - $16.50 FO
03:00 - $11r $55K
05:00 - $22 FO
07:00 - $33 FO
07:45 - $1r / $750
08.00 - $11 FO
08:30 - $2r / $1K
10:00 - $33 / $5K
10:15 - $5r
11:45 - $11 / $1.5K
13:00 - $10r
13:15 - $22 Deepstack
15:00 - $8r / $10K
16:15 - $33 / $5K
16:30 - $3r / $4.5K
17:00 - $11 / $2.5K

17:00 - $22 / $10K
17:45 - $22 / $3K
19:00 - $3r / $10K
19:15 - $11 FO
19:30 - $33 / $2K

I'll post up my net prof/loss for each game later on, lets win a biggie.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

STT Stats and Live Plans...

I've been slacking off the sng challenge a bit, and only played like 60 in the past 3 days. I keep playing mtt's looking for a big win, but am always falling 1 hurdle too short these days. 20-50th for like $50 feels like 4-5hours wasted. It'l all be worth it when i can find a sweet cash though.

I've played 469 of the $3.40 and $6.50 turbo's in the past week, and its been easy going so far:

Pretty happy with the above graph and am pretty comfortable 8 tabling the sng's, when i 13 table im usually too slow and miss a few hands. Got tempted to play a few mtt's last night and ended up losing $80 total, because of my trigger happy play in $5r and $10r costing me a few $.

On the live news i have a few things coming up:

Grosvenor Stoke team event - This should be a great laugh, will be driving down with Horneris, ChipRich and Sledge13 to meet Kinboshi and a few others down there for a fun afternoon.

Note: We need another player for this, so if your available this saturday to be in Stoke for 4pm let me know

Moortown Masters - Dave at Grosvenor Moortown has sorted a nicely structured £50 FO (10K stack with 25/50 starting level) Which should be a good tourny and there are a lot of blondes going, so should be a good laugh.

APAT Dublin - Finally got off my arse to sort out going to one of these after Kinboshi non-stop raving about it. Horneris didnt get in, but i am still going with my faithful railbird Linux. Booked the plane tickets, the Hotel and the seat. Very efficient. I leave on the 1st June and return on the 4th for the excellently structured £75 FO.

I'll be hitting some more low buy in mtt's this week, as well as trying to hit a decent number of sng's so i dont lose too badly!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lol Sitngoaments

I really ground it out today, i think starting this prop bet with Horneris will be a +EV move, even if i lose the bet. Which i won't.

The stipulations for the bet were as follows:

''The tournaments must all start between 00.00 on 1st May, and 23:59 on 14th May (pokerstars time, so that's 5am on Tuesday 1st May, and 4:59am on Tuesday 15th
May our time)No tournaments below the $3+$0.40 level to be played.No-one but us to use our accounts obv.''

So, leaning on the cautious side, and only have $500 or so in my stars account at the moment, i decided to go for the $3.40 10 seater balls. I varied between 8-13 tabling them on my 2 monitor set up. And the results were very positive. I played 188 of them, the most i have ever played in one day by a long way. And i turned a $183 profit (28.6% ROI). I am eager to see what my ROI is like after a more long term number (1000-2000) have been played. I'm hoping i can maintain a 20% ROI while 8 tabling.

To see the current totals for myself and Horneris, Click here.

Monday, April 30, 2007

April Roundup

I gambled with basically any winnings i had in april, i was up around £1K at one point. Then since that iv swung round to -£150, and am ending the month at +£44.83. I decided to take a shot at a big month to see if i could do it. This time i failed and chunked off the profit buying into the $100K/$350K/$1M on stars. But u live and learn.

So again, a really lousy month, but il live. I've had a very enjoyable month and spent a lot of moniesss! On a lot of nights out. But May is not being a social month, its is a massive grind month. Churning out 1000's of sng's on stars to begin as LeKnave vs Horneris : May 2007 begins.

On another note, i've managed to score 4 free entries into the $100K on mansion again this week. So hopefully, i could run good and scoop $24K first prize and have a relaxing month! That would be the case in an ideal world, but we'l have to see how it goes.

Edit: Colchester Kev made a typo, and it is in fact not me who has won the 4 free entries. I'll get revenge sometime.

So I'll probs have a few punts at the sats for the $100K's, as the values heaven, and the donk ChipRich will be in them if the value needed any more boosting ;-)

So, a great start to May is needed and ideally i would like to win £2300 in may, to attain my target average of £1K/month.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blonde Bash 4 : Trip Report

Click Here to read the trip report i wrote on Myself, Horneris, ChipRich and The_Gibs trip down to luton for the blonde bash 4.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gamble to win...

Took a few big shots this sunday to try earn so decent scratch.

Bought into the $300K on PTY and the $1M on stars, and managed 1 cash in the 1M for a mere $403 with 2 sick hands which could've allowed me to go deep.

AA cracked

First this hand, i decided that as it was 'moving time' on my table, a limp UTG to stem some action would be required. The play worked perfectly and i was in a great spot to have a T$150K stack.

Final Hand

The final hand was pretty standard, and when the turn fell, i really didnt like it for some reason but at that point there was no real way back.

I thought i played pretty solidly and took a lot of shots at pots on the flop later on, which were taken down uncontested. I really like the calibre of field in the million, and it is usually pretty easy to navigate. Just need the few breaks to go deep.

Currently for April im in profit by +£450 so its not all too bad, and il keep plugging away to try bag a real cash.

I've been playing the MTT's on stars in a very disciplined manner and have been going very well in the $3r+$5r then just flickering out by losing that essential CF with 50ish left.

I did have a $1000 cash in one of the mansion $100K's a few weeks back when i ran QQ into KK to miss a shot at the big monies. Hopefully i can score a decent cash some point soon and have good news to report.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Joy...

Ship it, Crucial.

He's back, its been a long time coming but recently the form has been increasing...

But today, it came together, and i hit some mtt's on stars, 4 to be exact...i cashed in both $3r's for $40+ and $30+ respectively, and then i jumped in the $16.50 360 max, to get in a torny with a manageble field on stars for once, and i managed to take it down for $1350. SHIP THAT. HOLLA. I played it pretty well from 9 til 2 left, then went on sick tilt HU after having him on his last legs then him coming back. But i managed to pwn him when the half wilson hit a sweet 2 outer to come bk and proceed to get him in with the best of it a few more times before my 44 held up vs his JQ, a nice 346 flop calmed the nerves.

As i won the Mansion draw on blonde this week, winning entry to 4 of the $100K's, i will be staying in for the next 4 days (except friday when the $100K is @ 11am) I'd love another big score, and will report back on sunday night after a few more mtt's.

Will be hitting Moortown G on Fri, Mon, Tues and Weds next week probs, so hope to get a decent ship there...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Roundup

March, as you will already know has been bad news, but its looking i good, and i feel like its coming together again.

On the live front, i have finalled in the 4 of my last 6 visits. Showing £311.50 profit.

On the online front, i have been on a break of sorts, and only played in 2 of the past 6 days, and those sessions were v short. Both sessions have been winning, yielding $173.50 profit.

Maybe both of these ends to March have given me the confidence i need to have a great April. I've been cashing a lot in the DTD tournys and been playing them almost exclusively, and made the £8K's last 2 tables twice, picking up £81.50 and £80.00 respectably, only a coinflip away from a big £1K+ cash. So i think im back on track and looking forward to starting afresh in april.



The end of March completes the 12th month of me playing live in casinos, of those 12 months, 10 are in profit and 2 in slight loss:

April -- £79.75
May -- £122.85
June -- £252.25
July -- £157.80
August -- £19.00
September -- £200.12
October -- £196.70
November -- -(£98.30)
December -- £122.00
January -- £310.00
February -- -(£23.00)
March -- £244.50

It was the first time i actually added them up in monthly blocks, and am really pleased with how succesful my first year was on the live scene. Winning £1583.67 in £5-£20 tournys is an ok achievement for my first 12 months, hopefully i can recreate it over the next 12, and up the stakes up to the £75 level.


As you can see, -£1567.70 for march. SO SICK.

But i dont want to dwell on it, its only one month in the scheme of things and we'l see how april begins, please be another January, one time.

I aim to play 15 live tournys in April, as i'm having a jam packed easter schedule with ChipRich and Horneris, it was going to include the £100 event @ Merrion Grosvenor, advertised as a 10,000 stack 25/50 60 minute clock job, but this is incorrect and it is only 5,000 chips, so we will give it a miss and grind out the £20's @ Moortown.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Live week...

Been playing a lot live this week.

Sun - £10 w/1RB @ Grosvenor Moortown
Mon - £15 w/1RB at Grosvenor Moortown
Tue - £25 FO @ Grosvenor Stoke
Wed - £10 w/1RB @ Grosvenor Moortown

I won the Monday torn for £275, only 25 runners...but it increased the confidence in my live game.

I played the game rly well, and pretty LAG due to how passive most of the field were. The final was a piece of cake except for ChipRich who bust out in 4th. Going into the final 3 i had about 140K vs 20K and 40K so it was mine to lose, and thankfully i didnt.

On tues we took a trip to Stoke and met up with Kinboshi off the blonde forum, he was a decent laugh as ever and me and him bust fairly early so decided to give some abuse on the rail. Which is always fun.

And on weds we met up with Sniper and Sledge13 (Clint+Marc) also from the blonde forum. And had a great laugh as Marc lost with every premium hand possible the highlight was certainly just after his AA was cracked by 77 for a £160 pot and his QQ cracked by K8. Sniper shouts "SHIP IT......STANDARD" right across the cardroom to ChipRich+Horneris on the final table of the tournament, and the entire table were in hysterics. All credit to sledge, he took his beats like a man and re-loaded and ground some of it back, respect sir. The cash game was great, had a short handed £0.50/£1.00 and i finished off +£63 which was pretty sweet.

Live profit for this week:

Mon = -£17 (10% of CR's 3rd)
Tues = +£208 (Gave CR 10% of diff)
Weds = -£25
Thur = +£46

TOT = +£212

Back to my online grind im spending far too much ££ at the minute and really have to cut down and starting pwning online...something i have forgotton how to do.

I've set up the old PC monitor in my room which is now hooked up to the laptop to allow me to easily 8 table mtt's on various sites. atm i have cash on Party, Stars, DTD, FullTilt and Mansion. So will be playing all sorts of mtts before the close of march to try get in profit. Let the grind/gamble begin.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seeing red...

Alas, it returned dreaded BR crushing tilt...LOL im so fkin sick.

Was hitting the HU cash tables on FT, Only $0.50/$1 and pwning this fool, then his 7d8d beats my TT on a T8X flop, running 2 diamonds, so i was like ok, hes doubled his $40 to $80, so i reload for a hundred to own this guy so hard.

Then i get it in with QQ pre vs his TT, he duely peels a T off for the $180 pot. At this point i was fuming, and booted my bed obv.

I decided it would be a realy good idea to play some $2/4, tbf, i pwned in this game and won about $70 then launched into some $1/2 CapNL. I just played real bad, and donked off the rest of the roll...only about $200. At this time i was also putting my £120 i had left on DTD into a £1/2 table then a $2/5 table, obv i got it all in with 5h3h and got outdrawn by his A6. brutal.

I've told u all abut 4 times now how big a cash fish i am, but for some reason i decide i have to launch back. This was all after a downswing on the party $11 sngs, so i was pretty steamed. And lost another $200 in $1/2 on party where my set lost to a FD.

I went away composed myself and hit a few of the early morning MTT's on party, the $44 i manage to take down for $592, LOL donkaments. So tilt was over, and neutralised. holla. This session really was a wake up call though. I really shouldn't play cash, i can come bk to sngs later, but for now im gonna go bk to Jan+Febs glory days and start mulling the MTT's again.

Hopefully i can lock up a big win and get March into the greeeeeeeen. So on reflection it was a dumb idea, but we all do it. And i think i have learnt something this time.

I feel it is really important to lock up some decent rollage for october to be Br'd for playing the sunday $215's everywhere as well as trying to follow in some of the greatest in the $10-$50r's. To hit these games i would say i would like to invest 2% of my roll max into an mtt. So $215x50 = $10,750. That is a very realistic aim and tbf all i have to do to acheive that is break even until oct.

Back to the grindstone. peace.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The plan...

I know a lot of people will say im stupid for what i propose to do at the end of this year, but im young and there is only one thing i want to do with my life...

I dont want to look back and think what could have been, this is my shot. I have to take it.

I was planning on going to Nottingham Uni in Sept/Oct this year, but, as anybody would tell you, there is no way i could get a degree this year. I would be online or at DTD all the time grinding out an existence on a £4K a year course. So why should i do it there when i can do it in a nice house with 3 of my best mates for £1200 a year max?

So this is the new plan...

LeKnave, Horneris, ChipRich and Linux are moving into Linux's house when his mum leaves in October. The for of us will be grinding it out, going out and generally living the dream, well, living my dream anyway.

I have a lot to look forward to and a lot of ideas have been flying about regarding what to do before october. Whether it be grinding it out here at home or working out of the country for 4-6 months with Rich, its just about building a roll to ensure going broke at ship it standard mansion is an unlikely scenario.

Before you say, what if u blow it? ur whole futures gone...I will infact have a safety net for if i do happen to fail/go broke. I will be defering my university entry until sept/oct 2008. This way i have the year to pwn it up massive and try to make the dream a reality. And secondly, if i fail its out of my system and time to grow up and move on to get a degree and poker wont be such a big part of my life there and i can get on with work.

So the plans for apr-sept arn't really finalised, from apr-aug i will either be here grinding out the $11 sng's on party. Or be on a cruise ship working with Rich. I would be equally happy to do either. I think it would be beneficial to do either, grinding for experience, cruise ship for a break bfore the solid grind begins. In sept the 4 of us will be taking a month long vacation to relax and play some golf in the sun at my villa in spain.

Then we will return fresh to begin our lives...say what you want, if i take my shot and miss, so be it...but if i hit the bullseye who knows what could happen.

I've been spending a lot of money recently on going out, see the latest venture at And this has left me with approximately £3.8K in the bank and a tad over £1K online. So i have £4.8K to work with and thankfully my parents bought me a laptop for my birthday so that saves my £800 or so...With this £4.8K i think i am going to have £4K for poker, putting £800 into a new bank account which i will use for buying non-poker related things such as going out, buying clothes etc. I will cash some money into this every month to make sure it doesnt go empty.

But i will attempt to grind this £4K and by october the 1st i would like a BR which can cope with $50 sngs. i will settle for a £5K BR by then, left over from the summers spending.

Thats the plan anyway, how well i stick to it we will see, but its time to get serious and set myself up for the shot of a lifetime.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Blues...

Its not pretty news.

Im getting pwned all over the shop so far in the short 7 days of march. I just added up all the prof/loss and realised im stuck £769.63 so far.

This is mainly down to today tbh, i bought into the £12K on DTD for £55, and played like heaven. Down to 80ish players, i r/r a button raise all in with 88, it is 2900 more to call, he has 3100 left and calls with 9cTc. I duely lost, and was very annoyed.

The £8K went like shit and the $4K i busted with AA vs TT in hand 2. So donked off $250 in Stars cash + £100 in DTD cash. No idea why, but i just did.

Currently my Stars BR is $16.76, shipitholla. And i cant be arsed depositing on there anytime soon, so will probs try crush $6 Hu's til im broke/got enough to move up to $10's. See what happens. Il probs play the £8K + $4K's on DTD every night + try get a sweet cash that i have been relying on over previous months. Probs hit the $10-$30 Party FO's in search of soft wins. And finally i might try give my Party roll a boost by grinding stt, see how soft they are @ $10 and $20.

As for BPL, il wait til the move on March 12th to start hitting the iPoker MTT's as traffic on tribeca is appalling with the 2 main sites (VC + BlueSquare) already moving.

Better news next time hopefully.


Monday, March 05, 2007


This is by far the sickest hand i have been part of...and it was live.

Cash game 50p/50p

I get dealt [Jd Jc] on the big blind.
4 limpers.
I raise to £2.50
I get 1 caller in MP

*FLOP* [Jh 6h 4h]

I bet £5
MP r/r to £15
I call £10

*TURN* [Jh 6h 4h][6d]

I check
MP bets £15
I r/r all in for £28.50
MP insta calls

i assume he has the nut flush..

He turns over [6c 6s]

At this point my heart sank, and i know how negreanu felt in that brutal hand...

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February results

Another solid month, i didn't expect it to be as good as Jan, but i can cope with it being this good!
Some good results on the MTT front, another 2 wins to add to the list. The sng front went pretty well, and the cash games were toned down! After some BR breaking on Stars. The -$1479.93 on stars is a big chunk of cash game loss but i'l live and learn.

On the live front, i have not played ONE single thing in february! Which is poor, and March will be an action month in terms of casino visits. I am infact, making my first casino visit for feb tonight, on the 28th ffs! So it could well be a losing month on the live front ;-)

So, £4.3K up for 2 months, thats not a bad wage i suppose...a lot more then a part time job could get! But hey, maybe il get pwned in march + blow it all then get a part time job and update this blog as a 'year in the life of a min wage slave'.

I dont think i could stick having a job, so back to the disciplined grind.


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fuck the ultimate grinder, Im a balla.

TBH, i was only the ultimate grinder for about an hour after that post...probs just gonna ball it up playing 20 mtt's a day, and going back to crushing the stt's on stars (might try party) at the $27 level.

Been playing a sick amount of mtt's of late...with 2 1st's and some 20-30th's in sick fields of 1K+. So its only a matter of time til i can peel of a pwning cash.

Went back to a few $1/2 cash games last night after deciding to be well balla. This obv failed and i was playing stupid LAG and got owned for $300, then clawed it back with some $27 stts and stars.

Tonight il probs grind some stt later on when they're shit soft, aswell as 10ish mtt's. Nothing the high pressure just a relaxed session.

Monday, February 26, 2007

WSOP Europe

Ship It. Standard!

Best news an 18 year old poker player can hear! The WSOP is coming to Europe!

Schedule wont be announced til may but im so excited at the prospect of trying to sat it in to the £10K 6 day main even! would be the experience of a lifetime!

I love party

2 days ago i shipped $500 onto party..

Today i chopped the $4K GTD $10FO for $1325.15, i got a tad more due to the CL...


Thats 2 mtt wins within the week, running so hot atm, could have been even more, with a few near misses in the $10K (stars) and $5K (tribeca). But il take the 2!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The grind...

Thought i'd test the waters on PartyPoker this week after being told how soft the competition was on there.

So i now have cash on 4 poker sites:

BPL: $500
Party: $500
Stars: $500
DTD: £600

I cashed £2000 of DTD after the mtt win, for fear of tilt + ridiculous cash game play! LOL!

I'm playing with the attitude that i dont care if i lose the $$ off a site, as i can just re-launch cash straight on. But i think im gonna actually grind each individual BR, treating each individual one as my whole BR. Hopefully i can make a killer BR on each site.

This probs wont work on Party + BPL as il be playing $20rbys etc. So my cash/sng form will have to be good :-)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Send the Sherbert


Shipped home the £8K for the 2nd time this year for £2240, and boy it felt good. TBH i didnt really do anything early on at all, was always a low stack, then an utg limp with AA started it all off, and i ground it out solid before turning it on 5 handed and catching some flops.
Was thankful when we moved form 2 tables to the final that the super LAG player who had been on my left was now on my right, that was a huge bonus.

I went for it tonight on the mtt's, playing 16 in total investing nearly $400, and with just 1 cash of $130 in the $5K on tribeca it wasnt looking to good. Then the £8K saved my ass.

That result has helped leaps and bounds for the outlook of february and hopefully i can hang on for another winning month!

I think im gonna cut out the $20K + $15K's on tribeca for now, because they turn into such sick crapshoots that my BR cant handle the swings just yet.

I'l probly just play the £12K, £8K and $4K on DTD, and the $5K's on tribeca.

As far as the ultimate grinding is going, technically the BR on stars is $415, a $10 loss....but it is actually a profit from cash, as i played $25 worth of mtt's on there 2nite, so its a $15 profit for the grind atm, i will get solidly onto that 2moro.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Ultimate Grinder

I want to become a great cash player, and move up the limits to the at least consistently playing $2/4.

And i realise the huge importance of a decent BR. So the stt challenge is going to go on standby, and WILL be picked up again from day 14.

But as my BR on stars cant cope with the swings of playing the $27's. Im going to grind.

I will be 8-12 tabling.......$0.05/$0.10! PMSL, it sounds so embarrassing...but it has to be done. I will be playing this until the BR hits $500, then moving up into $0.10/$0.25 until $1000, then $0.25/$0.50 and so on. If ever my BR drops below the min for the game im playing in, (2000xBB) then i will drop back down.

It would be better for me to do this on blonde due to 30% RB, but the tables are about the size of houses so i think stars would be easier for multitabling.

My starting BR for this is $425, from $1500 that ive put into it this year. The losses are ENTIRELY due to cash games, I am in slight profit from MTT's and have a nice profit for STT's. So im stuck about $2000 from playing stupid cash games like $2/4 and $5/10.

So now it begins, here is the tale,

Of the ultimate grinder.

Days 12/13

Ran ok for these 2 days, started moving to 4 tabling which increased my concentration levels and i ran better.

Day 12/13 Results: +$9 (+$166.50 total)
ROI: +2.3% (after 258 tournaments)


1st: 4 (34)
2nd: 4 (29)
3rd: 4 (30)
4-9th: 21 (165)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Days 10/11

Shipped a decent number for once, but i was falling asleep for the latter 15 but still did ok. Had a bash at 6 tabling which went pretty well tbh.

Day 10/11 Results: +$121.50 (+$157.50 total)
ROI: +2.6% (after 225 tournaments)


1st: 6 (30)
2nd: 3 (25)
3rd: 6 (26)
4-9th: 23 (144)

Gonna continue to solely play the 9 seater $27's on stars, as well as decent gtd's on crypto and tribeca.

I will now being playing tribeca tournys from the BPL skin due to a new loyalty scheme introduced today, so i cashed £600 from BS and wacked $500 into BPL.

I am really going to grind for the rest of feb as i really really dont want a losing month, but it will be a task to make feb positive being stuck around the £600 mark atm. More details on this one later.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Days 7/8/9

Only 23 played in these few days, im seriously lacking motivation and keep hitting $2/4 cash instead.

Day 7/8/9 Results: +$31.50 (+$36 total)
ROI: +0.7% (after 187 tournaments)


1st: 3 (24)
2nd: 4 (22)
3rd: 1 (20)
4-9th: 15 (121)

Not exactly shipping it on home, but at least its green.

Been hitting some form on the bluesq early morning multis, another 2 FT's in 2 days, not major cashes tho, just a $150 and a $240.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Days 5/6

Not got a great deal done on these days as i've been playing live and going out.

I have been playing 2 tables at once instead of 4, and results are really showing improvement.

Day 5/6 Results: +$274 (+$4.50 total)
ROI: +1% (after 164 tournaments)


1st: 3 (21)
2nd: 2 (18)
3rd: 1 (19)
4-9th: 3 (106)

I will continue to 2 table them at the mo to see if i continue with the current success.