Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Blues...

Its not pretty news.

Im getting pwned all over the shop so far in the short 7 days of march. I just added up all the prof/loss and realised im stuck £769.63 so far.

This is mainly down to today tbh, i bought into the £12K on DTD for £55, and played like heaven. Down to 80ish players, i r/r a button raise all in with 88, it is 2900 more to call, he has 3100 left and calls with 9cTc. I duely lost, and was very annoyed.

The £8K went like shit and the $4K i busted with AA vs TT in hand 2. So donked off $250 in Stars cash + £100 in DTD cash. No idea why, but i just did.

Currently my Stars BR is $16.76, shipitholla. And i cant be arsed depositing on there anytime soon, so will probs try crush $6 Hu's til im broke/got enough to move up to $10's. See what happens. Il probs play the £8K + $4K's on DTD every night + try get a sweet cash that i have been relying on over previous months. Probs hit the $10-$30 Party FO's in search of soft wins. And finally i might try give my Party roll a boost by grinding stt, see how soft they are @ $10 and $20.

As for BPL, il wait til the move on March 12th to start hitting the iPoker MTT's as traffic on tribeca is appalling with the 2 main sites (VC + BlueSquare) already moving.

Better news next time hopefully.


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