Saturday, July 28, 2007

This is alright...

Since the last post i cashed for $1.25K on Party for 5th in the $18K then took down the Moortown Masters for £1K.

Again the structure was heaven, until late on when it become sick with 5-10 bb's each. Managed some bigjoe2003 push botting and got to the final 2nd or 3rd of 9. Lucked out with A8 chopping with AT, when i fancied taking down the 35K of dead money in the pot. Then AJ beat AT and i was chipped up. After blinding away, pushbotting some more and AKs vs 77 holding, i flip good etc. I found myself HU.

The first hand of HU (him - 490K, me - 210K) he open shoves the button (blinds 10/20K) i look at A2. I said to him, well....u have KQ, maybe i was conveniently hoping but i called. He tabled KT and i held up. Then a few hands later i limped the button with 94c and got to see a 9d 8s 4d flop, he checked to me and i bet out 30K, the turn came a 7c and he again checked, i bet 55K and he moved in. I made the call and was shown 7d2d. Managed to dodge the diamond or 7 on the river and it was over.

We have signed the house contract and will be ready to move in between the 4th and the 6th. Just need to get broadband up then i'll consider moving.

Also, i found the pokerweek episode my brief appearance was on, (no interview, just a small profile):

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Running well...

So, since the last post, i stuck to plan, putting $500 on Party and FullTilt. I did put $200 on stars against what i said, but only because i saw the pocketfives WCOOP main event sat with 3 seats added that i could'nt resist.

Party has been going well with the BR quickly up to $1050 from a few deep finishes and multiple finals. That is now back at around $800 from a dry spell. FullTilt got off to a good start quickly rising to $1000, with a 2/114 in a $22 FO. This dropped to $600 and is now up at $1900 after a 3rd in the $20r. DTD is slow going at £170, have been trying to play the £3.50 sats into the £6K, then just buying in anyway if i fail. But i have finalled in the £6K and the $5K recently, but unfortunately it was just a 10th and a 9th i think. Then stars is sat around $140 but i can never be arsed to play on it. Much prefer the torns on DTD, Party and FTP. But am currently +£600 for July again, so its been a really up and down month!

Coming up is the Moortown Masters this friday, hopefully i can make a decent score, or Horneris can, having swapped 20%. One time.

On the house hunt front, we are close to signing the contract, and am going into Leeds later to finalise it. As Horneris dropped out of the move (sad news) we had to start the hunt again, looking for 3 beds. And have settled on a brilliant flat that looks amazing inside and i can't wait to get moved in. Surprisingly i am really excited to start uni despite the work, hopefully it can help structure my life more not just the standard 'go to sleep when tired, wake up when not' scenario that i've faced for the past 14 months.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Running so bad at the minute. After a great start to the month with a $2K score in the million, i was about +£700 after the first few days, this is now at -£45.60, nothing too drastic/damaging, but still nothing to be optimistic about.

I put £200 on DTD to try regain some of Jan/Feb's mentality, but not much has happened so far, but gonna keep hitting the £6K and $5K every night. Think i could catch a break in one.

After cashing out $2000 from stars, i have busto'd it for $500, then loaded another $500 on and busted that. On FullTilt its been similar and have now busted that.

I will load $500 onto FullTilt and $500 onto Party aswell as having £150 on DTD and start playing lots of tourneys. I cba with Stars and 100000 runner fields.

On the live side i've been one 70/30 away from winning £800 twice now. Once AQs losing to AJo 4 handed for a huge pot. Then JJ losing to K5o in another huge pot 11 handed. So sick how i've been running at vital times. But nevermind.

In other news, we nearly have our house sorted for uni/grinding next year. In headingly near all the heavenly bars, looking forward to moving in around early August. Its gonna be a shock for me when uni starts i think. Havn't used my brain properly in about 18 months, so we'll see how quickly i can adapt.