Saturday, November 08, 2008

Long time no post...

October was a pretty sick month including my most successful day to date. I managed to scoop the party 500f for 18K and the party 100f for an extra 5.5K on the same sunday. Managed to win that same 100f 12 days later for another 5.5K. Thats the main online success out the way.

Went on quite a few live trips in Oct + early Nov including APAT £300f, Dublin €150f, Teeside £500f, DTD £300f as well as a couple of drunken trips to the Alea.
Went pretty deep in the APAT and busted about 18th or so. Got a tonne of chips together but it got pretty crapshooty and i busted jamming ATo into the btn opens AA.

Ireland was total com, flew over on friday morning with Brent, Sledge and Rich. Got stuck into the torny straight away and managed to have a sick last few levels going from 30K to 180K. We got the day off on saturday so went into Temple Bar to watch some footy and have a few drinks. Ended up at the Fitzwilliam for the €120f, somehow Maria, Rooks, Sledge, Brent and myself all ended up on the same table, so hilarity ensued everytime any1 lost a pot. Me and Rooks kept getting slowrolled before i finally busted. Don't go to dublin if u hate slowrollers imo. Day 2 of the torny started off slow, then I upped it a bit nearing the bubble. Managed to win a huge pot with AK > AQ to get to about 400K but got into 2 really awkward spots where I couldn't fold to jams and ended up losing A2 vs 99, AT vs AK for a huge one and finally ran K8h into 99 vs the eventual winner to bust 49th for €650.

Teeside was very uneventful pokerwise for myself, i never got going at all and was below my starting stack all day, before 3bet jamming 6K over a LP 1.2K open and the bb colded it with AQc before the board rolled off Tc-Jh-Js-6c-6h, pretty imposible to fade that river. Managed to nip 5% of Trigg who scooped a cool £9diiimes for 4th, should've had the lot but ran tez on the final. Nearly got me out anyway. Rich bubbled it which was pretty com, see it in all its glory here:

DTD £300f in early november was eqally dull, and again i never got above 10K. Sick beat to start the day was us all registering late and ended up on the same table with 2 other decent players. Obv i reg'd first so had seat 2 with trigg seat 3, decent player in 4, middy in 5, rich in 6 and another decent player in 7. so f sick. Busted by open jamming 5900 in the c/o with A5o @ 200/400/50 and ran into the bb's AJo. gg.

November has started off pretty tez online dropped about $5.4K so far. Not ideal lol, been running really bad in a lot of spots. I think i've probs been playing sub-par too, but hopefully can grind through it. Got some big stuff coming up online soon, including laddies leocop main, ftops, party 2m, and ecoop. Be good to run like the sun in one of those.