Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Blonde Bash 5 - Cardiff

I was too lazy to write a trip report for this one, but left it in the capable hands of ChipRich to do it some justice.

Click Here to read it.

The weekend was total comedy from start to finish.

Bring on bB6 in Nottingham!

Monday, October 08, 2007

International Poker Open - Dublin Trip Report...

Day 1 : Friday

I got back from uni at 5:15pm, and am very excited about the upcoming trip. I open the door to the flat and see Rich passed out in bed still, lazy bastard. JP and Sledge are in Headingley having a few sherberts and i was going to go meet them before being put on uber life-tilt via the bus service from Leeds to Headingley. 30 mins to wait for a bus that is supposed to come every 3 mins.

Sledge and JP turned up at the flat about 6 and we ground out some games of fifa before Horneris arrived, then the game switched to ProEvo, Sledge declared he would play anyone for any amount, Horner beat him 5-1 and Rich owned him 4-1. LMAO. By 8:20 the taxi still hadn't arrived, then we got a phone call saying it was outside and shipped the bags out to begin the trip. And everyone was praying to run good in Airport props one time.
We arrived at the airport and joined the massive queue to check in. Horneris had been saying how poor it was that we were checking bags in and would be able to avoid waiting around spotting his bag on the carousel in dublin. So we checked them in, got through to the x-ray machines, Horneris put his bag through and they find loads of liquids/hair product etc! So he has to go right back to check in with his bag. Huge beat imo.

Anyway, throught to departures and the prop bets begin, £1-£10 omaha/hold'em/high card flips. I managed to run super hot and make £20 in 20 mins. Rich's face here shows how he ran:

We see a lolly machine, and remebering how +EV I am in betting which colour will pop out vs James. So we have £4 on it, and a Pink one flies out, ship. Sadly the plane begins to board shortly after so there isn't time for much more, me and JP have a bet on what time the wheels will touch down in dublin, i take odd minutes, him even. After a double shot of rum and some pineapple flips we began to decend into dublin. The plane touched down on an odd minute, (i pwn props so hard) and we made our way into the terminal, where i have £4 with brent on who's bag will come through first, and £1 with JP on the same thing. JP's owns it and i lose £1 to him, but of course mine pwns Horner's so ship the +£3 profit, (he thought he had an edge as his bag was checked in last, what a douche).

On exiting the airport we see the worlds biggest taxi queue but join it for the fuck of it as the only other option was a bus. LOL buses. But it shot down fast and we were at the Jacobs in no time. We got the keys and lobbed the stuff in the room. JP and Horneris went to the Fitz to change some money, and try go on Shaun '[censored]' Deeb BJ spin ups. While we attempted to sleep. Which failed and they came back in around 3 with no winnings. We then got to sleep and awoke when a 'roomate' came into the room, we had booked 5 beds in a 6-bed room and were sharing with some random polish guy...

Day 2 : Saturday

I woke up to JP: ''Well, Brent has no head'', Sledge: ''wtf?'' *looks down to Brents bed*. This comment spurred from the various jokes about the ''Hostel'' films and the fact we were sharing a room with an eastern european. In truth, Brents head was still there. And we were reading to play some poker. After stocking up on a cooked breakfast, red bulls, lucozades, water and chewing gum from spar, i was ready.

We arrived at the RDS and i was amazed by the sight, 108 poker tables inside this massive hall, i went over to the huge screen to see ''David Jones - T107-8''. We sat down at a random table to wait and met Rookie and Aisling. And before long it was time to grind.

I moved to my table and as i run bad it was one of the self-dealt ones, but a french guy had offered to deal so it didn't really affect me. Apparently some of the tables didnt even play a hand in the first level as no one would deal! I got off to a shitty start in the tournament after getting deep in a pot with 78s and a 8JQ8 board before another Q fell on the river to fill up his AQo. So down to 6K, then up to 12 and finished the first break on 9.7K. I was v tired and playing pretty bad but kept chugging red bulls and lucozade to keep me concentrating. When i got back i started spinning up to around 18K but dropped back to 10.7K by break 2, with TT and AKh losing. After another bad start to the 3rd session i was back a 6K before checking down JJ until the river on a J9X9X board and over-betting the river and getting paid by 77. I got a table change to the v good table and i was looking forward to going robusto. I got to 23K v quickly but blinded back to 18K by break 4. On return from break 4 i found QQ and 16.3K in my stack. UTG popped it to 3.5K, the hijack then smooth called and i just moved in for 16.3K. UTG folded pretty fast, and the hijack not so fast. He was about to muck his hand, then put it back down and called it off with Jc9c. He got there with a J94XX board. And that was that. 9 hours of poker, which i thoroughly enjoyed. Horneris was still alive when i left with a huge stack. he still had 5 hours ahead of him if he was to make day 2 and the money.

We got a taxi to the pub on the corner near the Fitz and sunk a few bev's after sledge busto'd (he flips bad). And waited on news of our hero. He was doing very well and increasing his stack at every text msg. We moved to the Fitz and Sledge ground some €1/2 PLHE. And flopped the nuts while winking and giving us the thumbs up in full view of his opponent, who still paid him off! We got back to the hostel and met Brent in the doorway. He had made day 2 with 130K. One time. €32K for 1st and my 15% looked v.good.

Day 3 - Sunday

I was looking forward to playing some more poker today. And woke around 12ish after a heavenly sleep, i looked around and saw Sledge and JP were gone, turned out they had gone to the Fitz at 9am even thought it is blatent that no-one would be there. Brent headed off to the Jackpot for day2, and me and Rich went to a supermarket for some breakfast. We got a taxi to the fitz and saw no-one was there so started to walk towards some bars that Sledge and JP may be in. We found them very soon walking down the road and went into a pub for a bevvy. Before returning to the Fitz and meeting TheClaimer, Dewi, Booder and their mate who's name i didnt catch. Dewi claimed there were 20 runners in the €30 F/O Booder then called him a ''thick prick'' as there was 120 runners, with 4K stack and 20 minute clock it was going to be a quick one. I was pretty sure i was going to win it with 45 left but i ran bad with 88 vs Q3o and AJh vs TT and i was gone. Nevermind. Brents gonna win with €4500. But turns out he busted early and was infact in the €30 torny but downstairs. So i went to the pub for a few and decided to miss the €40rby. Brent will give you a full tourney report on his blog. We ended up staying for a few, getting a burger king and going to the Fitz for the degenerates to try one more sick spin up before heading back to the hostel and setting the alarms for 7:15, urgh.

Day 4 : Monday

Early rise and departure to the airport. Me and Rich got a taxi and the other 3 got in another. Rich runs so terribly that after we were dropped off he realises that he left his wallet in the taxi!

After a ridiculous amount of jokes about this, we begin to worry that he may go over the edge and try hijack the plane or something. I manage to win £19 flipping with james on the plane and after a short taxi ride from the airport. We were home again.

Prop bets = +£53
IPO = -£105
Fitz Torn = -£20
Hotel = -£40
Flights = -£45
Rich's face after realising hes lost his wallet = PRICELESS

Another unforgetable trip and i can't wait for the next one. Just too bad we couldn't have a sick result.

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