Monday, April 30, 2007

April Roundup

I gambled with basically any winnings i had in april, i was up around £1K at one point. Then since that iv swung round to -£150, and am ending the month at +£44.83. I decided to take a shot at a big month to see if i could do it. This time i failed and chunked off the profit buying into the $100K/$350K/$1M on stars. But u live and learn.

So again, a really lousy month, but il live. I've had a very enjoyable month and spent a lot of moniesss! On a lot of nights out. But May is not being a social month, its is a massive grind month. Churning out 1000's of sng's on stars to begin as LeKnave vs Horneris : May 2007 begins.

On another note, i've managed to score 4 free entries into the $100K on mansion again this week. So hopefully, i could run good and scoop $24K first prize and have a relaxing month! That would be the case in an ideal world, but we'l have to see how it goes.

Edit: Colchester Kev made a typo, and it is in fact not me who has won the 4 free entries. I'll get revenge sometime.

So I'll probs have a few punts at the sats for the $100K's, as the values heaven, and the donk ChipRich will be in them if the value needed any more boosting ;-)

So, a great start to May is needed and ideally i would like to win £2300 in may, to attain my target average of £1K/month.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blonde Bash 4 : Trip Report

Click Here to read the trip report i wrote on Myself, Horneris, ChipRich and The_Gibs trip down to luton for the blonde bash 4.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gamble to win...

Took a few big shots this sunday to try earn so decent scratch.

Bought into the $300K on PTY and the $1M on stars, and managed 1 cash in the 1M for a mere $403 with 2 sick hands which could've allowed me to go deep.

AA cracked

First this hand, i decided that as it was 'moving time' on my table, a limp UTG to stem some action would be required. The play worked perfectly and i was in a great spot to have a T$150K stack.

Final Hand

The final hand was pretty standard, and when the turn fell, i really didnt like it for some reason but at that point there was no real way back.

I thought i played pretty solidly and took a lot of shots at pots on the flop later on, which were taken down uncontested. I really like the calibre of field in the million, and it is usually pretty easy to navigate. Just need the few breaks to go deep.

Currently for April im in profit by +£450 so its not all too bad, and il keep plugging away to try bag a real cash.

I've been playing the MTT's on stars in a very disciplined manner and have been going very well in the $3r+$5r then just flickering out by losing that essential CF with 50ish left.

I did have a $1000 cash in one of the mansion $100K's a few weeks back when i ran QQ into KK to miss a shot at the big monies. Hopefully i can score a decent cash some point soon and have good news to report.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

April Joy...

Ship it, Crucial.

He's back, its been a long time coming but recently the form has been increasing...

But today, it came together, and i hit some mtt's on stars, 4 to be exact...i cashed in both $3r's for $40+ and $30+ respectively, and then i jumped in the $16.50 360 max, to get in a torny with a manageble field on stars for once, and i managed to take it down for $1350. SHIP THAT. HOLLA. I played it pretty well from 9 til 2 left, then went on sick tilt HU after having him on his last legs then him coming back. But i managed to pwn him when the half wilson hit a sweet 2 outer to come bk and proceed to get him in with the best of it a few more times before my 44 held up vs his JQ, a nice 346 flop calmed the nerves.

As i won the Mansion draw on blonde this week, winning entry to 4 of the $100K's, i will be staying in for the next 4 days (except friday when the $100K is @ 11am) I'd love another big score, and will report back on sunday night after a few more mtt's.

Will be hitting Moortown G on Fri, Mon, Tues and Weds next week probs, so hope to get a decent ship there...

Sunday, April 01, 2007

March Roundup

March, as you will already know has been bad news, but its looking i good, and i feel like its coming together again.

On the live front, i have finalled in the 4 of my last 6 visits. Showing £311.50 profit.

On the online front, i have been on a break of sorts, and only played in 2 of the past 6 days, and those sessions were v short. Both sessions have been winning, yielding $173.50 profit.

Maybe both of these ends to March have given me the confidence i need to have a great April. I've been cashing a lot in the DTD tournys and been playing them almost exclusively, and made the £8K's last 2 tables twice, picking up £81.50 and £80.00 respectably, only a coinflip away from a big £1K+ cash. So i think im back on track and looking forward to starting afresh in april.



The end of March completes the 12th month of me playing live in casinos, of those 12 months, 10 are in profit and 2 in slight loss:

April -- £79.75
May -- £122.85
June -- £252.25
July -- £157.80
August -- £19.00
September -- £200.12
October -- £196.70
November -- -(£98.30)
December -- £122.00
January -- £310.00
February -- -(£23.00)
March -- £244.50

It was the first time i actually added them up in monthly blocks, and am really pleased with how succesful my first year was on the live scene. Winning £1583.67 in £5-£20 tournys is an ok achievement for my first 12 months, hopefully i can recreate it over the next 12, and up the stakes up to the £75 level.


As you can see, -£1567.70 for march. SO SICK.

But i dont want to dwell on it, its only one month in the scheme of things and we'l see how april begins, please be another January, one time.

I aim to play 15 live tournys in April, as i'm having a jam packed easter schedule with ChipRich and Horneris, it was going to include the £100 event @ Merrion Grosvenor, advertised as a 10,000 stack 25/50 60 minute clock job, but this is incorrect and it is only 5,000 chips, so we will give it a miss and grind out the £20's @ Moortown.