Saturday, November 08, 2008

Long time no post...

October was a pretty sick month including my most successful day to date. I managed to scoop the party 500f for 18K and the party 100f for an extra 5.5K on the same sunday. Managed to win that same 100f 12 days later for another 5.5K. Thats the main online success out the way.

Went on quite a few live trips in Oct + early Nov including APAT £300f, Dublin €150f, Teeside £500f, DTD £300f as well as a couple of drunken trips to the Alea.
Went pretty deep in the APAT and busted about 18th or so. Got a tonne of chips together but it got pretty crapshooty and i busted jamming ATo into the btn opens AA.

Ireland was total com, flew over on friday morning with Brent, Sledge and Rich. Got stuck into the torny straight away and managed to have a sick last few levels going from 30K to 180K. We got the day off on saturday so went into Temple Bar to watch some footy and have a few drinks. Ended up at the Fitzwilliam for the €120f, somehow Maria, Rooks, Sledge, Brent and myself all ended up on the same table, so hilarity ensued everytime any1 lost a pot. Me and Rooks kept getting slowrolled before i finally busted. Don't go to dublin if u hate slowrollers imo. Day 2 of the torny started off slow, then I upped it a bit nearing the bubble. Managed to win a huge pot with AK > AQ to get to about 400K but got into 2 really awkward spots where I couldn't fold to jams and ended up losing A2 vs 99, AT vs AK for a huge one and finally ran K8h into 99 vs the eventual winner to bust 49th for €650.

Teeside was very uneventful pokerwise for myself, i never got going at all and was below my starting stack all day, before 3bet jamming 6K over a LP 1.2K open and the bb colded it with AQc before the board rolled off Tc-Jh-Js-6c-6h, pretty imposible to fade that river. Managed to nip 5% of Trigg who scooped a cool £9diiimes for 4th, should've had the lot but ran tez on the final. Nearly got me out anyway. Rich bubbled it which was pretty com, see it in all its glory here:

DTD £300f in early november was eqally dull, and again i never got above 10K. Sick beat to start the day was us all registering late and ended up on the same table with 2 other decent players. Obv i reg'd first so had seat 2 with trigg seat 3, decent player in 4, middy in 5, rich in 6 and another decent player in 7. so f sick. Busted by open jamming 5900 in the c/o with A5o @ 200/400/50 and ran into the bb's AJo. gg.

November has started off pretty tez online dropped about $5.4K so far. Not ideal lol, been running really bad in a lot of spots. I think i've probs been playing sub-par too, but hopefully can grind through it. Got some big stuff coming up online soon, including laddies leocop main, ftops, party 2m, and ecoop. Be good to run like the sun in one of those.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Been a while since I updated last (orly?). Have had a winning month up til now, but its been pretty swingy. Had a +$10K day early ish with winning the tilt 20r for $6K and 2nd in the pty 100f for a further 3.5K then 2 $1K cashes in pty30r and wcoop#1. Since then I had a tough grind through dusting off about 1-2K most days i played, but i wasnt putting that much volume in tbf.

One sunday I felt i achieved something, I was getting hammered all day and managed a 2nd in the pty30r but still needed another 2K to get out, so i extended my session til the 4am's and managed to go deep in the stars 100f coming like 4th or thereabouts for $2100. Scoop the +$100 day!

Then came blondebash with Rich + Ty, bombed down at redic o'clock in the morning. 1 crucial service station full english and a 3 hour car ride later, we were pulling into sunny luton. The weekend was a great crack sharing a table with flushy, at it bradley and maldini for decent spells was hilarious. Got some chips after spiting jizzems 3bet jam over my open with 82s for 90% of my stack and binking vs his AJo. After that it was pretty rosy. With 10 left me and maldini got into a monster pot. I held AQc and opened to ~9500 @ 2/4K and he peeled from the bb, it rolled off Jc Tc Th and he c/r my 13,500 bet to 53,500. I jammed him in for another 20-30Kish and he called with KJo, a brick on the turn and a lovely 2c on the river and i was 1/9 with 210K of the 666K! mbn. Ran pretty cold on the final and could only manage 4th lol.

The sunday was v comedy we dusted the HU instantly and began flipping each other, this resulted in me rich maldini and dunk sitting down to flip with cards, soon amatay and bongo were involved for £2 a hand @ random games, it all spiralled and soon we had a 10 handed game going with sidebets for scooping hi/lo pots and making 5 of a kind (2 decks got involved). If an all red flop rolled off the seats 6-10 were dead, and if 3 blacks flopped seats 1-5 were dead, a classic moment was when a 3 red flop rolled out and maldini shouts ''send it all over here, im huge, im massive here''. Ironsides cheer upon scooping a hi/lo pot before his face dropping when he realised a 12 man round was coming out his pocket. Was all quality fun many people mainly amatay and celtic were seen walking away shouting ''i've done my fkin bollox @ £2 showdown, fml''.

Managed another winning sunday yesterday to the tune of about $4200. Could have been a big one when i made the tilt 163f final 1/9 with $29.5K ftw but i busted 7th after semi butchering a hand vs irish_chop who went on to win the lot. Got $3800 for this and another $2400 for 2nd in the pty6K 100f.

Finally booked ireland trip and will be going to dtd this weekend for the 300f. Hopefully will win the lot for once live.

In life news, uni has started and should be ok, hopefully il stick with it and scramble a degree in 3 yrs!

Props to Ben mfkin Turnstill who scooped the absolute lot in the tilt brawl for a lovely $73diiiiiiiime score. Beers on him in Dublin imo.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

DTD + Downswings...

I was planning on doing a detailed trip report of the dtd500 but i've left it a while and so most details are sketchy. Pre the dtd500 my downswing had hit $9.8K so a score in the 500 would have been appreciated.

Middy got to mine about midday and we went down the road to pick up Floppy. The drive down to notts was easy enough despite totally missing claimer at the holiday inn bar arranged for 1:15. Probs due to us pissing about in Leeds for ages, we checked into the room and got off to dtd asap. I wasn't at my first table for too long, but i had one hand of interest:

Stack: ~15K, BB: ~12K. I hold JTo in the cut off @ 25/50
Preflop: folds to me and i raise to 150, btn folds, sb folds, bb defends.
Flop: Js 5d 9d, he checks and i fire 200, he calls.
Turn: 5c, he checks and i shell 400, he c/r'd to 1000. Being so early i didn't have much to go on here, folding seemed super weak so i decided id take one off and see how he reacted to the river.
River: 6c, he leads out 2500, i tank for quite a while, and look over to him and hes just staring at me, this is kindof a standard attempt to look super strong by an inexperienced live player. With this and that he doesn't show up with a 5 often enough to make it a fold, i call and he mucks.

I get a table change and then another one, i end up in seat 1 on a table where i know a few people, Steve Jellinek was in seat 2, Dave Colclough in seat 8 and Daniel Rudd (upthemariners) in seat 9. So not the most excellent table change considering how bad the field was in general.

I can't really remember many hands from this spell, but i chip up to 20K and then decide it'll be a good idea to shell off half of it:

My stack: ~20K, BB: ~12K. I am dealt KQo in the cutoff @ 150/300/25.
Preflop: folds to me and i raise 850, btn folds, sb folds and bb defends.
Flop: T54r, bb checks and i fire out 1100 which he calls pretty quickly.
Turn: 5, bb checks over again and i decide to shell a second barrel of 3150 out there to rep an over pair, he again calls.
River: J, he checks over again and i think he can't be overly strong and a 3rd barrel should blow him out a lot of the time, so i blast out 6200 in there and he goes into the tank. He looks as if hes going to muck and then rolls 6200 in and tables 88. Pretty sick call down, I guess he didnt think i'd go for 3 full streets of value with QQ+, and could probs only expect me to have JJ or a bluff.

So down to 9K, but at 150/300 its not the end of the world. I scoop a round of blinds and antes and have ~10K when i get a spot to double up.

My stack: ~10K, cut off (elblondie) ~25K. I am dealt JJ in the sb @ 200/400.
Preflop: folds to elblondie and he makes it 1050, btn folds and i 3bet to 3700. He dwell and flat calls.
Flop: 892r, i tank and then move in for 5200, which elblonde calls pretty fast with 9Ts. I think his preflop call is somewhat spewy there. His hand plays pretty poorly in this spot as im going to be jamming 100% of my range on every flop.

Shortly after this is get another chance to get it in:

My stack: ~22K, utg+1: ~18K, mp1 (elblondie): ~25K. I am dealt AcKc in the hijack @ 200/400
Preflop: utg+1 opens to 1050, elblondie flat call, i 3bet to 4800. utg+1 tanks before flatting, as does elblondie.
Flop: 8c 3d Ad, both check to me and i'm unsure of how much to bet, with ~15K in there and ~15K back, i fire in 7200, which is probably a mistake looking back on it. open shoving and maybe checking back are better. They both fold pretty quickly and i'm up to 33K.

I have a pretty active image at the table and a guy opens, and i look down at AA. I 3bet him and he comes straight in for a 4bet leaving not much behind, i just set him in and he calls with QQ. I hold and shoot up to about 65-70K. My high point of the day gets to ~90K, but i run TT into AA and spew a few when folding on the turn. I finish the day 3/33 with 82.9K.

I go back to the hotel and as i've drank at least 8 redbulls during the day i'm pretty wired, so read the updates and finally fall asleep pretty late. I wake up at about 8am and have a shower and get dressed, no idea why i did this as playing didnt start until 3pm and i'd had like 3 hours sleep. So i decided it's probs a good idea to go to sleep again, which i do until about 1pm before getting up and having a shower and getting dressed for the 2nd time. We roll over to dtd and meet claimer with a half hour or so to spare before the start of play.

I get off to a really bad start to the day spewing about 15K raising and cbetting to get c/r'd. I get moved to the right of Richard Hawes and 2 to the right of Tom Rutter who's game i'm unfamiliar with. I decide i cba getting involved with Rich as itl just end in some stupid 4bet jam by one of us.

I gather fairly quickly that Tom Rutter has a really solid game. I open in mp3 with A5s and he 3bets the btn, i wanted to jam but thought that would be super rash having just got to the table and i can't just assume as he's a about 21 that he'l be 3betting in position light. So i passed.
A few hands later i get a spot to get involved.

My stack: ~65K, mp1: ~50K. I hold AQo in the hijack @ 500/1000/100
Preflop: utg limps, as does mp1, i raise to 5200 and it folds back to mp1 who calls.
Flop: T86r, i he checks over to me and i fire 7200, he flats pretty quickly and i'm pretty much giving up on the hand here.
Turn: Qc (mbn etc) he checks over again, and i decide to check back and try get value on the river rather than turn, checking back helps induce some river action incase he was on some weird float on the flop.
River: 7, he thinks and shells out 9K, and i call him pretty fast. He tells me i must win and mucks when seeing my AQ. He claims he had a small pair, which is kindof a weird line as i feel a pair has some showdown value vs me in that spot so would be happier if he check called rather than turning the hand into a bluff.

This sends me back up to around 90K and im dealt another hand utg:

My stack: ~90K, cut off: ~60K, i am dealt TT utg @ 500/1000/100.
Preflop: I open to 2700 and he 3bets me to 11K. Here i go into the tank, i could tell he had been waiting to pull something as he was becoming increasingly frustrated with myself, Rich and Tom opening pretty frequently preflop. So in the end i decided to set him in, he calls, as you do with AA. And holds, so i'm back down to 30K. sigh.

Soon after this we get an hour dinner break and myself, middy, Tom and Claimer shoot off to nando's. We decide in true degenerate fashion we will order together and flip for the lot. Flip a coin each, odd one out loses. I manage to flip a tails to the others heads in the first toss. Claimer gets excited and being cheering and shouting ''weeeee sixty-two bones yo!'' (the bill came to £62). Claimer is full of banter at the table talking about him ready to hit the 300, ''its weird, i played the 500 like 100% concentrating, i dont usually do that, i'm just gonna get the drink flowing for this £300er and splash about you know'' cue weird hand motion to demontrate whipping chips into the pot and a tirade of laughter from Tom, Middy and me! Trigg is always hilarious on trips to tournaments and he once again delivered with this speech.

We mosey on back to DTD and get ready to crush, i have 48K @ 2Kbb so still enough play. I stack 13K off this off in hands i cannot remember, but i wasnt too active having Rich and Tom both to my left. When i find a semi-perfect spot to get a stack in.

My stack: ~35K, utg+2 (Tom Rutter): ~100K, btn: ~50K. I hold KQo in the bb.
Preflop: Tom opens for 5200 and has been pretty active, the btn flat calls and i jam from the bb. I think my stack size is pretty perfect here to move in, and KQ plays pretty well vs ranges of both players. Tom tanks and folds before the button goes into the tank. He tanked for a solid 3minutes, and i thought he probs had around 66-88. He eventually calls with JJ! And i lose the race.

So i'm gone in 14th for £0. ship. The £300 is still taking reg's and i'm semi tempted into doing so by trigg and middy. But then come to my senses and gtfo of there. After a few torns online in the hotel room and a decent sleep we'r in the car home. After a looooooong ride back i finally get out and am back in headingley.
So that £500 loss pops the downswing to $10.8K and back home to crush online to cut that down. Had some success immediatly by winning the tilt turbo fiddy for $4.8K on monday. Safe to say i ran pretty good obv. I managed to bank another 2 winning days on the bounce with a 3rd in one of the big doubles for $1300 and a few other decent scores on tilt. So i've managed to claw back $6.5K of the loses. Hopefully i can keep the form going right through to wcoop.

Speaking of wcoop, i'm toying with the idea of selling some shares in myself for both the $530NL and the $1050NL. Probably in a package deal combining both tournaments. I'll play the $215 and $320 6maxes on my own dime, but the higher buy-ins and insane fields will be variance inducing, so selling some shares off might be a good idea.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Been running pretty bad of late, doesn't help much having spent a tonne of money with moving to the flat either! Been on a $7K downswing since that 50r win back in early July ($2K of that is live staking + % buying so only a $5K downswing for myself). $5500 of that has been losses in August online ($6.1K inc live poker) so i'd got off my downswing by the end of july but August has been a month of running below exp. Despite this i'm gonna take a smash at the dtd deepstack festival this weekend, guess i'll play the 500 and if i busto, the 300. Hopefully i'll run/play good live for once instead of tilting and running bad, not a good combo imo.

Not put too many sessions in for August. Gonna try crush sessions in for the last 2 weeks of the month to play through this terrible spell and get out.

Anyway f poker talk, onto the flat. Its not full on finished yet, i need to buy a 32inch tv for my room and a desk lol, wtf @ being an online poker player and not having a desk in their room yet. Been grinding on the dining table recently lol. The 42inch tv and ps3 in the lounge are crucial, even tho i constantly get my ass handed to me at call of duty 4 by jap's online. Sky still isnt sorted, but we have digital tv so we can get by. When we went and bought the tv we embarrassed ourselves coming out of tesco with £950 worth of stuff and upon arriving at my car we were like how the hell is this gonna fit! [ ] rich enjoyed the drive home, brents inspired shotgun call was major +liveEV as rich had to sit in the back on a folded down backseat with huge tv + tv stand boxes crushing him into the window. Then came getting the £950 of stuff up 3 flights, having a lift is a pretty big brag though.

Was thinking of getting some art/photo's up on the walls to give it a bit of something. If anyone has any decent sites when we can get some big travel posters of vegas/new york. Or any decent gambling art it would be appreciated.

Anyway, i'll post a dtd500 tourney report next week.

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Went to spain for a week to our villa and got back 4 days ago. The golf courses are in such sick condition, its like playing off carpet, awesome stuff. Got my game kindof back while there, carded a 13 over 85 round La Finca by the last day. Prob gonna join @ Cookridge Hall next week when we're moved in and start playing competitively again.

First day back looked potentially sick. Finalled the ipoker 50r, party 20r and ipoker 25r 6mx. But 2 4th's in the smaller ones and a 9th in the 50r resulted in like $3K in cashes and a +$1500 day. Could have been much sicker but nevermind.

The next day was a nightmare but managed to get out with a $1300 cash in the tilt 15K and a $500 cash in the pty super 162 for like 10th or summit.

Day 3 was a huge slowroll day, i built stacks in tonnes of stuff but ran real bad deep and whifffed every torny except a default $150 cash for the ipoker 30r that got cancelled. Tilt hit the midnights-130's to get out, so made the days investment bigger and a -$1850 day. So we'r marginally down from returning from holiday.

This weekend sees the DTD£300 return, theres quite a crowd going down, Me and my faithful stable Horneris and ChipRich, 1time boys. Aswell as Hitthehole, Claretcougar and TheClaimer,[ ] gl to those guys. Prob lose £990 tho, hopefully we can a day 2 sweat.

Got a good story to show how much a degen fk Horneris is. I bank shipped him £330 so he could buy himself in online for the DTD300. 10 mins later he goes fk, i've just lost ur £330 on bfair. Hopefully he'l make it up by winning me some bags when he actually gets to the torn.

Hoping to run good online and in the DTDer so that i can hit the Luton GUKPT and a few sideys a week on saturday. As well as DTD's deepstack 2 weeks later with a £550 ME and £330 sidey.
And the big news, the flats finally sorted to go through and we'l be moved in on friday! Looking forward to shelling out a dime for a 42in tv and ps3 aswell as crucial other stuff to make it a sick pad.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hit my first 5fig score last thursday in the ipoker 50r. Had came 23rd in it the day before and took it down on the thursday.

It was pretty useful after a bad 3/4 day spell opening July and spewing about $2K over that time. Not many interesting spots from the tournament because it was such a crapshoot and CL was at 10x the whole time. Having QQ > AK+A3 with 11 left was useful so i entered the final 1/9. Didn't get up to much until about 5 left where i got it in with A3s > TJs. Then after that it was pretty plain sailing and i started moving chips about and got HU pretty much even in chips. 800K each @ 20/40K. He kept r/f the button which abled me to get him 4:1 in chips before AJd > AQo ftw.

So after winning that i told Rich i'd put him in the DTD£300 that w/e. Met Rich at the hotel at about 3:30 and just lay around in the hotel room til about 6. The got some food and hit DTD to start crushing. Starting with 10K and 45min levels the structures perfect. I managed to spin to 21K before the end of level 1:

Stack: ~11K, MP: ~8K, LP: ~10K. I hold Qc Qd in EP.
Preflop: I raise to 150, MP flats, LP 3bets 625. Me and MP both flat.
Flop: 5c 2s 2d, I check, MP bets 1500, LP calls;

here i was like, hmmm standard live guy spew line for LP is to flat AK/AQ here. But just to check he doesn't actually have AA or KK, I'll just flat it and re-eval turn. Also c/r the flop will v likely shove everything i beat out, and get everything that has me beat re-shoving.

Turn: 9h, I check, MP shoves 5800, LP folds. LP folding made the decision easy. So course I call waiting to see some moron hand like A5o lol. He tables 77. [ ] wp sir. LP says he folded 77 too, so i have to fade the 0 outer, which i manage. So sick if LP calls/rejams his 77.

So up to 20dimes @ 25/50 life is ok. Started raising a decent% of hands pre and shelling at flops and generally maintaining my stack.

The next hand of interest i can remember is @ 200/400/50:

My stack: ~25K, MP1: ~10K, MP2: ~15K. I hold 46o in the sb.
Preflop: MP1, MP2, Btn all limp, I make up sb, bb checks.
Flop: 4s As 6d, I check, MP1 bets 1,000, MP2 flats.

MP2 is really spewy so will probs stack off an A here so i c/r to 6,500. MP1 dwell folds and MP2 rejams with 82s. I turn another 6 and its gg sir.

So up to 40K @ 200/400/50, life is still good. Then we get into a huuuuge pot @ 300/600.

My stack: ~41K, C/O: ~38K. I hold AKo on the btn.
Preflop: c/o raises to 2,400, I 3bet to 10,050 and he thinks for under 5 seconds before shoving. 3bet folding would be a huge mistake here, and we're flipping a lot here so i pretty much snap the 38K off. He tables KK. The board rolls of a cruel x-x-x-A-K. loooooool, no need for tht. but w/e gglife a 80K pot ships to him.

Photo evidence of my run badders, [X] Bad River:

Left with 3K i get it in with T4c > QJc to double but then KK guy opens utg for 3,400 @ 400/800, I jam AKo for 7,100 and MP3 cold 4bt jams for 28K. utg dwells forever and folds AKo face up. MP3 shows QQ and holds vs me.

Not done much online, blew the crypto20K with 4 left the other day. Had it won but spewed and busted in 4th for $1.5K which broke me even for the day. Off to York Races on sat, so will probs spew loads lol, hopefully i can nip Brent for tips and ship it crucial. Gonna hit this sunday hard as its dble gtd's on stars! weeee. Hopefully i'm not too fked from saturday to grind well.

[ ] gg.

Friday, June 27, 2008

[ ] Live poker is fun...

Oh my god, whoever invented live poker is a moron. Its like insta lifetilt.

Have some guy to my left when i sit down in the DTD £55 who wouldn't stfu putting ppl on sets, AA or KK every hand. Before sitting down I thought i'd see how long I could go without putting my ipod in. That lasted for under 1 hand.

The idiots who come play poker who think they know how to play then talk about the most twisted reasoning ever tilts me beyond belief.

Anyway, onto the tourney:

I lose about 700 raising preflop and whiffing and 600 in TT < AJo when my first spot to get some chips comes up:

My stack: 2,175, SB: 5,500 @ 100/200. I hold JJ on the button.

Preflop: folds to me, I raise to 600, SB calls, BB folds.

Flop: 8d Ad Jc. He asks what i have (1675) and sets me in. I snap he shows A9h.

''I knew you had that'' he says, orly? wp then.

Its not long til i'm involved again:

My stack: 4,400, UTG: 3,800 @ 100/200. I hold JJ on the button.

Preflop: UTG opens for 800, folds to me, I jam for 4,400. UTG calls.

UTG shows ATo. It rolls off QA8QA. Ship it.

So i'm down to 600 and get it in with KQc 4ways and lose.

The guy to my left was life tilting beyond belief. He came up with the most bizarre reasoning i've ever heard after limping utg with K5o, uber shortie shoves for 550 @ 100/200. I make it up in the bb with K6o (spew was limping pretty much every hand so the K6 is probs a call) and utg spew calls. We check it down as it bricks and shortie tables A7 to win.

He comes out with, ''thats your fault, i only called because i wanted to win all your chips''. (orly? playing the K5o for the huge implied odds it has vs a cold caller getting 3/1) At first i thought he was joking, then it became obv he wasn't. I lolled @ him for him telling me he would've folded the K5o to the shove, strong play sir, limp utg for 200, guy shoves for 550 it comes bk to you for 350 to win 1050 thts in there. Live players have rly stupid reasoning for stuff its ridiculous.

Its just not worth playing live poker, £wise anyway compared to online. We went down as its Trigg's bday week and Fran, Maria and Tighty we're off. It was comedy and Trigg was on form lool. Somehow he dragged himself to take 5th, he probs cnt remember it though.

Off to the DTD £300 in a week for that blonde thing, then i'm done with live poker for a while.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leaving the flat...

Will be moving out of our tez flat on monday, just enough time for one last brutal sunday session. Moody moved out about 2 months ago, so has just been me and rich, hes off on sunday morning, so it'l just be me left, and nothing to do but put in a mammoth session.

Have not really played this month, probs put in about 7-10 sessions so far. But had a few decent scores so still in profit about $3.6K. Had a $3.1K score for 2nd in the 30r on blonde last night and a ridic weird situation happened 3 handed:

My stack: ~200K, Btn: ~180K, SB: ~400K @ 8K/16K. I hold AKo in the BB.

Preflop: Btn raises to 48K, SB moves in, I call, Btn calls.

Btn: AA
SB: 66

Board: xxxx6.

So that 6 on the end busted us both, but i had Btn covered so I somehow come 2nd because of that 6 outer. So golden. Get it in dead but win $1.1K due to a 6 rolling off.

Want to try to get a few more sessions in before we go, but i'll probs only get in today and sunday as we have so much to do. Including cleaning, wtf is tht?

Gonna hit the DTD£300 on a freeroll on the 5th from tht blonde thing. Probs run bad though, live poker sucks.


Saturday, June 07, 2008


My life has no structure atm, probably won't until october when im back at uni. Our flat contract expires at the end on June and as we don't move into the new place until August 1st i'll have to go back to Stutton for a month which means i'll probs have more normal sleeping hours.

First off, may ended like a dream with winning the $44 6max on stars for like $1.3K. Had been staking Rich to random tournies for a few days then started staking him exclusively to $11 and $4 180 seaters on stars. He worked off all his make up through them and made about $800 for us to chop. Then on the 31st i randomly offered to stake him into the $16.50 NL MSOP#2 when i saw it was like 15diiimes for the win. He managed to come 3rd for a further $7K for us to chop. Which was amazingly sick.

And after a small score in the $55 6max for like $900 or something May was over. My most successful month ever to the tune of just shy of +$25K.

Now to June, as my sleep patterns been amazingly messed up i've been grinding the 1am-6:30am starts on Stars and Tilt. Managed a score in the 17K on tilt the other night which was $4K ftw. I ran absolutely amazingly on the final its safe to say, and ended in me jamming 46d HU having him well covered, he snapped with 99 and it rolled off 235r which was a pretty good flop.

I'm supposed to be off to DTD later for the £330, but its 5:26am and i've been up since midnight. So looks doubtful, plus sledge has bailed so flying solo will be kind of a beat. Oh yeah and live poker sucks which is a further beat.

Probs gonna grind all the time in June and basically have a month off in July to see my neglected non-poker mates who will be back from uni.
hmmmmm just been mulling over what to do later, might go to bed @ like 12-6 then come down. But then i just saw they have a £200 1 dayer on sunday @ 5pm which is 7.5K and 30mins so might just go down for that. So much easier as its a 1 dayer. Probs will do that, try get Rich, Brent or Sledge to come with too.

Later wigga's.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Running like the sun...

Been on fire over the past week or so finalling a bunch of stuff on ipoker, and most notably taking down the $33r on sunday (always a brag to do it on a sunday)

This, accompanied with the $30r win have turned my 8 wins into 10 for the blonde mtt challenge and i've somehow shipped that home! So the DTD £300 that i was off to next week will now be free, ship it.

Put in a pretty epic session today playing from 2-10:30 starts, then played all the 12-1.30's as i was'nt tired. Went pretty tez and i spewed about £1K during today and yest.

Have managed to play 3 of the 5 ecoops so far (2 i didnt play were PLO). Big ty to Middy (hitthehole) today for putting up 50% of my buy in as im too big a nit to pull up $800. He went on to go pretty deep in it, aswell as shipping a $10K wsop package and 5th in the stars 50r so he'l live with me spewing his $400. All 3 of them have gone very badly so far, but i have high hopes for 2mo's $215 6max, should be pretty sweet. Oneeeee time.

The BR is looking as healthy as its ever been atm (except when it was £1K bigger 2 days ago) so all content on that front, would be great to keep running super hot though.

In other news, my sweet ass monitor came through last wednesday, and had paid for itself a fair few times over on sunday, ship it holla etc.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Blonde Bash 6...

Had been looking forward to this for ages and was eager to get down to notts early and start drinking. As usual we fail at being early and Brent is driving through from tad with Gib and Steele who take forever so me and Rich decide to bomb into Headingley and ship a subway. We just get bk to the flat before them and we'r ready to go, at the new start time of 5:30 rather than 3:00.

The drive is a breeze and i don't think we have any near collisions like we usually do. And after getting abuse for driving 50mph all the way through that 'av speed' zone (which you obv have to) we were in nottingham, Steele had shotgun and begin beeping the horn to every car which put me on ridic tilt especially after he did it to this dodgy looking guy at some traffic lights! Nowhere to run vs dodgy guy in nottingham = imminent shooting ldo. We somehow got to the holiday inn alive and saw Kev in front of the hotel, somehow every blondebash its always Kev we see first. We meet Mayhew in the lobby and check in.

We go up to don some ballin' shirts and i pwn Mayhews soul at high card, you're not playing with amateurs here son, i've not lost a flip for years. So a bevvy in the hotel bar with floppy, dunk and crew and we were off into town. Met claimer and fran at walkabout and about 25 mins later taxi#2 met up with us, gatso's crew stole our 2nd taxi so by the time we met Brent etc we were in the 2nd bar of the night. A tonne of beers and a banging rendition of Busted's 'what i go to school for' by myself, claimer and gib on the kareoke and we were on our way. I was pretty wasted by this point and remember going to 2 more bars, then hitting dtd. Managed 1 beer in dtd then was cut off after trying to order a glass or merlot with Nick Hicks.

Me and dunk begin betting on random shit and i own him relatively hard, but spew that back and then some in a £20 sit and go. Where gatso cripples me AJs < AQ then bust to Benjo the French Antonio Esfandiari A7 into QQ. Mayhew ships in a McD's from the DriveThru only place despite every1 saying we had no chance.

I get up at some ridic time like 9am as Mayhew and Gib are getting up to go to footy, i cdnt be arsed playing as usual but didnt mind being awake as SoccerAM was on followed by the Palace vs Bristol City game. Gib came back after numerous hours of me falling in and out of sleep still fucked from the night before and we get ready to hit dtd and win bb6.

I start on the cokes as im still hammered and defo cdnt even think about facing food. The tourney gets off after the announcements and awards etc. I've got JC to my left who i hadn't played with before but knew out of all the ppl it could have been, he wasn't the best to have there, sigh. Got off to a pretty quiet start but the table was gonna be pretty easy. Popped it in the c/o with 86c and lead at a 457r flop 4 ways but everyone turbo folded, JC claims to have soulread me and mucked 77.

I just keep playing small pots before finding AA and a 5.5K stack in the bb @ 150/300/25. Its folded to the button, delboy who pops it to 900. I think about flat calling but decide to just try get it in, i make it 2775 and he shoves for 3200ish. Obv i snap and he tables 55 which insta gets there. This was pretty huge to lose as we were at the stage where i could open it up and feast on passive players ante's but being knocked down to 2.3K was a huge beat and meant i had to grind ridic hard.

I pretty much maintain my stack shoving and getting it through and was just waiting til i got called. JC made that a reality when i shoved the button and he called the in the sb tabling A7c. I sweat mine and find 2 none accross's, oh great, needs to be AA or 23 or im dead. Boom, i peel the 23 over but a 2c in the window peels, i tell him not to worry as he has made a fd with one card. Another 2 on the flop seals it pretty hard tho. weeeeeee. Me and him could've both probs mowed this table except we could never get any chips together when needing to hold in a showdown.

I get up to like 10Kish after busting theduke and shipping his £50 bounty, it was a massive sweat though, never easy. I shoved in E-MP with KQo and he gambles with T9s. It comes a flush draw and a gutter and 2 live cards for him to hit on the end but a perfect bricks ships it hard and trumper came and sent the bounty over, ship the red note ldo.

At this point our 5man crew round our end of the table began to disperse. Delboy and JC bit the dust, JC ran bad again and was crippled JJ < AA. I get to double up with QQ into the sb re-steal with 9T and im up to 24K. We decided to chop the 26man last longer for £65 each and i busto 2 mins later shoving K6h into an ITB crew members AKo. Sick timing to chop it. Shippp.

After busting (had started drinking at this point, come to think of it, thats probs the point the poker went downhill) i went and got a dtd burger, as they are defo ftw. Then we proceeded to sit at the table in front of the bar for hours drinking and betting on pretty much anything. Brent decided he would take any bet on the US racing then started sweating when Rod Paradise had £4 on a 60/1 shot. Flushy and Gareth came over and then the sick shit really kicked in. Flushy started being a ridic degen laying £60 vs £50 cf's and eventually a couple of £300 cf's! He got stuck like £500 but managed to spin it all back up somehow, he runs good. Mayhew was trying to spin the fk out of whatever he could and went busto once, but bet his cigs vs flushys fiver to get back in the game. oiiiiii oiiiii.

Jen somehow took it down and i went to congratulate/tell her she must be more golden than god at the bar. As i came over i was offered a 'mini guinness' or some shit, a shot that looked like a guinness and an excited laxie and her husband we're telling me i had to do it. So after 2 of those i was fked again and looked over to the computers to see everyone starting another trademark 'Horneris' Penis' thread. I had a genius idea of every1 getting on a differant comp and making one at the same time. Needless to say well all got a 12 hour ban. Finally i got banned! ship!

We got back to the hotel late again and tried to order room service but the phone was busto, so we 3 way flipped for who goes down stair to order it. I lost, which was pretty devastating. I went down and ordered 3 chicken curry, rice and naan's which would be up in 20-25 mins apparently. Well, i'm still waiting for it mate! The next thing i know its 11am and im lay on top of my covers fully clothed still. Must've passed out waiting for it. I go back to bed til 1 and get ready to go pwn the HU tourn.

We somehow get a bye through round 1 so our £100 team buy in is worth £175 already, senddddd the free money. We get Jen and floppys team in the round of 8 and i crush floppys soul by flipping like a machine after getting down to a 800 < 4200 chip deficit. In round 2 its at 2-2 and all riding on Brent vs George2Loose and a flip ftw. Brent has KQc and Rupinder has A6. It comes out xxK and we go crazy, a 6 on the turn followed by another on the end crushes our final dreams. We chop 3rd place money with Sharpleas team as half of them are in the PLO still and its a bit harsh making them come grind the HU for just £56 lol.

We say our goodbyes and head to pizza hut where we fume as theres no large bases left so we cant have a cheesey bites pizza. So ridic brudel. We hit home at 9:30pm ish and i just lie in bed all night not going to sleep til like 4am. Degen sleeping pattern is back so hopefully i can grind like a ninja for a few weeks and carry the form on that i left with.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

May >> April

April ended a complete write off. Stuck -£2.85K online and £330 live (playing all of 1 tourney). It was looking up towards the end though, i won a small donkament for like $1.3K and playing less volume was defo helping.

This form has continued into May and how i'm running is sick different! Won 2 donkaments in 2 days.

Firstly the $25r 6max on ipoker for $3.3K on sunday for the 2nd time this year. Played pretty well in this and pretty much mowed the final after the big stack made a spaz call with KTo and doubled me up with my AK. I got HU with said opponent and lolowned him pretty easily.

Then I won the $20K on crypto the next day for $5.8K. Ran great from 20 til the final going from like 16K @ 800/1600 to 70K. Even though i went on lifetilt as i get dc'd on blonde while deepish in the $109 fo then them locking my account so it took me 15mins to get it sorted to carry on playing! I got to the final 2/10 but started getting 3bet shipped on and was soon bk in the pack with like 10bb's. I shoved in EP with 33 and got snapped by MP2's 99. But peeled a 3 ball of with ease. I then got to see a K6x flop with K6o and got dbled through by KQ. At this point i had like 200K vs 5 ppl with 70-100K each, i busted another guy with AQ > AK (i run good) and there was no looking back.

I had another potential great day today finalling the pty $10r and the tilt 20r. But came like 7th in both for about $650 in total. Then went pretty deep in the ipoker $55r but busted with AT <>

Looking forward to blondebash this weekend going down with Horneris, ChipRich, Steelio and TheGib. Probs get hammered and spend loads but itl be worth it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dropping down :(

Been playing pretty high lately for such a bankroll nit, and been investing like $1.5K-$2K a day on torns.

I'd love to stay up there and kick it for a while, but im stuck ~$4K in April so far so i'm gonna drop down and grind hard for a while before moving back up.

Dropping down will involve a schedule of $10-$55's and $3-22r's rather than $22-$109's and $10-33r's. Its a bit of a sigh tht i could'nt get off to a sick start @ the higher stuff and i was only a flip or 2 away from a big score coming between 10-18th in the tilt 109 3 times in 4 attempts was a massive beat, especially the time i ran KK < AA for a sick pot with 11 left.

In other news, i shipped an iPod touch in, its absolutely crucial and will hopefully make live poker less tedious.

Edit: Will be on a hiatus from stars and tilt for a while and will be grinding everything on blonde, party and dtd. PS, brag: posted this edit on my iPod touch!

Monday, April 07, 2008

DTD £330...

Was pretty excited to play this tourney, with 10K and 45 min levels inc every level under the sun + antes it was going to be a sick structure.

Too bad i suck and misplayed 2 hands pretty hard costing myself a tonne of chips i could've saved.

Got of to a decent start getting paid off by Ali Mallu with AQ > AJ on a AKxxx board. Was up to 13k by the end of level one, then get QQ utg and pop it to 300 @ 50/100, mp calls and the button makes it 1300, he was pretty terrible @ poker and i take a flop off, it comes out 7 high rainbow. I check and he fires 1300 again, i felt this was pretty weak, so took another card of to eval. The turn bricked and he made it 2500, i should obv just fold to this bet but like i said, i suck @ poker so i call. The river brings K and i check, he checks behind with AA wtf?

After that hand i was down to like 8K, but still a tonne of play. After the second break i grinded from 7800 to 8250, and call an utg raise to 800 and mp flat with 99 from the sb. It come 9c 8c 2h. I check, utg leads 1100 and mp makes it 3100. I think for about 30 seconds, shrud and ship my 7500 into the middle, utg folds and mp dwells before calling with QQ. I hold and i'm up to 20K. This is where PeteL really turns it up a notch and start raising and c-betting every hand, to which ppl are spewing off tonnes of chips to him. I just decide to stay out his way as he's awesome and can probs read my soul.

Then comes another spew hand for me, i pop it utg with AJo to 1075 @ 200/400, utg+1 flats as does PeteL in LP. It comes down JTx with 2 spades, i lead 2025 and utg+1 calls (hes just been moved here fwiw). The turn bring the Kc and i check as i'm not deep enough to fire again. He insta bets 3200. This confused me and i took a card off. The river bricked and i checked again (debated putting a blocker in) He thought then bet 5K. I had 13.5K back and i think he has to have a set or a busted flush draw (he 3bet a OR before with AJo so i think he 3bets AQ pre so tht was probs out the question). I doubt its a thin v-bet with a K and a set probs raises me on the flop with PeteL to act after him and JsTs on the board. I decided to look him up and he flips TT. wp Dave.

Now i'm down to 7500 and in the bb. MP limps (he had been every hand) Pete made it 1500 and the sb called it (as he did every hand) i'm ready to shove pretty light and hope MP didnt limp too strong. As Petes range is massive and sb is 99% passing. It made shoving pretty easy when i looked down @ AQc. MP folded and Pete dwelled before calling with a 9To, the sb folded and it was on there backs. I decided to lose despite it coming Jc 7c but a 9h sent me to the rail.

Thoroughly enjoyed the structure and the fields so soft, just a bitch tht i had Pete 3 to my left all day. And we didn't break the table til after i busto'd. I'll probs be back next month.

In online news at the end of March i scored a $4K cash for 3rd in the $50K which sent the month into the green for about $2K, wiiiiii etc. And last night i cashed for $1.5K in the 30r on iPoker, this aswell as $1.2K in cashes on thursday night (taking down the $10r 6max and coming 5th in the $5r for about $550 a piece) means April is only $500 in the red so far.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Being a laze...

I'm back hardly playing solid sessions at the mo, about a day after the last post i took down the $33 $10K on stars for $2.8K which got me back to like $700 stuck for the month. Since then i've spewed another $800 in half sessions. So stuck like $1.5K with 3 days to go in March, hopefully will get another 2 massive sessions in on sunday and monday. 1time get in the green!

The DTD team event was absolutely comedy we set off at about 10:30 and got to notts in v good time it was all going well until the satnav bird told us to drive through a massive metal fence which was gonna be pretty tough. So we got Fran on the phone to direct us to her house! She pulled out some ballin' t-shirts she'd had done for team 'imo' and we got a taxi to dtd.

Probs wasnt the best idea to start necking pints @ 1pm and after a dtd burger we were off. I never got started in the tourney after spewing like 2K with AA in hand 5. There were 2 limpers for 50 and the sb completed, so i popped it to 250 total in the bb with AA. The utg limper flatted and we were head up to the QTX flop. I lead 300 which he snap minraised to 600, i took a card off which came another T. I checked, and he checked behind. At this point hes usually got a QJ or some other livedonk hand. The river bricked and i v-betted 1K, which he dwell called with JT, wtf? So yeah tht was me down to 975 and push/folding for the rest. Eventually the same guy limped utg on my bb again and i shoved with A8o, he called with AJo, sigh. I busted in level 3 but was the 3rd person in the team to bust, so it was looking great. Maria busted a while later and it was all down to Fran. We were all sat behind here having some banter and when she got it in with AT vs 99 we wer all stood up. A ten peeled in the window and chants of ''yesssss, thts how we roll'' were echoing round the room but a 9 ball followed it quickly. kill us plz.

I played the £55 fo a while later and was pretty tired by this point and after spinning to 13K by the break with KK>KK (apologies for being that golden). I got moved to sledge and dan's table which proved to be comedy and i valuetowned some guy with my KJ on a JJXKX board vs his AK. Then i played a pretty weird hand. I popped it with KJ utg+2 to 1650 (300/600/50) and the new guy called with a big stack. The flop came KTX with 2 spades, i lead for 2200 which he flatted. The turn came another brick bringing a second club on board, i think for a while and am pretty sure he has some sort of combo spade/straight draw, so i just move in for like 10K. He absolutely snapped it i was like fk my life why do i always do this when ppl flat me in pos with sets. Turns out he had Tc6c for a pair and a fd. Some how the river bricked and i was up to like 30k. After this i just kept popping it and getting 3bet shoved a lot. And eventually busted 14th after 3bet shoving a terrible player with ATo, he had AJ. sigh.

Should be successfully switching uni courses this week so il be free til october, ship it massively. The course im currently on has a placement year for its 2nd year which would be such a beat i cnt face doing it. And the new course will finish @ the same time i would do anyway.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sickest sunday ever...

This weeks blonde sunday thread was probs the most depressing of all time. I think we were all bringing each other down, not even the golden one (moorman1) could get anything going.

I played 5 majors; Stars million and warm up, Tilt brawl, Party 300K and Blonde 200K. I ran ok in the brawl and warm up for a while but busted my stack off in these 2 hands in the warm up:

sb shove #1
sb shove #2

I tilted off pretty hard in the brawl when i popped it in the cut off with A6h and the sb 3bet shoved and i snap tilt called it, his AKs held ldo, i was then down to like 3k @ 250/500 and found AA utg+1 and shoved then held vs AQ. Back to 6800 and 3bet shoved over a lp 1250 open and a flat caller with ATo, the OR re-shoved with KQo and i somehow held so i got back in it with 15K. I got 3bet shoved on a few times and was back to 10K and shoved over a serial limper @ 500/1000 with QJd, he called with 56c and won.

I played about $2K worth of donkaments and cashed for about $100 lol, luckily i had satted into all 5 of the majors i played, so it was only a -$1K day. Next time i go for it on a sunday im certainly cutting out a tonne of small donkaments, no good can come from playing tht amount of volume, i cdnt concentrate at all with like 15 tables on the go.

Got a shed load of live stuff coming up:

DTD team event on sat 22nd and will play the £55 later that night.
DTD £300 on April 5/6th with sledge, hotel booked etc. 1time live poker.
bB6 @ DTD on May 10th
APAT Ireland in June

Dropping back to $55fo's and $25r's for the remainder of March to see if i can get out of my $3K hole!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb round up...

I'm so fkin lazy now. I'm pretty sure its all due to that retarded prop bet. Ever since then i've put in maybe 1 decent session. I had been putting in half sessions and just playing ftp and stars. Had a bit of success in the 15K on ftp coming 2nd for $2.3K, but lost to the worlds worst player HU.

In my one full session i managed to final the 20K $30r on iPoker, it was crapshootish as usual and i decided it would be good to run like death, i ran QQ into AKs and JJ and lost a monster 320K pot with 7 left to go 1/5, the board ran out 6789T so i was left with half of the 140K side pot. Down to 70K with blinds at 5/10K. I shoved the next hand with A2s > QJo and was back to 140Kish. I then proceed to get into another massive pot with the JJ guy from before with AQ vs AJ and it fired out XXXXJ, LOL donkaments imo. So i busted 5th for $1K, sigh 1st for $5.4K would've been ok.

Despite being a lazy unfocused month feb still brought £3,128.58 profit. £510 of that was live poker wins, which is now in the green for 2008.

Planning a weekend trip to dtd for the £300er in April as sledge won the blonde league and shipped the seat. Hopefully itl be a fail safe way to blow £440 + hotel/petrol costs, ship it.

So, March is on its way and im going to get back playing a tonne, even though i got lolowned in March last year and this year is following a similar pattern!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its official, I am a sick degen

Just over 26 hours, of which mainly consisted of 10-18 tabling $4/$12/$22 180's with no breaks. It was sick to say the least.

I woke up at 4am to get ready for the 5am start. Showered, made sandwiches and checked the drink was stocked with enough lucozades, redbulls and bottled water to see me through. Come 5am i reg'd for every 180 going and was soon 10 tabling. From here i tried to consistently 18 table throughout the day. And during i just chilled listening to music and trying my best to lifetilt Rich and Brent into making mistakes. It worked pretty well on Rich who was fuming and refused to speak for about 3 hours.

The results were pretty bad, which should've probably been expected playing so many tables. 6-8 tabling then i believe i could be pretty profitable. I got through 307 tournies in the period, cashing in 41. Winning 2 of those 41. Overall i lost $385 LOL. But shipped the $400 sidebet monies so totalled out with a +$15 day! Any sunday in the green is ok in my book!

The final leaderboard looked like this:

1. LeKnave - 5134.40
2. Horneris - 5047.55
3. ChipRich - 3627.95

The bet probs saved me $1K (sunday donkaments ldo), but may have taken a few weeks off the back end of my life.

Really cba to play online atm after tht day. Slept for 12 hours after it, so probs go for another few now and maybe il be back to the grindstone.

The DTD trip was good even tho i was ridic hungover from James' bday partying in blue cayote til 5am. Managed to fall asleep and throw up directly on my laptop in my sleep, which then busto'd and i shipped a new 1 lol. I wasn't even gonna go to dtd after the way i felt waking up, then Brent came over and somehow got me to come. Was probs a good thing as i came 4th for £470. Not really much to tell about the tourney, i doubled pretty early with 99 > AA on a QQ9 flop and then went rly dead and was just picking spots to get by. Finally one of my sqeezes got called and i was 73d > A9o to get to 10K, then i got an absolute gift from some douche who stacked off with Q9 on a K5Q5X board to my KK. Made the final around 2nd/3rd in chips and just popped it as much as i could while staying away from a solid lag guy from leeds. I was pretty sure i could have took it down if i ran good vs him, the other ppl were pretty weak passive. But i got crippled in a cooler 4 handed where i reshoved the button with QQ and the bb found KK and the button snapped with AQd. Clearly i didn't hit the 1 out ball and was down to nothing and ran A4 into 55 and busted. As is usually raved about the quality of the staff running the tourney was 2nd to none.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prop bet time...

A new prop bet has been planned for this sunday, i will reveal all later in the post.

Had a pretty sick day on friday but no wins :-( 2nd in the $5K on party for $1.1K, 3rd in the DTD $13K for $1.3K and 3rd in the LOL stars $3r for $2.8K. The scores helped to turn around the -£1K into a +£2.7K, but over the weekend i ran/did pretty bad with no real cashes of note, and have spewed back about £1K of it. So Feb online profit is sat at +£1.7K.

I went to moortown last tuesday after being out drinking from 1-7 so that was pretty fun, after getting into a massive argument about whether i had to table my hand after being shown the winner, challenging 3 ppl hu4rollz and generally lolling @ how bad live donks are; i took it down for £240, not bad for an afternoon on the ale, and it swung my 2008 live profit into the green.

Off to DTD again on thurs with Horneris, ChipRich and king degen Oli will be meeting us there should be ballin' as per. See if we can run good this time.

On to the prop bet then:

Ingredients: 3 degens, 3 laptops, 3 extra monitors, 72 cans of redbull, 48 bottles of water, 48 bottles of lucozade and a takeaway menu.

Method: Attain as many TLB points from stars 180 man sng's ($4's, $12's and $22's) in 24 hours as possible.

Stakes: $200 each, $600 ftw.

Additional Items: An attitude ready to gogogo.

I went for a test run tonight to prepare myself for 20+ tabling again as i havn't done that for donks. And it was pretty tough, hit every $4, $12 and $22 180 from 4pm til 6pm. Got 29 in and hit 4 finals netting $470 profit LOL shibit. I was pretty comfortable 20 tabling, i need to make sure not to have msn open or browse blonde + 2p2 LOL. I think i have an edge in the bet, but the winner will just be whoever runs best. And as Horneris and ChipRich run perma-bad i fancy myself. We will make a thread on blonde throughout the 24 hours, which runs 5am on Sun til 5am on mon, so check in there to see how its going.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lesson #1 imo...

dnt brag about winning it puts the doomswitch on.

stuck £1K in feb so far. sigh.

Friday, February 01, 2008

January round up...

January 2008 has been my most successful month of all time. I managed to donk my way to winning £9,108.01. The sickest part is the fact that i only made £8K in the whole of 2007! £9.2K was online and i lost £150 live. I only managed to get 3 live tourns in though.

I ended Jan this morning by taking down the $55 speed crapshoot on pty for $1.6K. Sick that it had 119 runners and the blonde mtt board is 120+ torns.

I put $600 on fulltilt a few days ago, and never got going and busto'd it within 2 sessions. The structures are soooo good on there compared to other sites. I will probs put some more on in a week to play the FTOPS as theres a few events i want to play.

Gonna kept grinding party, stars, dtd and blonde for february and will see how i run.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Closing one out...

The day after that last post i managed to win a tournament! It felt fkin awesome and proved that adding the $100 fo's to my schedule was a good idea. I ran good on the final going in 10/10 with 6bb's but only 1 suck out after i shoved over a 4K limper for 32K with KTc and the bb found AK and i flopped a 10. I've made £5.7K in January online, and lost £149.50 live, but only played 3 torns, lol donkaments.

In other news, I went down to the £55 FO at DTD with Horneris, ChipRich and Sledge. The place really is the shit. Excellent running of the tournament, the valets are great and service is very fast. The whole place just has a great atmosphere. I hope to make the trip at least once every fortnight and i'd encourage any one to go. It was easy to get there and back with the sat-nav. Even Horner had the boomswitch working in the internet terminals. Shipping a final in the $2K and getting deep in the 6max!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winning without winning...

Doing amazingly well in January, currently sat at +£3200 for 2008.

Have only won about 3 donkaments outright. Today was another day of nearlys, i finalled the $20r on party early on and donked out in 4th with K9h < KQ on a KJX flop, this was good for $1300. Then had a final and a bunch of minor cashes on iPoker. Followed by coming 2nd in the $5K on dtd for $950. Finally i cashed for $1100 in the $55 6-max on stars. Ran bad at crucial times on the final, Ac6c < A4o all in on a AsKc9c flop, so fkin brutal the following hand i ran good with 66 > J7 all in on a 773 flop. Before running KK < A8 aipf. These scores accompanied by 2 $750+ cashes on sunday made for a good weekend.

Even though i am making decent scores, it is still very frustrating. Everybody knows all the money is on the first place in a donkament. And i can't help but feel i am losing money every time i fail to take one down. Hopefully i can keep putting myself in spots to take one down and it'l come. The variance is sick once down to 5 or so players though. Today 1st in the $20r and $55 6max were $5K and $2.7K respectively, but i only walked away with $1.3K and $1.1K in each. But i'll take being unhappy in this case than being unhappy at a major downswong any day!

Off to DTD on thursday, can't wait! Should be a good laugh with the team of wankers, Sledge, Horneris and ChipRich.

gl at the tables.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

January Joy...

Running sick good in the opening few days of Jan, and have already made just shy of £2K in 2008.

I have won 2 donkaments already, a small $20 $2K gtd for $650 on DTD and a bigger $55 $6K gtd on iPoker for $2.5K. This accompanied by 2 2nds in Party $10 rbys for $750 each as well as a handful of other finals.

In the $6K that i took down, i ran amazing HU winning 2 flips and then A9 > KK to finish him off. But it was a different story HU in the $10 rby: where i lost a huge pot with 99 < A3 and finally A8c < A2o. But on the bright side, i ran good HU in the tourn which we were playing for $1K, and bad in the one playing for $400. I didnt really care about the money, just wanted win number 2 for the blonde leaderboard, so fkin sick.

I'm still playing $55 max buy in's. I am considering starting to play some $109's as i am well rolled enough to do so, i'll probably play 1 a night for a few days, either the $12.5K $109 on iPoker, the $20K on Party or the $20K on DTD. And if they go poorly i'll consider leaving them out for a while. But i think the only way to get the stage of regularly playing the biggest online donkaments is to do it step by step, and the next step for me is $109 FO's so lets gogogo.

I've got of to a losing start on the live front. Venturing down to moortown for the £25 w/1rby and busto'ing 20th. Had a small return on a % swap with gibbo who came 4th, but a loss of £44.50 to start the year. The new schedule includes a £25 w/1rby on both fridays and sundays so i'm going to make an effort to get down once a week and qualify for the freeroll in March which will have a £4K prizepool. 1 time 50 points, should be easy to do as fri+sun are triple points nights.

My sleeping pattern is so fked atm, i'm sat here at 9:30 on sunday morning and been up since 6pm last night. I need to try go to bed to be up for some standard sunday shot taking later.