Friday, June 27, 2008

[ ] Live poker is fun...

Oh my god, whoever invented live poker is a moron. Its like insta lifetilt.

Have some guy to my left when i sit down in the DTD £55 who wouldn't stfu putting ppl on sets, AA or KK every hand. Before sitting down I thought i'd see how long I could go without putting my ipod in. That lasted for under 1 hand.

The idiots who come play poker who think they know how to play then talk about the most twisted reasoning ever tilts me beyond belief.

Anyway, onto the tourney:

I lose about 700 raising preflop and whiffing and 600 in TT < AJo when my first spot to get some chips comes up:

My stack: 2,175, SB: 5,500 @ 100/200. I hold JJ on the button.

Preflop: folds to me, I raise to 600, SB calls, BB folds.

Flop: 8d Ad Jc. He asks what i have (1675) and sets me in. I snap he shows A9h.

''I knew you had that'' he says, orly? wp then.

Its not long til i'm involved again:

My stack: 4,400, UTG: 3,800 @ 100/200. I hold JJ on the button.

Preflop: UTG opens for 800, folds to me, I jam for 4,400. UTG calls.

UTG shows ATo. It rolls off QA8QA. Ship it.

So i'm down to 600 and get it in with KQc 4ways and lose.

The guy to my left was life tilting beyond belief. He came up with the most bizarre reasoning i've ever heard after limping utg with K5o, uber shortie shoves for 550 @ 100/200. I make it up in the bb with K6o (spew was limping pretty much every hand so the K6 is probs a call) and utg spew calls. We check it down as it bricks and shortie tables A7 to win.

He comes out with, ''thats your fault, i only called because i wanted to win all your chips''. (orly? playing the K5o for the huge implied odds it has vs a cold caller getting 3/1) At first i thought he was joking, then it became obv he wasn't. I lolled @ him for him telling me he would've folded the K5o to the shove, strong play sir, limp utg for 200, guy shoves for 550 it comes bk to you for 350 to win 1050 thts in there. Live players have rly stupid reasoning for stuff its ridiculous.

Its just not worth playing live poker, £wise anyway compared to online. We went down as its Trigg's bday week and Fran, Maria and Tighty we're off. It was comedy and Trigg was on form lool. Somehow he dragged himself to take 5th, he probs cnt remember it though.

Off to the DTD £300 in a week for that blonde thing, then i'm done with live poker for a while.


Mark said...

FFS you making really want to never play live again and I need to leave the house to do something other than get blind drunk.

Horneris said...

Flop: 8d Ad Jc. He asks what i have (1675) and sets me in. I snap he shows A9h.

''I knew you had that'' he says, orly? wp then.

This is Fantastic

LeKnave said...

lool longy,

don't bother playing live you could combine getting smashed with live poker, then its more tollerable, even though when i do tht i always end in huge arguements with morons.

Amatay said...

LOL, i went to the Brighton Grovosnor last night and experienced the same sort of thing. Everyone seems to know how to play etc and give the most bizarre jusitfications. It makes me wanna smash their faces in tbh, in a nice way of course :-)