Thursday, June 26, 2008

Leaving the flat...

Will be moving out of our tez flat on monday, just enough time for one last brutal sunday session. Moody moved out about 2 months ago, so has just been me and rich, hes off on sunday morning, so it'l just be me left, and nothing to do but put in a mammoth session.

Have not really played this month, probs put in about 7-10 sessions so far. But had a few decent scores so still in profit about $3.6K. Had a $3.1K score for 2nd in the 30r on blonde last night and a ridic weird situation happened 3 handed:

My stack: ~200K, Btn: ~180K, SB: ~400K @ 8K/16K. I hold AKo in the BB.

Preflop: Btn raises to 48K, SB moves in, I call, Btn calls.

Btn: AA
SB: 66

Board: xxxx6.

So that 6 on the end busted us both, but i had Btn covered so I somehow come 2nd because of that 6 outer. So golden. Get it in dead but win $1.1K due to a 6 rolling off.

Want to try to get a few more sessions in before we go, but i'll probs only get in today and sunday as we have so much to do. Including cleaning, wtf is tht?

Gonna hit the DTD£300 on a freeroll on the 5th from tht blonde thing. Probs run bad though, live poker sucks.


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