Saturday, June 07, 2008


My life has no structure atm, probably won't until october when im back at uni. Our flat contract expires at the end on June and as we don't move into the new place until August 1st i'll have to go back to Stutton for a month which means i'll probs have more normal sleeping hours.

First off, may ended like a dream with winning the $44 6max on stars for like $1.3K. Had been staking Rich to random tournies for a few days then started staking him exclusively to $11 and $4 180 seaters on stars. He worked off all his make up through them and made about $800 for us to chop. Then on the 31st i randomly offered to stake him into the $16.50 NL MSOP#2 when i saw it was like 15diiimes for the win. He managed to come 3rd for a further $7K for us to chop. Which was amazingly sick.

And after a small score in the $55 6max for like $900 or something May was over. My most successful month ever to the tune of just shy of +$25K.

Now to June, as my sleep patterns been amazingly messed up i've been grinding the 1am-6:30am starts on Stars and Tilt. Managed a score in the 17K on tilt the other night which was $4K ftw. I ran absolutely amazingly on the final its safe to say, and ended in me jamming 46d HU having him well covered, he snapped with 99 and it rolled off 235r which was a pretty good flop.

I'm supposed to be off to DTD later for the £330, but its 5:26am and i've been up since midnight. So looks doubtful, plus sledge has bailed so flying solo will be kind of a beat. Oh yeah and live poker sucks which is a further beat.

Probs gonna grind all the time in June and basically have a month off in July to see my neglected non-poker mates who will be back from uni.
hmmmmm just been mulling over what to do later, might go to bed @ like 12-6 then come down. But then i just saw they have a £200 1 dayer on sunday @ 5pm which is 7.5K and 30mins so might just go down for that. So much easier as its a 1 dayer. Probs will do that, try get Rich, Brent or Sledge to come with too.

Later wigga's.


Not so talented said...


I read your blog often, and was wondering if you could link me up to yours? ive added your link to mine.

nice scorez recently.

SnipeR said...

Dave ...what can i say??, no comedy here mate, just a big VERY VERY WELL DONE , on what has obv been an amazing month for ya,keep it up mate,...

LeKnave said...

tyty guys,

lindfield, i've hooked you up.

JimmytheHat19 said...

Solid blog man. I love the genuine and authentic writing style you have. Its rare and appreciated. I've seen you in tourneys on Full Tilt that I play. I'm gonna link your blog to mine. GL to you and I'll say Hi if I see you.


sledge13 said...

Keep it going Macca, and you've stopped punching ya self in the face...all is good!