Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Running like the sun...

Been on fire over the past week or so finalling a bunch of stuff on ipoker, and most notably taking down the $33r on sunday (always a brag to do it on a sunday)

This, accompanied with the $30r win have turned my 8 wins into 10 for the blonde mtt challenge and i've somehow shipped that home! So the DTD £300 that i was off to next week will now be free, ship it.

Put in a pretty epic session today playing from 2-10:30 starts, then played all the 12-1.30's as i was'nt tired. Went pretty tez and i spewed about £1K during today and yest.

Have managed to play 3 of the 5 ecoops so far (2 i didnt play were PLO). Big ty to Middy (hitthehole) today for putting up 50% of my buy in as im too big a nit to pull up $800. He went on to go pretty deep in it, aswell as shipping a $10K wsop package and 5th in the stars 50r so he'l live with me spewing his $400. All 3 of them have gone very badly so far, but i have high hopes for 2mo's $215 6max, should be pretty sweet. Oneeeee time.

The BR is looking as healthy as its ever been atm (except when it was £1K bigger 2 days ago) so all content on that front, would be great to keep running super hot though.

In other news, my sweet ass monitor came through last wednesday, and had paid for itself a fair few times over on sunday, ship it holla etc.


sledge13 said...

Hot run Macca...n1!

Horneris said...

Beat: He is really is that amazing and now has much more money than me.

Brag: His new monitor doesnt really look like that, its about the size of a peanut.

Alex Martin said...

keep it up fella, the new moorman in the making!

TheHat said...

GL in the DTD £300er