Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb round up...

I'm so fkin lazy now. I'm pretty sure its all due to that retarded prop bet. Ever since then i've put in maybe 1 decent session. I had been putting in half sessions and just playing ftp and stars. Had a bit of success in the 15K on ftp coming 2nd for $2.3K, but lost to the worlds worst player HU.

In my one full session i managed to final the 20K $30r on iPoker, it was crapshootish as usual and i decided it would be good to run like death, i ran QQ into AKs and JJ and lost a monster 320K pot with 7 left to go 1/5, the board ran out 6789T so i was left with half of the 140K side pot. Down to 70K with blinds at 5/10K. I shoved the next hand with A2s > QJo and was back to 140Kish. I then proceed to get into another massive pot with the JJ guy from before with AQ vs AJ and it fired out XXXXJ, LOL donkaments imo. So i busted 5th for $1K, sigh 1st for $5.4K would've been ok.

Despite being a lazy unfocused month feb still brought £3,128.58 profit. £510 of that was live poker wins, which is now in the green for 2008.

Planning a weekend trip to dtd for the £300er in April as sledge won the blonde league and shipped the seat. Hopefully itl be a fail safe way to blow £440 + hotel/petrol costs, ship it.

So, March is on its way and im going to get back playing a tonne, even though i got lolowned in March last year and this year is following a similar pattern!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Its official, I am a sick degen

Just over 26 hours, of which mainly consisted of 10-18 tabling $4/$12/$22 180's with no breaks. It was sick to say the least.

I woke up at 4am to get ready for the 5am start. Showered, made sandwiches and checked the drink was stocked with enough lucozades, redbulls and bottled water to see me through. Come 5am i reg'd for every 180 going and was soon 10 tabling. From here i tried to consistently 18 table throughout the day. And during i just chilled listening to music and trying my best to lifetilt Rich and Brent into making mistakes. It worked pretty well on Rich who was fuming and refused to speak for about 3 hours.

The results were pretty bad, which should've probably been expected playing so many tables. 6-8 tabling then i believe i could be pretty profitable. I got through 307 tournies in the period, cashing in 41. Winning 2 of those 41. Overall i lost $385 LOL. But shipped the $400 sidebet monies so totalled out with a +$15 day! Any sunday in the green is ok in my book!

The final leaderboard looked like this:

1. LeKnave - 5134.40
2. Horneris - 5047.55
3. ChipRich - 3627.95

The bet probs saved me $1K (sunday donkaments ldo), but may have taken a few weeks off the back end of my life.

Really cba to play online atm after tht day. Slept for 12 hours after it, so probs go for another few now and maybe il be back to the grindstone.

The DTD trip was good even tho i was ridic hungover from James' bday partying in blue cayote til 5am. Managed to fall asleep and throw up directly on my laptop in my sleep, which then busto'd and i shipped a new 1 lol. I wasn't even gonna go to dtd after the way i felt waking up, then Brent came over and somehow got me to come. Was probs a good thing as i came 4th for £470. Not really much to tell about the tourney, i doubled pretty early with 99 > AA on a QQ9 flop and then went rly dead and was just picking spots to get by. Finally one of my sqeezes got called and i was 73d > A9o to get to 10K, then i got an absolute gift from some douche who stacked off with Q9 on a K5Q5X board to my KK. Made the final around 2nd/3rd in chips and just popped it as much as i could while staying away from a solid lag guy from leeds. I was pretty sure i could have took it down if i ran good vs him, the other ppl were pretty weak passive. But i got crippled in a cooler 4 handed where i reshoved the button with QQ and the bb found KK and the button snapped with AQd. Clearly i didn't hit the 1 out ball and was down to nothing and ran A4 into 55 and busted. As is usually raved about the quality of the staff running the tourney was 2nd to none.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prop bet time...

A new prop bet has been planned for this sunday, i will reveal all later in the post.

Had a pretty sick day on friday but no wins :-( 2nd in the $5K on party for $1.1K, 3rd in the DTD $13K for $1.3K and 3rd in the LOL stars $3r for $2.8K. The scores helped to turn around the -£1K into a +£2.7K, but over the weekend i ran/did pretty bad with no real cashes of note, and have spewed back about £1K of it. So Feb online profit is sat at +£1.7K.

I went to moortown last tuesday after being out drinking from 1-7 so that was pretty fun, after getting into a massive argument about whether i had to table my hand after being shown the winner, challenging 3 ppl hu4rollz and generally lolling @ how bad live donks are; i took it down for £240, not bad for an afternoon on the ale, and it swung my 2008 live profit into the green.

Off to DTD again on thurs with Horneris, ChipRich and king degen Oli will be meeting us there should be ballin' as per. See if we can run good this time.

On to the prop bet then:

Ingredients: 3 degens, 3 laptops, 3 extra monitors, 72 cans of redbull, 48 bottles of water, 48 bottles of lucozade and a takeaway menu.

Method: Attain as many TLB points from stars 180 man sng's ($4's, $12's and $22's) in 24 hours as possible.

Stakes: $200 each, $600 ftw.

Additional Items: An attitude ready to gogogo.

I went for a test run tonight to prepare myself for 20+ tabling again as i havn't done that for donks. And it was pretty tough, hit every $4, $12 and $22 180 from 4pm til 6pm. Got 29 in and hit 4 finals netting $470 profit LOL shibit. I was pretty comfortable 20 tabling, i need to make sure not to have msn open or browse blonde + 2p2 LOL. I think i have an edge in the bet, but the winner will just be whoever runs best. And as Horneris and ChipRich run perma-bad i fancy myself. We will make a thread on blonde throughout the 24 hours, which runs 5am on Sun til 5am on mon, so check in there to see how its going.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lesson #1 imo...

dnt brag about winning it puts the doomswitch on.

stuck £1K in feb so far. sigh.

Friday, February 01, 2008

January round up...

January 2008 has been my most successful month of all time. I managed to donk my way to winning £9,108.01. The sickest part is the fact that i only made £8K in the whole of 2007! £9.2K was online and i lost £150 live. I only managed to get 3 live tourns in though.

I ended Jan this morning by taking down the $55 speed crapshoot on pty for $1.6K. Sick that it had 119 runners and the blonde mtt board is 120+ torns.

I put $600 on fulltilt a few days ago, and never got going and busto'd it within 2 sessions. The structures are soooo good on there compared to other sites. I will probs put some more on in a week to play the FTOPS as theres a few events i want to play.

Gonna kept grinding party, stars, dtd and blonde for february and will see how i run.