Friday, February 01, 2008

January round up...

January 2008 has been my most successful month of all time. I managed to donk my way to winning £9,108.01. The sickest part is the fact that i only made £8K in the whole of 2007! £9.2K was online and i lost £150 live. I only managed to get 3 live tourns in though.

I ended Jan this morning by taking down the $55 speed crapshoot on pty for $1.6K. Sick that it had 119 runners and the blonde mtt board is 120+ torns.

I put $600 on fulltilt a few days ago, and never got going and busto'd it within 2 sessions. The structures are soooo good on there compared to other sites. I will probs put some more on in a week to play the FTOPS as theres a few events i want to play.

Gonna kept grinding party, stars, dtd and blonde for february and will see how i run.

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sledge13 said...

Some month!!! nh gg wp!