Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Prop bet time...

A new prop bet has been planned for this sunday, i will reveal all later in the post.

Had a pretty sick day on friday but no wins :-( 2nd in the $5K on party for $1.1K, 3rd in the DTD $13K for $1.3K and 3rd in the LOL stars $3r for $2.8K. The scores helped to turn around the -£1K into a +£2.7K, but over the weekend i ran/did pretty bad with no real cashes of note, and have spewed back about £1K of it. So Feb online profit is sat at +£1.7K.

I went to moortown last tuesday after being out drinking from 1-7 so that was pretty fun, after getting into a massive argument about whether i had to table my hand after being shown the winner, challenging 3 ppl hu4rollz and generally lolling @ how bad live donks are; i took it down for £240, not bad for an afternoon on the ale, and it swung my 2008 live profit into the green.

Off to DTD again on thurs with Horneris, ChipRich and king degen Oli will be meeting us there should be ballin' as per. See if we can run good this time.

On to the prop bet then:

Ingredients: 3 degens, 3 laptops, 3 extra monitors, 72 cans of redbull, 48 bottles of water, 48 bottles of lucozade and a takeaway menu.

Method: Attain as many TLB points from stars 180 man sng's ($4's, $12's and $22's) in 24 hours as possible.

Stakes: $200 each, $600 ftw.

Additional Items: An attitude ready to gogogo.

I went for a test run tonight to prepare myself for 20+ tabling again as i havn't done that for donks. And it was pretty tough, hit every $4, $12 and $22 180 from 4pm til 6pm. Got 29 in and hit 4 finals netting $470 profit LOL shibit. I was pretty comfortable 20 tabling, i need to make sure not to have msn open or browse blonde + 2p2 LOL. I think i have an edge in the bet, but the winner will just be whoever runs best. And as Horneris and ChipRich run perma-bad i fancy myself. We will make a thread on blonde throughout the 24 hours, which runs 5am on Sun til 5am on mon, so check in there to see how its going.


Mark said...

Lol sounds good. Defo make a thread on blonde.


sledge13 said...

You need Pepsi!! repeat 40 cans of Pepsi!!

Oh and Horneris is a twonk...

Tam said...

I salute all the genuine nutters in this world, of which you are definately one.