Friday, January 25, 2008

Closing one out...

The day after that last post i managed to win a tournament! It felt fkin awesome and proved that adding the $100 fo's to my schedule was a good idea. I ran good on the final going in 10/10 with 6bb's but only 1 suck out after i shoved over a 4K limper for 32K with KTc and the bb found AK and i flopped a 10. I've made £5.7K in January online, and lost £149.50 live, but only played 3 torns, lol donkaments.

In other news, I went down to the £55 FO at DTD with Horneris, ChipRich and Sledge. The place really is the shit. Excellent running of the tournament, the valets are great and service is very fast. The whole place just has a great atmosphere. I hope to make the trip at least once every fortnight and i'd encourage any one to go. It was easy to get there and back with the sat-nav. Even Horner had the boomswitch working in the internet terminals. Shipping a final in the $2K and getting deep in the 6max!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winning without winning...

Doing amazingly well in January, currently sat at +£3200 for 2008.

Have only won about 3 donkaments outright. Today was another day of nearlys, i finalled the $20r on party early on and donked out in 4th with K9h < KQ on a KJX flop, this was good for $1300. Then had a final and a bunch of minor cashes on iPoker. Followed by coming 2nd in the $5K on dtd for $950. Finally i cashed for $1100 in the $55 6-max on stars. Ran bad at crucial times on the final, Ac6c < A4o all in on a AsKc9c flop, so fkin brutal the following hand i ran good with 66 > J7 all in on a 773 flop. Before running KK < A8 aipf. These scores accompanied by 2 $750+ cashes on sunday made for a good weekend.

Even though i am making decent scores, it is still very frustrating. Everybody knows all the money is on the first place in a donkament. And i can't help but feel i am losing money every time i fail to take one down. Hopefully i can keep putting myself in spots to take one down and it'l come. The variance is sick once down to 5 or so players though. Today 1st in the $20r and $55 6max were $5K and $2.7K respectively, but i only walked away with $1.3K and $1.1K in each. But i'll take being unhappy in this case than being unhappy at a major downswong any day!

Off to DTD on thursday, can't wait! Should be a good laugh with the team of wankers, Sledge, Horneris and ChipRich.

gl at the tables.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

January Joy...

Running sick good in the opening few days of Jan, and have already made just shy of £2K in 2008.

I have won 2 donkaments already, a small $20 $2K gtd for $650 on DTD and a bigger $55 $6K gtd on iPoker for $2.5K. This accompanied by 2 2nds in Party $10 rbys for $750 each as well as a handful of other finals.

In the $6K that i took down, i ran amazing HU winning 2 flips and then A9 > KK to finish him off. But it was a different story HU in the $10 rby: where i lost a huge pot with 99 < A3 and finally A8c < A2o. But on the bright side, i ran good HU in the tourn which we were playing for $1K, and bad in the one playing for $400. I didnt really care about the money, just wanted win number 2 for the blonde leaderboard, so fkin sick.

I'm still playing $55 max buy in's. I am considering starting to play some $109's as i am well rolled enough to do so, i'll probably play 1 a night for a few days, either the $12.5K $109 on iPoker, the $20K on Party or the $20K on DTD. And if they go poorly i'll consider leaving them out for a while. But i think the only way to get the stage of regularly playing the biggest online donkaments is to do it step by step, and the next step for me is $109 FO's so lets gogogo.

I've got of to a losing start on the live front. Venturing down to moortown for the £25 w/1rby and busto'ing 20th. Had a small return on a % swap with gibbo who came 4th, but a loss of £44.50 to start the year. The new schedule includes a £25 w/1rby on both fridays and sundays so i'm going to make an effort to get down once a week and qualify for the freeroll in March which will have a £4K prizepool. 1 time 50 points, should be easy to do as fri+sun are triple points nights.

My sleeping pattern is so fked atm, i'm sat here at 9:30 on sunday morning and been up since 6pm last night. I need to try go to bed to be up for some standard sunday shot taking later.