Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Winning without winning...

Doing amazingly well in January, currently sat at +£3200 for 2008.

Have only won about 3 donkaments outright. Today was another day of nearlys, i finalled the $20r on party early on and donked out in 4th with K9h < KQ on a KJX flop, this was good for $1300. Then had a final and a bunch of minor cashes on iPoker. Followed by coming 2nd in the $5K on dtd for $950. Finally i cashed for $1100 in the $55 6-max on stars. Ran bad at crucial times on the final, Ac6c < A4o all in on a AsKc9c flop, so fkin brutal the following hand i ran good with 66 > J7 all in on a 773 flop. Before running KK < A8 aipf. These scores accompanied by 2 $750+ cashes on sunday made for a good weekend.

Even though i am making decent scores, it is still very frustrating. Everybody knows all the money is on the first place in a donkament. And i can't help but feel i am losing money every time i fail to take one down. Hopefully i can keep putting myself in spots to take one down and it'l come. The variance is sick once down to 5 or so players though. Today 1st in the $20r and $55 6max were $5K and $2.7K respectively, but i only walked away with $1.3K and $1.1K in each. But i'll take being unhappy in this case than being unhappy at a major downswong any day!

Off to DTD on thursday, can't wait! Should be a good laugh with the team of wankers, Sledge, Horneris and ChipRich.

gl at the tables.


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Horneris said...

LoL hard @ team of wankers.