Sunday, January 06, 2008

January Joy...

Running sick good in the opening few days of Jan, and have already made just shy of £2K in 2008.

I have won 2 donkaments already, a small $20 $2K gtd for $650 on DTD and a bigger $55 $6K gtd on iPoker for $2.5K. This accompanied by 2 2nds in Party $10 rbys for $750 each as well as a handful of other finals.

In the $6K that i took down, i ran amazing HU winning 2 flips and then A9 > KK to finish him off. But it was a different story HU in the $10 rby: where i lost a huge pot with 99 < A3 and finally A8c < A2o. But on the bright side, i ran good HU in the tourn which we were playing for $1K, and bad in the one playing for $400. I didnt really care about the money, just wanted win number 2 for the blonde leaderboard, so fkin sick.

I'm still playing $55 max buy in's. I am considering starting to play some $109's as i am well rolled enough to do so, i'll probably play 1 a night for a few days, either the $12.5K $109 on iPoker, the $20K on Party or the $20K on DTD. And if they go poorly i'll consider leaving them out for a while. But i think the only way to get the stage of regularly playing the biggest online donkaments is to do it step by step, and the next step for me is $109 FO's so lets gogogo.

I've got of to a losing start on the live front. Venturing down to moortown for the £25 w/1rby and busto'ing 20th. Had a small return on a % swap with gibbo who came 4th, but a loss of £44.50 to start the year. The new schedule includes a £25 w/1rby on both fridays and sundays so i'm going to make an effort to get down once a week and qualify for the freeroll in March which will have a £4K prizepool. 1 time 50 points, should be easy to do as fri+sun are triple points nights.

My sleeping pattern is so fked atm, i'm sat here at 9:30 on sunday morning and been up since 6pm last night. I need to try go to bed to be up for some standard sunday shot taking later.


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