Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Roundup...

12 months playing a decent amount netted me an £8,070.22 profit. My target at the beginning of the year was to make £12K. But after a more relaxed second half of the year i am happy with my total.


For the past 12 months i have had 9 winning months and 3 losing. Varying from +£3,202.38 to £1,567.70. Online poker has really made me want to die at times this year, but im back in love with it after finding iPoker's mtt's.

Individual Sites Profit Breakdown:

  1. DTD +£3,416.09
  2. BPL +$2071.85
  3. Party +$1567.55
  4. Stars +$1100.00
  5. BlueSQ +£400
  6. Mansion +£366.29
  7. Mermaid -£14.63
  8. FTP -$2069.08

Total Online Profit : £5,518.44


I played 54 live tournaments in 2007. Cashing 16 times, I won 4 of them outright and chopped one. Making £2,528.56 from live donkaments.

I didn't get into much live cash game action in 2007. I sat 10 sessions winning 4 times, losing 6. Overall turning a profit of £2.00. I think exploiting cash at Moortown in 2008 needs to be done, but i usually tilt if playing after busting from a tournament, so maybe going down at 10:30ish and playing cash only.

I played 5 sng's live, winning £21.22. These are mainly from bb's and apat and usually just for comedy value.

Total Live Profit : £2,551.78

Goals for 2008:

  • Make £15,000 profit
  • Play at least 1 GUKPT leg
  • Play 2 WCOOP Events
  • Secure a job in a poker room for my placement year
Happy new year everyone, lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. imo.

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snoopy1239 said...

Good luck with those goals. Your profit in live cash is more than most.