Monday, December 03, 2007

Back playing...

Having got my essays out of the way i have had a few days to grind some tourns again.

I cashed $500 off stars and put £250 on DTD to play all the tourns throughout the day. Have won 2 mtt's since moving there. But only small ones for $750 and £200.

Had a potentially big sunday by qualifying for 3 of the biggies: Mansion 150K, DTD £40K and Tilt $750K. Ran bad in all 3 (mansion KK < AA. DTD AQ < KK and Tilt AA < 85c on a 889r flop)

November finished in the green, shiiiiiip. LOL +£94. Came 4th in the £55 at moortown on the last day of Nov to swing it into the green. Decided to run QQ into KK 4 handed for a decent pot but bricked the turn and river after a hopeful 9TJ flop. At least it ended the worst spell i've had in live poker, 11 tournaments without turning a profit!

Gonna keep grinding DTD and Tilt mtt's for as long as i can, but i think i might have to do some more work soon so it may have to take a backseat.


Mark said...

Alright Mate,

Just added your link to my blog, if you fancy returning the favour that would be great.

Cheers Mark (Longy)

steven6666 said...

Hi Fella,

I am a player from Hyde Park leeds hopefully see you at moortown.
GL for 2008 could you link my blog.