Friday, November 16, 2007

APAT Walsall, Winning a Donkament and Plans

APAT was a pretty hard failure. Beginning with the drive down, stuck in a traffic jam for 2 hours on the M5. But listening to the audio recording of Barry Greensteins 'Ace on the River' took the edge off.

After finally arriving at the end of level 1, i started to accumulate a few chips and was always gradually increasing them by every break. At the end of level 10, a pretty sick hand happened between myself and M3boy, and a massive thread on blonde was started about it, here.

Anyway i won that pot, then knocked off a shortie and was in good shape with around 35 left. Then i kept getting moved and sat down at a new table utg and folded, then in the big blind was dealt AJo. The cut off popped it up to 12K (he had a big stack and i could only guess his range was amazingly wide in that spot) so i moved in for like 33K more. He made the call with 44 and i lost the race. 29th place was good for £0. Can't be to unhappy to busto in that spot tho. 100K pot near enough.

The other night Horneris decided he couldn't play the $22 deepstack 6-max on stars any more as he had work in the morning and it was like 4am. So i took over for 20% thinking it nicely bubble it for him. But obv as im only playing for 20% i run good and pwn the whole thing taking down $1.7K total. Of which only $350 was mine. ffs stars let me run good when its all for me ldo. But at least it gave me the feeling of closing out a donkament again. Since that i don't think i've played a hand online. I had an exam for uni last monday, which went pretty well. Then as a reward for my hard work i was looking forward to grinding some torns so hard. But of course the internet decided it won't bother working any more, and the router blew out. ffs stars.

So hopefully that will be fixed soon. But poker will still be on the backseat as i have 2 essays to do, and 2 mates 21st's to celebrate. Involving trips to Newcastle and Liverpool. Thankfully the Newcastle trip (being Horneris's) will involve the £30 FO on saturday night at Aspers. Lets gogogo.

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