Saturday, December 29, 2007

2007 Roundup...

12 months playing a decent amount netted me an £8,070.22 profit. My target at the beginning of the year was to make £12K. But after a more relaxed second half of the year i am happy with my total.


For the past 12 months i have had 9 winning months and 3 losing. Varying from +£3,202.38 to £1,567.70. Online poker has really made me want to die at times this year, but im back in love with it after finding iPoker's mtt's.

Individual Sites Profit Breakdown:

  1. DTD +£3,416.09
  2. BPL +$2071.85
  3. Party +$1567.55
  4. Stars +$1100.00
  5. BlueSQ +£400
  6. Mansion +£366.29
  7. Mermaid -£14.63
  8. FTP -$2069.08

Total Online Profit : £5,518.44


I played 54 live tournaments in 2007. Cashing 16 times, I won 4 of them outright and chopped one. Making £2,528.56 from live donkaments.

I didn't get into much live cash game action in 2007. I sat 10 sessions winning 4 times, losing 6. Overall turning a profit of £2.00. I think exploiting cash at Moortown in 2008 needs to be done, but i usually tilt if playing after busting from a tournament, so maybe going down at 10:30ish and playing cash only.

I played 5 sng's live, winning £21.22. These are mainly from bb's and apat and usually just for comedy value.

Total Live Profit : £2,551.78

Goals for 2008:

  • Make £15,000 profit
  • Play at least 1 GUKPT leg
  • Play 2 WCOOP Events
  • Secure a job in a poker room for my placement year
Happy new year everyone, lets fucking goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. imo.

Actually an ok day...

Zomg, 4 final tables in one day. 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 6th though, so brudel.

Started at like 5ish as Horneris was grinding and hit most torns on iPoker, DTD and Party. Went deep in the $10r with Horner, ended up busting in 6th for $250.

Then the 2nd lot of tourns around 11/12pm kicked off and i built stacks pretty deep in the $6K double stack and the $4.5K on iPoker, as well as the 2nd $10r on party. I finalled in all 3 of these, coming 3rd in the $6K for $950ish, 2nd in the $4.5K for $850ish and 2nd in the Party $10r for $750.

Ended up winning £1,100 for the day. And the BR looks a lot healthier going into 2008.

I will post on the 31st with my years round up.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Back playing...

Having got my essays out of the way i have had a few days to grind some tourns again.

I cashed $500 off stars and put £250 on DTD to play all the tourns throughout the day. Have won 2 mtt's since moving there. But only small ones for $750 and £200.

Had a potentially big sunday by qualifying for 3 of the biggies: Mansion 150K, DTD £40K and Tilt $750K. Ran bad in all 3 (mansion KK < AA. DTD AQ < KK and Tilt AA < 85c on a 889r flop)

November finished in the green, shiiiiiip. LOL +£94. Came 4th in the £55 at moortown on the last day of Nov to swing it into the green. Decided to run QQ into KK 4 handed for a decent pot but bricked the turn and river after a hopeful 9TJ flop. At least it ended the worst spell i've had in live poker, 11 tournaments without turning a profit!

Gonna keep grinding DTD and Tilt mtt's for as long as i can, but i think i might have to do some more work soon so it may have to take a backseat.