Saturday, December 29, 2007

Actually an ok day...

Zomg, 4 final tables in one day. 2nd, 2nd, 3rd and 6th though, so brudel.

Started at like 5ish as Horneris was grinding and hit most torns on iPoker, DTD and Party. Went deep in the $10r with Horner, ended up busting in 6th for $250.

Then the 2nd lot of tourns around 11/12pm kicked off and i built stacks pretty deep in the $6K double stack and the $4.5K on iPoker, as well as the 2nd $10r on party. I finalled in all 3 of these, coming 3rd in the $6K for $950ish, 2nd in the $4.5K for $850ish and 2nd in the Party $10r for $750.

Ended up winning £1,100 for the day. And the BR looks a lot healthier going into 2008.

I will post on the 31st with my years round up.

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sledge13 said...

Nice score laddo!