Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some relief...

Well, as i only post when i win...i should probably post about now.

Went deep in the Stars $3r last night, got the the final 3/9 and managed to come 2nd for $2.4K.

I thought about folding, but grew some sack for once

I wasnt too happy though, as the opponent i drew heads up for the guy id've picked to play from 18 left.

Set up so hard beeyotch

Then he trapped me himself:

Bad/Tilty call

I managed to get out a line i've been wanting to say for a while now. When some kid proposed a deal. I shot back with ''No deals bitches'' so was happy to get it out finally. Speaking of the chatbox, must give a big shout out to messr's Horneris and ChipRich, whom both recieved 1 month chatbans on Stars for their abusive rail comments directed at anyone who won a pot off me. Horneris managed to lose his with 16 left, and ChipRich managed to rail some final table action, losing his with around 8 left.

If i had won, i was going to take a week off from poker and just kick back doing nothing. But that would've probably been a bad idea anyway as i'm finally coming into some form. Maybe the pokergods have something bigger in store for me?!

I'l be jetting off to Ireland on the first for the APAT Dublin event, this should be great fun with the characters that are Linux, Kinboshi, Colchester Kev etc.

Check this out: JimStringer there are some pic's of myself, Horneris and ChipRich after an all day drinkathon then hitting some casino action.

Note: I have updated my 'blogs' section, take a glance at a few, you'll find some entertaining reads.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Send it.

LeKnave takes the $3.5K down on iPoker, send it.

Well timed win i think, hopefully i have opened the flood gates and my total roll has been boosted back over £4K. So i'm content for now would love another win soon though.

I have cleared 450 FPP's of the 2250 required to clear my $150 bonus on stars. Will try play 100 sng's tomorrow when i can be arsed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stoke Team Event

LeKnave, ChipRich, Horneris, Kinboshi, the nun, MasterOfNun, SnipeR and Sledge13 made up the team chosen to take on Stokes finest.

The event consisted of 10 teams with 8 players playing an 8 table shootout (1 team member per table) with the top 2 getting through to the final 16. And points were allocated dependant on the positions people busted.

For the 64 who didnt make it through, a bounty tournament was started, giving £5 and 1 point for each bounty a player took.

Round 1

I sat back for a while to get a feel for the table, and was pretty comfortable with it. As blinds escalated i started raising in late pos and taking it down or limping and betting w/e flop came. This worked fine, and as the bb got to over 1/100 of the chips in play, i started using the strategy that has treated me so well in online sng's. It is a strategy i learnt from watching bigjoe2003 play. This involves jamming most hands and rapidly increasing your stack. This play started to especially annoy one player. Who tried to tell me it was poor as ''only a better hand will call'' little did he know, that the chances are its gonna be a while before he find that hand, and by that time, it wont even dent my stack. So i casually stated that this was the optimum play in a short stacked sng. This got under his skin you could tell, for him to come back saying how he plays £100 sng's on Ladbrookes. I couldn't have given less of a shit if he was Joe Hachem, he was my bitch and i was gonna own him.

After returning from the break, we were 4 handed, myself on the small blind for 600, him on the big blind for 1200. It was passed to me and he said, if u push im gonna call you blind. So i looked down at a pretty 83o, of course the 'optimum play' was to push. He dwelled up and stared me down for a while before folding. I just sat there mellow, Huck Seed style. I decided it would be best to show him the hand so i flipped up the pretty cards for all to see.

Of course it had to end as it usually does, the big stack limped on my small blind, the button passed and i look down at 2 red kings. I push, bb folds and the limper insta calls with 2 red aces. And it was all over.

Round 2

The scalp tourny was a great laugh and i was delighted to see i was drawn on ChipRich and SnipeR's table, so i knew we were in for some comedy. Starting with SnipeR putting his scalp card on his forehead, ending with him comparing Horneris to Greg Raymer. We were pissing ourselves. I busted with AK vs 99 and 55. I think id rather cut my eye out then lay AK in that joke of a tourny!

Brent decided to grind it out like Knish, for some reason making us stay way later then necessary, i was nailed from being up since 6am and not looking forward to driving back!

We had some further comedy with myself, Sledge13 (who was hammering back the magners) ChipRich and our pro railer, Linux. Involving him going to the toilet and ChipRich downing his pint, he wasn't too happy on his return to see the remaining dregs. Sledge will tell you that much!
All in all it was a great day and nice to meet the crew again. We were in stitches for the majority of the day and we'l have to do it again sometime. Looks like a few will be up at Moortown on the 25th for the £50 FO. Should be a good laugh.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

PokerStars FTW

Pokerstars 10 billionth hand is coming up, and they are giving away a shed load of things.

10 billionth hand promotion

I have shipped another $600 onto stars as they are doing a reload bonus of 25% up to $150, i should be able to grind the $6's and clear that in about a day or two.

Edit: It should take 2/3 days as it is only the base FPP rate that counts towards clearing the bonus. I will be getting 6 points per $6.50 sng so will have to play 375 to clear the $150 bonus.

In other news, i ran good simultaneously in the $5r and $10r on Stars and iPoker, but only cashed for $260 total coming 7th and 12th. Could've been a lot more. TY to sledge/horneris and chiprich for the rail. A good payoff s coming soon, i know it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Big MTT day results...

03:00 - $16.50 FO - -$16.50
03:00 - $11r $55K - -$31.00
05:00 - $22 FO - -$22.00
07:00 - $33 FO - -$33.00
07:45 - $1r - -$2.10
08.00 - $11 FO - -$11.00
08:30 - $2r - +$4.41 FUCKING SHIP IT. HOLLA
10:00 - $33 / $5K - -$33.00
10:15 - $5r - -$30.50
11:45 - $11 / $1.5K - -$11.00
13:00 - $10r - -$51.00
13:15 - $22 Deepstack - -$22.00
15:00 - $8r / $10K- -$24.80
16:15 - $33r / $5K - -$33.00
16:30 - $3r / $4.5K - -$9.30
17:00 - $11 / $2.5K - -$11.00
17:00 - $22 / $10K - -$22.00
17:45 - $22 / $3K - -$22.00
19:00 - $3r / $10K - -$21.30
19:15 - $11 FO - -$11.00
19:30 - $55 / $2K - +$345

Total - -$68.09

Wow, that was nearly so so sick. Then it all came through in the blonde $2K gtd. 3rd for $400, i blew up pretty badly though with 3 left.

Seat 1 - 6K
Seat 2 - 22K
Me - 32K

Seat 1 folds,
Seat 2 raises to 2400
I push all in w/ AQo
He calls with AKo

Hmm, slight cooler i suppose. But i played like a tool on the bubble (weak passive) As i was so desperate to make the cash in this one.

So the mtt day wasnt a total failure, i lost nearly $70, so will now play with the remaining $380 of remaining sng profit.

gg wp nh etc.

For fucks sake...

The one shot i had at a decent cash ends in the same shite, 4 hours 35 mins into the $22 Deepstack on stars, 24 left. 18 paid.

And Le-fucking-Knave is gone in 24th.

Big MTT day today...

Well, as i've only been playing 4-5 mtt's a day, today i decided im gonna have a shot and attempt a comma pay off. I've been coming so close to the big money, but kept falling 1 hurdle short. Today i'm gonna bring my A-game (if i have one) and WIN.



03:00 - $16.50 FO
03:00 - $11r $55K
05:00 - $22 FO
07:00 - $33 FO
07:45 - $1r / $750
08.00 - $11 FO
08:30 - $2r / $1K
10:00 - $33 / $5K
10:15 - $5r
11:45 - $11 / $1.5K
13:00 - $10r
13:15 - $22 Deepstack
15:00 - $8r / $10K
16:15 - $33 / $5K
16:30 - $3r / $4.5K
17:00 - $11 / $2.5K

17:00 - $22 / $10K
17:45 - $22 / $3K
19:00 - $3r / $10K
19:15 - $11 FO
19:30 - $33 / $2K

I'll post up my net prof/loss for each game later on, lets win a biggie.


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

STT Stats and Live Plans...

I've been slacking off the sng challenge a bit, and only played like 60 in the past 3 days. I keep playing mtt's looking for a big win, but am always falling 1 hurdle too short these days. 20-50th for like $50 feels like 4-5hours wasted. It'l all be worth it when i can find a sweet cash though.

I've played 469 of the $3.40 and $6.50 turbo's in the past week, and its been easy going so far:

Pretty happy with the above graph and am pretty comfortable 8 tabling the sng's, when i 13 table im usually too slow and miss a few hands. Got tempted to play a few mtt's last night and ended up losing $80 total, because of my trigger happy play in $5r and $10r costing me a few $.

On the live news i have a few things coming up:

Grosvenor Stoke team event - This should be a great laugh, will be driving down with Horneris, ChipRich and Sledge13 to meet Kinboshi and a few others down there for a fun afternoon.

Note: We need another player for this, so if your available this saturday to be in Stoke for 4pm let me know

Moortown Masters - Dave at Grosvenor Moortown has sorted a nicely structured £50 FO (10K stack with 25/50 starting level) Which should be a good tourny and there are a lot of blondes going, so should be a good laugh.

APAT Dublin - Finally got off my arse to sort out going to one of these after Kinboshi non-stop raving about it. Horneris didnt get in, but i am still going with my faithful railbird Linux. Booked the plane tickets, the Hotel and the seat. Very efficient. I leave on the 1st June and return on the 4th for the excellently structured £75 FO.

I'll be hitting some more low buy in mtt's this week, as well as trying to hit a decent number of sng's so i dont lose too badly!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lol Sitngoaments

I really ground it out today, i think starting this prop bet with Horneris will be a +EV move, even if i lose the bet. Which i won't.

The stipulations for the bet were as follows:

''The tournaments must all start between 00.00 on 1st May, and 23:59 on 14th May (pokerstars time, so that's 5am on Tuesday 1st May, and 4:59am on Tuesday 15th
May our time)No tournaments below the $3+$0.40 level to be played.No-one but us to use our accounts obv.''

So, leaning on the cautious side, and only have $500 or so in my stars account at the moment, i decided to go for the $3.40 10 seater balls. I varied between 8-13 tabling them on my 2 monitor set up. And the results were very positive. I played 188 of them, the most i have ever played in one day by a long way. And i turned a $183 profit (28.6% ROI). I am eager to see what my ROI is like after a more long term number (1000-2000) have been played. I'm hoping i can maintain a 20% ROI while 8 tabling.

To see the current totals for myself and Horneris, Click here.