Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stoke Team Event

LeKnave, ChipRich, Horneris, Kinboshi, the nun, MasterOfNun, SnipeR and Sledge13 made up the team chosen to take on Stokes finest.

The event consisted of 10 teams with 8 players playing an 8 table shootout (1 team member per table) with the top 2 getting through to the final 16. And points were allocated dependant on the positions people busted.

For the 64 who didnt make it through, a bounty tournament was started, giving £5 and 1 point for each bounty a player took.

Round 1

I sat back for a while to get a feel for the table, and was pretty comfortable with it. As blinds escalated i started raising in late pos and taking it down or limping and betting w/e flop came. This worked fine, and as the bb got to over 1/100 of the chips in play, i started using the strategy that has treated me so well in online sng's. It is a strategy i learnt from watching bigjoe2003 play. This involves jamming most hands and rapidly increasing your stack. This play started to especially annoy one player. Who tried to tell me it was poor as ''only a better hand will call'' little did he know, that the chances are its gonna be a while before he find that hand, and by that time, it wont even dent my stack. So i casually stated that this was the optimum play in a short stacked sng. This got under his skin you could tell, for him to come back saying how he plays £100 sng's on Ladbrookes. I couldn't have given less of a shit if he was Joe Hachem, he was my bitch and i was gonna own him.

After returning from the break, we were 4 handed, myself on the small blind for 600, him on the big blind for 1200. It was passed to me and he said, if u push im gonna call you blind. So i looked down at a pretty 83o, of course the 'optimum play' was to push. He dwelled up and stared me down for a while before folding. I just sat there mellow, Huck Seed style. I decided it would be best to show him the hand so i flipped up the pretty cards for all to see.

Of course it had to end as it usually does, the big stack limped on my small blind, the button passed and i look down at 2 red kings. I push, bb folds and the limper insta calls with 2 red aces. And it was all over.

Round 2

The scalp tourny was a great laugh and i was delighted to see i was drawn on ChipRich and SnipeR's table, so i knew we were in for some comedy. Starting with SnipeR putting his scalp card on his forehead, ending with him comparing Horneris to Greg Raymer. We were pissing ourselves. I busted with AK vs 99 and 55. I think id rather cut my eye out then lay AK in that joke of a tourny!

Brent decided to grind it out like Knish, for some reason making us stay way later then necessary, i was nailed from being up since 6am and not looking forward to driving back!

We had some further comedy with myself, Sledge13 (who was hammering back the magners) ChipRich and our pro railer, Linux. Involving him going to the toilet and ChipRich downing his pint, he wasn't too happy on his return to see the remaining dregs. Sledge will tell you that much!
All in all it was a great day and nice to meet the crew again. We were in stitches for the majority of the day and we'l have to do it again sometime. Looks like a few will be up at Moortown on the 25th for the £50 FO. Should be a good laugh.


Horneris said...

You lot laughing at me worked out really well for you.

As the plan was to bust out of the freeroll instantly but when i got abused i decided out of stubborness i would grind like never before and 3 hours later i came 6th. Ship It!!!

sledge13 said...

Great day and great post. Some excellent "comedy" moments and our team was a pleasure to know...along with our crazy

Daniel said...

Why do you look so sodding miserable at the table?

Daniel said...

..all the time.

You'd better cheer up for Ireland!

LeKnave said...

lol, we were talking about how i look like the whole worlds just died when im at the table.

I dont know, i just do. Probs coz live poker is as slow as death.