Wednesday, May 02, 2007

lol Sitngoaments

I really ground it out today, i think starting this prop bet with Horneris will be a +EV move, even if i lose the bet. Which i won't.

The stipulations for the bet were as follows:

''The tournaments must all start between 00.00 on 1st May, and 23:59 on 14th May (pokerstars time, so that's 5am on Tuesday 1st May, and 4:59am on Tuesday 15th
May our time)No tournaments below the $3+$0.40 level to be played.No-one but us to use our accounts obv.''

So, leaning on the cautious side, and only have $500 or so in my stars account at the moment, i decided to go for the $3.40 10 seater balls. I varied between 8-13 tabling them on my 2 monitor set up. And the results were very positive. I played 188 of them, the most i have ever played in one day by a long way. And i turned a $183 profit (28.6% ROI). I am eager to see what my ROI is like after a more long term number (1000-2000) have been played. I'm hoping i can maintain a 20% ROI while 8 tabling.

To see the current totals for myself and Horneris, Click here.

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