Thursday, May 24, 2007

Some relief...

Well, as i only post when i win...i should probably post about now.

Went deep in the Stars $3r last night, got the the final 3/9 and managed to come 2nd for $2.4K.

I thought about folding, but grew some sack for once

I wasnt too happy though, as the opponent i drew heads up for the guy id've picked to play from 18 left.

Set up so hard beeyotch

Then he trapped me himself:

Bad/Tilty call

I managed to get out a line i've been wanting to say for a while now. When some kid proposed a deal. I shot back with ''No deals bitches'' so was happy to get it out finally. Speaking of the chatbox, must give a big shout out to messr's Horneris and ChipRich, whom both recieved 1 month chatbans on Stars for their abusive rail comments directed at anyone who won a pot off me. Horneris managed to lose his with 16 left, and ChipRich managed to rail some final table action, losing his with around 8 left.

If i had won, i was going to take a week off from poker and just kick back doing nothing. But that would've probably been a bad idea anyway as i'm finally coming into some form. Maybe the pokergods have something bigger in store for me?!

I'l be jetting off to Ireland on the first for the APAT Dublin event, this should be great fun with the characters that are Linux, Kinboshi, Colchester Kev etc.

Check this out: JimStringer there are some pic's of myself, Horneris and ChipRich after an all day drinkathon then hitting some casino action.

Note: I have updated my 'blogs' section, take a glance at a few, you'll find some entertaining reads.


Horneris said...


Seriously though, well done, decent score!!! Should help the Stars MTT ROI along nicely. Hopefully i can follow in your footsteps. WP

sledge13 said...

Nice poker is calling u , win in ireland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pab said...

JJ vs Qt heads up was a tough one, unlucky, nice score though for $3r