Tuesday, May 08, 2007

STT Stats and Live Plans...

I've been slacking off the sng challenge a bit, and only played like 60 in the past 3 days. I keep playing mtt's looking for a big win, but am always falling 1 hurdle too short these days. 20-50th for like $50 feels like 4-5hours wasted. It'l all be worth it when i can find a sweet cash though.

I've played 469 of the $3.40 and $6.50 turbo's in the past week, and its been easy going so far:

Pretty happy with the above graph and am pretty comfortable 8 tabling the sng's, when i 13 table im usually too slow and miss a few hands. Got tempted to play a few mtt's last night and ended up losing $80 total, because of my trigger happy play in $5r and $10r costing me a few $.

On the live news i have a few things coming up:

Grosvenor Stoke team event - This should be a great laugh, will be driving down with Horneris, ChipRich and Sledge13 to meet Kinboshi and a few others down there for a fun afternoon.

Note: We need another player for this, so if your available this saturday to be in Stoke for 4pm let me know

Moortown Masters - Dave at Grosvenor Moortown has sorted a nicely structured £50 FO (10K stack with 25/50 starting level) Which should be a good tourny and there are a lot of blondes going, so should be a good laugh.

APAT Dublin - Finally got off my arse to sort out going to one of these after Kinboshi non-stop raving about it. Horneris didnt get in, but i am still going with my faithful railbird Linux. Booked the plane tickets, the Hotel and the seat. Very efficient. I leave on the 1st June and return on the 4th for the excellently structured £75 FO.

I'll be hitting some more low buy in mtt's this week, as well as trying to hit a decent number of sng's so i dont lose too badly!


moody13 said...

Love the graph, bring on Dublin

Horneris said...

Good Post.