Thursday, March 22, 2007

Live week...

Been playing a lot live this week.

Sun - £10 w/1RB @ Grosvenor Moortown
Mon - £15 w/1RB at Grosvenor Moortown
Tue - £25 FO @ Grosvenor Stoke
Wed - £10 w/1RB @ Grosvenor Moortown

I won the Monday torn for £275, only 25 runners...but it increased the confidence in my live game.

I played the game rly well, and pretty LAG due to how passive most of the field were. The final was a piece of cake except for ChipRich who bust out in 4th. Going into the final 3 i had about 140K vs 20K and 40K so it was mine to lose, and thankfully i didnt.

On tues we took a trip to Stoke and met up with Kinboshi off the blonde forum, he was a decent laugh as ever and me and him bust fairly early so decided to give some abuse on the rail. Which is always fun.

And on weds we met up with Sniper and Sledge13 (Clint+Marc) also from the blonde forum. And had a great laugh as Marc lost with every premium hand possible the highlight was certainly just after his AA was cracked by 77 for a £160 pot and his QQ cracked by K8. Sniper shouts "SHIP IT......STANDARD" right across the cardroom to ChipRich+Horneris on the final table of the tournament, and the entire table were in hysterics. All credit to sledge, he took his beats like a man and re-loaded and ground some of it back, respect sir. The cash game was great, had a short handed £0.50/£1.00 and i finished off +£63 which was pretty sweet.

Live profit for this week:

Mon = -£17 (10% of CR's 3rd)
Tues = +£208 (Gave CR 10% of diff)
Weds = -£25
Thur = +£46

TOT = +£212

Back to my online grind im spending far too much ££ at the minute and really have to cut down and starting pwning online...something i have forgotton how to do.

I've set up the old PC monitor in my room which is now hooked up to the laptop to allow me to easily 8 table mtt's on various sites. atm i have cash on Party, Stars, DTD, FullTilt and Mansion. So will be playing all sorts of mtts before the close of march to try get in profit. Let the grind/gamble begin.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seeing red...

Alas, it returned dreaded BR crushing tilt...LOL im so fkin sick.

Was hitting the HU cash tables on FT, Only $0.50/$1 and pwning this fool, then his 7d8d beats my TT on a T8X flop, running 2 diamonds, so i was like ok, hes doubled his $40 to $80, so i reload for a hundred to own this guy so hard.

Then i get it in with QQ pre vs his TT, he duely peels a T off for the $180 pot. At this point i was fuming, and booted my bed obv.

I decided it would be a realy good idea to play some $2/4, tbf, i pwned in this game and won about $70 then launched into some $1/2 CapNL. I just played real bad, and donked off the rest of the roll...only about $200. At this time i was also putting my £120 i had left on DTD into a £1/2 table then a $2/5 table, obv i got it all in with 5h3h and got outdrawn by his A6. brutal.

I've told u all abut 4 times now how big a cash fish i am, but for some reason i decide i have to launch back. This was all after a downswing on the party $11 sngs, so i was pretty steamed. And lost another $200 in $1/2 on party where my set lost to a FD.

I went away composed myself and hit a few of the early morning MTT's on party, the $44 i manage to take down for $592, LOL donkaments. So tilt was over, and neutralised. holla. This session really was a wake up call though. I really shouldn't play cash, i can come bk to sngs later, but for now im gonna go bk to Jan+Febs glory days and start mulling the MTT's again.

Hopefully i can lock up a big win and get March into the greeeeeeeen. So on reflection it was a dumb idea, but we all do it. And i think i have learnt something this time.

I feel it is really important to lock up some decent rollage for october to be Br'd for playing the sunday $215's everywhere as well as trying to follow in some of the greatest in the $10-$50r's. To hit these games i would say i would like to invest 2% of my roll max into an mtt. So $215x50 = $10,750. That is a very realistic aim and tbf all i have to do to acheive that is break even until oct.

Back to the grindstone. peace.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The plan...

I know a lot of people will say im stupid for what i propose to do at the end of this year, but im young and there is only one thing i want to do with my life...

I dont want to look back and think what could have been, this is my shot. I have to take it.

I was planning on going to Nottingham Uni in Sept/Oct this year, but, as anybody would tell you, there is no way i could get a degree this year. I would be online or at DTD all the time grinding out an existence on a £4K a year course. So why should i do it there when i can do it in a nice house with 3 of my best mates for £1200 a year max?

So this is the new plan...

LeKnave, Horneris, ChipRich and Linux are moving into Linux's house when his mum leaves in October. The for of us will be grinding it out, going out and generally living the dream, well, living my dream anyway.

I have a lot to look forward to and a lot of ideas have been flying about regarding what to do before october. Whether it be grinding it out here at home or working out of the country for 4-6 months with Rich, its just about building a roll to ensure going broke at ship it standard mansion is an unlikely scenario.

Before you say, what if u blow it? ur whole futures gone...I will infact have a safety net for if i do happen to fail/go broke. I will be defering my university entry until sept/oct 2008. This way i have the year to pwn it up massive and try to make the dream a reality. And secondly, if i fail its out of my system and time to grow up and move on to get a degree and poker wont be such a big part of my life there and i can get on with work.

So the plans for apr-sept arn't really finalised, from apr-aug i will either be here grinding out the $11 sng's on party. Or be on a cruise ship working with Rich. I would be equally happy to do either. I think it would be beneficial to do either, grinding for experience, cruise ship for a break bfore the solid grind begins. In sept the 4 of us will be taking a month long vacation to relax and play some golf in the sun at my villa in spain.

Then we will return fresh to begin our lives...say what you want, if i take my shot and miss, so be it...but if i hit the bullseye who knows what could happen.

I've been spending a lot of money recently on going out, see the latest venture at And this has left me with approximately £3.8K in the bank and a tad over £1K online. So i have £4.8K to work with and thankfully my parents bought me a laptop for my birthday so that saves my £800 or so...With this £4.8K i think i am going to have £4K for poker, putting £800 into a new bank account which i will use for buying non-poker related things such as going out, buying clothes etc. I will cash some money into this every month to make sure it doesnt go empty.

But i will attempt to grind this £4K and by october the 1st i would like a BR which can cope with $50 sngs. i will settle for a £5K BR by then, left over from the summers spending.

Thats the plan anyway, how well i stick to it we will see, but its time to get serious and set myself up for the shot of a lifetime.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

March Blues...

Its not pretty news.

Im getting pwned all over the shop so far in the short 7 days of march. I just added up all the prof/loss and realised im stuck £769.63 so far.

This is mainly down to today tbh, i bought into the £12K on DTD for £55, and played like heaven. Down to 80ish players, i r/r a button raise all in with 88, it is 2900 more to call, he has 3100 left and calls with 9cTc. I duely lost, and was very annoyed.

The £8K went like shit and the $4K i busted with AA vs TT in hand 2. So donked off $250 in Stars cash + £100 in DTD cash. No idea why, but i just did.

Currently my Stars BR is $16.76, shipitholla. And i cant be arsed depositing on there anytime soon, so will probs try crush $6 Hu's til im broke/got enough to move up to $10's. See what happens. Il probs play the £8K + $4K's on DTD every night + try get a sweet cash that i have been relying on over previous months. Probs hit the $10-$30 Party FO's in search of soft wins. And finally i might try give my Party roll a boost by grinding stt, see how soft they are @ $10 and $20.

As for BPL, il wait til the move on March 12th to start hitting the iPoker MTT's as traffic on tribeca is appalling with the 2 main sites (VC + BlueSquare) already moving.

Better news next time hopefully.


Monday, March 05, 2007


This is by far the sickest hand i have been part of...and it was live.

Cash game 50p/50p

I get dealt [Jd Jc] on the big blind.
4 limpers.
I raise to £2.50
I get 1 caller in MP

*FLOP* [Jh 6h 4h]

I bet £5
MP r/r to £15
I call £10

*TURN* [Jh 6h 4h][6d]

I check
MP bets £15
I r/r all in for £28.50
MP insta calls

i assume he has the nut flush..

He turns over [6c 6s]

At this point my heart sank, and i know how negreanu felt in that brutal hand...