Thursday, March 22, 2007

Live week...

Been playing a lot live this week.

Sun - £10 w/1RB @ Grosvenor Moortown
Mon - £15 w/1RB at Grosvenor Moortown
Tue - £25 FO @ Grosvenor Stoke
Wed - £10 w/1RB @ Grosvenor Moortown

I won the Monday torn for £275, only 25 runners...but it increased the confidence in my live game.

I played the game rly well, and pretty LAG due to how passive most of the field were. The final was a piece of cake except for ChipRich who bust out in 4th. Going into the final 3 i had about 140K vs 20K and 40K so it was mine to lose, and thankfully i didnt.

On tues we took a trip to Stoke and met up with Kinboshi off the blonde forum, he was a decent laugh as ever and me and him bust fairly early so decided to give some abuse on the rail. Which is always fun.

And on weds we met up with Sniper and Sledge13 (Clint+Marc) also from the blonde forum. And had a great laugh as Marc lost with every premium hand possible the highlight was certainly just after his AA was cracked by 77 for a £160 pot and his QQ cracked by K8. Sniper shouts "SHIP IT......STANDARD" right across the cardroom to ChipRich+Horneris on the final table of the tournament, and the entire table were in hysterics. All credit to sledge, he took his beats like a man and re-loaded and ground some of it back, respect sir. The cash game was great, had a short handed £0.50/£1.00 and i finished off +£63 which was pretty sweet.

Live profit for this week:

Mon = -£17 (10% of CR's 3rd)
Tues = +£208 (Gave CR 10% of diff)
Weds = -£25
Thur = +£46

TOT = +£212

Back to my online grind im spending far too much ££ at the minute and really have to cut down and starting pwning online...something i have forgotton how to do.

I've set up the old PC monitor in my room which is now hooked up to the laptop to allow me to easily 8 table mtt's on various sites. atm i have cash on Party, Stars, DTD, FullTilt and Mansion. So will be playing all sorts of mtts before the close of march to try get in profit. Let the grind/gamble begin.


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