Saturday, March 17, 2007

Seeing red...

Alas, it returned dreaded BR crushing tilt...LOL im so fkin sick.

Was hitting the HU cash tables on FT, Only $0.50/$1 and pwning this fool, then his 7d8d beats my TT on a T8X flop, running 2 diamonds, so i was like ok, hes doubled his $40 to $80, so i reload for a hundred to own this guy so hard.

Then i get it in with QQ pre vs his TT, he duely peels a T off for the $180 pot. At this point i was fuming, and booted my bed obv.

I decided it would be a realy good idea to play some $2/4, tbf, i pwned in this game and won about $70 then launched into some $1/2 CapNL. I just played real bad, and donked off the rest of the roll...only about $200. At this time i was also putting my £120 i had left on DTD into a £1/2 table then a $2/5 table, obv i got it all in with 5h3h and got outdrawn by his A6. brutal.

I've told u all abut 4 times now how big a cash fish i am, but for some reason i decide i have to launch back. This was all after a downswing on the party $11 sngs, so i was pretty steamed. And lost another $200 in $1/2 on party where my set lost to a FD.

I went away composed myself and hit a few of the early morning MTT's on party, the $44 i manage to take down for $592, LOL donkaments. So tilt was over, and neutralised. holla. This session really was a wake up call though. I really shouldn't play cash, i can come bk to sngs later, but for now im gonna go bk to Jan+Febs glory days and start mulling the MTT's again.

Hopefully i can lock up a big win and get March into the greeeeeeeen. So on reflection it was a dumb idea, but we all do it. And i think i have learnt something this time.

I feel it is really important to lock up some decent rollage for october to be Br'd for playing the sunday $215's everywhere as well as trying to follow in some of the greatest in the $10-$50r's. To hit these games i would say i would like to invest 2% of my roll max into an mtt. So $215x50 = $10,750. That is a very realistic aim and tbf all i have to do to acheive that is break even until oct.

Back to the grindstone. peace.

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Horneris said...

"And i think i have learnt something this time"

Please God i hope this is true. In 3 hours you fell out with me, decided to bail on the big plan and almost retire from poker.

I was like ffs, gsb and chill,get a grip man. Then you pwned it home, hoLLa. Keep pwning donkaments.

Great post, keep being the best. Out x