Monday, March 05, 2007


This is by far the sickest hand i have been part of...and it was live.

Cash game 50p/50p

I get dealt [Jd Jc] on the big blind.
4 limpers.
I raise to £2.50
I get 1 caller in MP

*FLOP* [Jh 6h 4h]

I bet £5
MP r/r to £15
I call £10

*TURN* [Jh 6h 4h][6d]

I check
MP bets £15
I r/r all in for £28.50
MP insta calls

i assume he has the nut flush..

He turns over [6c 6s]

At this point my heart sank, and i know how negreanu felt in that brutal hand...

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