Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February results

Another solid month, i didn't expect it to be as good as Jan, but i can cope with it being this good!
Some good results on the MTT front, another 2 wins to add to the list. The sng front went pretty well, and the cash games were toned down! After some BR breaking on Stars. The -$1479.93 on stars is a big chunk of cash game loss but i'l live and learn.

On the live front, i have not played ONE single thing in february! Which is poor, and March will be an action month in terms of casino visits. I am infact, making my first casino visit for feb tonight, on the 28th ffs! So it could well be a losing month on the live front ;-)

So, £4.3K up for 2 months, thats not a bad wage i suppose...a lot more then a part time job could get! But hey, maybe il get pwned in march + blow it all then get a part time job and update this blog as a 'year in the life of a min wage slave'.

I dont think i could stick having a job, so back to the disciplined grind.


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