Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fuck the ultimate grinder, Im a balla.

TBH, i was only the ultimate grinder for about an hour after that post...probs just gonna ball it up playing 20 mtt's a day, and going back to crushing the stt's on stars (might try party) at the $27 level.

Been playing a sick amount of mtt's of late...with 2 1st's and some 20-30th's in sick fields of 1K+. So its only a matter of time til i can peel of a pwning cash.

Went back to a few $1/2 cash games last night after deciding to be well balla. This obv failed and i was playing stupid LAG and got owned for $300, then clawed it back with some $27 stts and stars.

Tonight il probs grind some stt later on when they're shit soft, aswell as 10ish mtt's. Nothing the high pressure just a relaxed session.

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