Friday, February 23, 2007

The grind...

Thought i'd test the waters on PartyPoker this week after being told how soft the competition was on there.

So i now have cash on 4 poker sites:

BPL: $500
Party: $500
Stars: $500
DTD: £600

I cashed £2000 of DTD after the mtt win, for fear of tilt + ridiculous cash game play! LOL!

I'm playing with the attitude that i dont care if i lose the $$ off a site, as i can just re-launch cash straight on. But i think im gonna actually grind each individual BR, treating each individual one as my whole BR. Hopefully i can make a killer BR on each site.

This probs wont work on Party + BPL as il be playing $20rbys etc. So my cash/sng form will have to be good :-)

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