Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Ultimate Grinder

I want to become a great cash player, and move up the limits to the at least consistently playing $2/4.

And i realise the huge importance of a decent BR. So the stt challenge is going to go on standby, and WILL be picked up again from day 14.

But as my BR on stars cant cope with the swings of playing the $27's. Im going to grind.

I will be 8-12 tabling.......$0.05/$0.10! PMSL, it sounds so embarrassing...but it has to be done. I will be playing this until the BR hits $500, then moving up into $0.10/$0.25 until $1000, then $0.25/$0.50 and so on. If ever my BR drops below the min for the game im playing in, (2000xBB) then i will drop back down.

It would be better for me to do this on blonde due to 30% RB, but the tables are about the size of houses so i think stars would be easier for multitabling.

My starting BR for this is $425, from $1500 that ive put into it this year. The losses are ENTIRELY due to cash games, I am in slight profit from MTT's and have a nice profit for STT's. So im stuck about $2000 from playing stupid cash games like $2/4 and $5/10.

So now it begins, here is the tale,

Of the ultimate grinder.

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