Monday, February 05, 2007

Sit and Go BR building

After the failure of my last challenge...

I've decided to try another, it will be remeniscent of thetanks 4000 sng's in 4 months:

I will be playing the $25+$2 9 seater turbo's on Stars, from a $1500 BR.

As of yet, i have no real idea to what my ROI will be, i would like it to be somewhere between 10-15%. I will be aiming at around 30 a day, to really grind out a BR.

The main objective of this is bankroll building. Secondly i would like to become a platinum status VIP member on stars. Currently as a Gold member i recieve 20 FPP's for each $25+$2 i play, at 30 per night that equate to 600FPP's a night, and if i can cruch 500 a month, this will enable me to achieve platinum status.

After realising that playing MTT's on Crypto and Tribeca are much more profitable then Stars, i will probly hit the $5K's and $20K on tribeca and the £8K on Crypto.

I will report back every day probably with current results.

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