Thursday, February 22, 2007

Send the Sherbert


Shipped home the £8K for the 2nd time this year for £2240, and boy it felt good. TBH i didnt really do anything early on at all, was always a low stack, then an utg limp with AA started it all off, and i ground it out solid before turning it on 5 handed and catching some flops.
Was thankful when we moved form 2 tables to the final that the super LAG player who had been on my left was now on my right, that was a huge bonus.

I went for it tonight on the mtt's, playing 16 in total investing nearly $400, and with just 1 cash of $130 in the $5K on tribeca it wasnt looking to good. Then the £8K saved my ass.

That result has helped leaps and bounds for the outlook of february and hopefully i can hang on for another winning month!

I think im gonna cut out the $20K + $15K's on tribeca for now, because they turn into such sick crapshoots that my BR cant handle the swings just yet.

I'l probly just play the £12K, £8K and $4K on DTD, and the $5K's on tribeca.

As far as the ultimate grinding is going, technically the BR on stars is $415, a $10 loss....but it is actually a profit from cash, as i played $25 worth of mtt's on there 2nite, so its a $15 profit for the grind atm, i will get solidly onto that 2moro.


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