Thursday, February 15, 2007

Days 10/11

Shipped a decent number for once, but i was falling asleep for the latter 15 but still did ok. Had a bash at 6 tabling which went pretty well tbh.

Day 10/11 Results: +$121.50 (+$157.50 total)
ROI: +2.6% (after 225 tournaments)


1st: 6 (30)
2nd: 3 (25)
3rd: 6 (26)
4-9th: 23 (144)

Gonna continue to solely play the 9 seater $27's on stars, as well as decent gtd's on crypto and tribeca.

I will now being playing tribeca tournys from the BPL skin due to a new loyalty scheme introduced today, so i cashed £600 from BS and wacked $500 into BPL.

I am really going to grind for the rest of feb as i really really dont want a losing month, but it will be a task to make feb positive being stuck around the £600 mark atm. More details on this one later.

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