Friday, February 09, 2007

Day 4

Today was so sick, everything went against me. It was just one of those days and no matter how many times it went in ahead, it usually finished up losing, hence the lack of games!

Day 4 Results: -$198 (-$270 total)
ROI: -6.4% (after 155 tournaments)


1st: 3 (18)
2nd: 1 (16)
3rd: 1 (18)
4-9th: 19 (103)

So, its off to a pretty poor start to say the least, but i'm not too bothered about that at the minute, i 'think' and hope, that it is all short term variance and i think that i am playing these in a very decent style, and positive results shouldn't be too far away.

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your shit