Saturday, February 03, 2007


I have been running really well in the MTT's and the HU's, i think my HU game is coming along greatly. And i've stayed totally away from cash.

I'm happy to say i've had 2 FT's in 2 days, both coming in the 4pm bluesquare $5K Gtd, an 8th for $250ish and a 2nd for $1225ish.

I have been making a timetable of MTT's each day, and hitting 9/10 a night. Its been pretty successful and find myself £500 up in february already. I aim to continue playing the $55 HU's and hitting a decent amount of MTT's a night, and the results should hopefully come flying in.

Due to a poor end to Jan, i finished £3200 in the green, it could have been better, but im not complaining in the slightest, a v good start to the year.

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