Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 2

Today, went ok tbh..but when it came to HU i just kept losing, not really due to bad luck, i kept getting it in way behind. And deservidly staying there!

Day 2 Results: +$153 (-$31.50 total)
ROI: -1% (after 112 tournaments)


1st: 5 (14)
2nd: 7 (11)
3rd: 8 (15)
4-9th: 26 (72)

So thats 112 tournaments in 2 days, nicely above target, i'm happy to get a green day on the board. And hopefully this will continue into tomorrow.

I've made 2240 FPP's in 2 days now, should be well on the way to platinum status :-)!

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