Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunday night/January results

Played in another of the $215's for the 2nd week in a row.

I started of really well, and doubled up to 20K real fast, then i got called by AK on a ragged board for a chunk of chips somehow, good call i suppose but this hit me hard and i couldn't get it together for a while. I went fairly deep and cashed for $470, a welcome sum after the cash games the night before. Another cash in the $3r only for about $30, but it all helps, so i am happy to be finally getting some MTT results together again. Trying really hard to play consistently. Played a few $50 HU's today and my style is really working well in them, after watching Ivey pwn Matusow on poker after dark game 4.

The Walsall sat was a let down, 150 players, 5 seats but i lasted about 4 hands, when i pushed with KcQc on an AcXcXd flop and was looked up by AA. I am probably gonna try to get into this again tbh, i didnt concentrate on it at all as was still tied up in the warm up.

I'm gonna make it a mission to play in either the million or the warm up every 2 weeks, i think 2 weeks is enough time to earn 13,000 FPP's to buy in, or 5400 to sat it.

Gonna continue to play consistently in the GTD's for a few weeks, as well as hitting some more HU's.

Jan Profit/Loss

Stars: +$652.33
BlueSq: +£98.06
DTD: +£2775.96
Mansion: -£5.28

TOTAL: +£3,202.38

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