Sunday, January 28, 2007

Introducing LeKnave, The MTT player

Online cash game poker is ridiculous, well its not...but it is for me...

I lack the ability and discipline to play this section of the game and will not be doing for a considerable time.

I will be playing a great deal of MTT's each night aswell and MTT SNG's such as the $12 45's and $22/$11 180's.

I have deposited on BlueSquare (Tribeca) and am really enjoying playing MTT's on there atm, doing really well and increased my BR by 50% already, (£200 deposit).

Last night despite being dangerously tired, i played a LOT of MTT's, i played solid good poker for once and it really came together:

Started of with an early morning $30 NLHE on trbieca which i came 4th in for $125, then i won my seat into the GUKPT $100r sat in a $10r sat. I then took a break and came back that night for the decent $100K and $20K freerolls on stars, aswell as the deepstack, the $20 $10K and the $3r $10K, i cashed in both $10K's, 14th in the $20 F/O which i lost a 220K pot to go chip leader when my AK failed to outdraw 99. I was very happy with the way i played this and i believe that race was the difference between a 4 figure sum and the $120 that i recieved.

On the live poker side, i went to the grosvenors £10 second chance torny, which was extremely boring and i didnt last 2 long. Then redeemed my lost £23 and some more in a £0.50/£0.50 cash game.

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