Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sick HU cash and another FT

Playing some HU cash from: Game #4141800844: Hold'em NL ($0.25/$0.50) - 2007/01/12 - 04:01:29 (UK) until Game #4142156724: Hold'em NL ($0.25/$0.50) - 2007/01/12 - 05:36:38 (UK) i managed to turn a $30 innitial buy in ito $243.05, from the same player.

$213.05 in 1 hour 35 mins wasnt bad going, and helped with the losses id encountered on stars.

The main reason i won so much was basically i had my way with a few cold decks which tilted him and he started making reckless plays for no reason.

I took down 4 pots over $50 in the game, he took none.


Played the sat to the £8K on crypto and qualified for £3, tourny was slow going and I managed to build a nice stack with a well timed KK vs. FD, I got to the final 1st in chips and managed to grind out a 2nd place finish for £1463.00, a good result on a slow day. That’s 2 finals in 2 days on crypto.

I think I will begin to play a good number of mtt’s, for example:

DTD - £12K, £8K, £4K, $4K
Stars - $10K, $25K, $15K, $20K, $18K

I’ll see how this schedule goes for a while. I played the £8K pretty well up to the final, but on the final I couldn’t get anything going, mainly because of the player to my left (the eventual winner) being a very good aggressive player.

The BR

DTD = £1823.24 (+£1623.24)
STARS = $434.31 (-£289.07)

TOTAL = +£1334.17

Safe to say, the MTT cash helped BIGTIME.

Got a few home games coming up this weekend, then probs go to grosvenor a few times in the week, must do some revision though! It appears il need to pass, as i cant make a living off PokerStars sit and goes! ;-)

Until next time, Happy grinding.


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