Monday, January 22, 2007

The Sunday Million

Today i did something i'd never done before...

Started the day with the intent of playing the the Million. I hit a $10r and spent $41 to no avail, and then the $39 lost a CF with QQ and no joy there.

So i had stuck $80 trying to get into the damn thing that only costs $215 to buy into! So....i decided, why bother playing satelites when i could play $12 45's and freeroll myself into it.

So at half 5 i played my first batch of 4, i had four hours to earn $215+$80 (to freeroll entry and satelite losses)

The first batch i ran ok, and made $51...the 2nd one i made 3 finals and finished $260 to the good. I was thinking of taking the money, but a good friend told me you only live once. So i took the plunge and put $215 into the tourny.

Managed to double up to 26K after a short while with a 9s7s on a Ks Js Xx Xs 9x board vs QT.

Soon after this i was up to 50K and playing well, the i got AA on the button, utg min raise to 3200, cut off made it 9700, so i pushed for 50K, utg folded and the cut off called with JJ, i held up and i was up to 100K! The bubble burst, I had cashed in the sunday million!

I managed to take my stack from 100K to 250K without have to show down a hand. Soon we were moving steadily up the pay brackets and this hand arose:

I get Ts8s in LP and limp for 12K,

SB completes and BB checks.

FLOP - Qs 9s Td

SB checks, BB bets 36K, i move all in for 200K, SB folds and the BB calls with Q9.

I miss the draw, and im out in 287th for a tidy $809.04

I was very happy with how i played, and was in a 50/50 to gain 400K in chips and have a real shot at some big money.

I think it is still a little expensive to make it a regular thing with my current BR, but we'l see if i feel like trying again in a few weeks!


Anonymous said...

Youre my Hero

Anonymous said...

I disagree, hes still shit

Anonymous said...

Le Knave is my poker hero

LeKnave said...

Hilarious brent.