Friday, January 19, 2007

The £8K calls again

It wasnt long since my last post that i was back on the £8K g'tee's final, this time i began 8th or 9th in chips but managed to win the thing for the tidy sum of £2103.75. I played the final pretty well, playing passively pre-flop and aggressively on flops/turns. Going into 3 handed i felt very confident with my 300K stack vs their 2 50K and 60K stacks.

I've not being playing much side action on crypto, leaving that to stars, where i am happy to update i have ran very well. Last blog i was in crisis mode on stars with a small portion of my origional BR remaining, i have ground that up playing $0.50/$1 cash and $11+$1 45 man tournaments. These tournys have proved exceptionally valuable to me in reviving the BR and winning 3 for $154 a pop has aided tremendously.

I decided on winning the £8K i would cash out some funds so as not to play too high stakes, so i took out £2200, meaning that i am £2000 up + the balance i have on the site.

The BR

DTD = £1297.31 (+£3297.31)
Stars = $1005.01 (+£2.54)

TOTAL = +£3299.85

So, both in profit again! Looking good and i'm full of confidence at the moment, but usually when im full of confidence...its going to get ugly, we'l have to see!

Unfortunately i haven't played live for a while mainly as i was waking up at gone 7pm this week, i will try to make a trip or 2 next week.

Happy Grinding.

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