Friday, January 12, 2007

Tilt...with a pleasant aftertaste

I thought he was gone, but alas…he returned: LeTilt.

I wanted to be perfectly honest with this blog in the same fashion that BlueScouse is with his so i'l tell you the story of a burnt bankroll:

After the hopeful ending of the last blog, it all went pear shaped. I started to hit some $33 HU’s and got on a real bad run, lost about 5 and won 1, then launched into a $55 HU to recoup some losses, suffice to say, I lost and found myself down around $150.
Then the uncontrollable wreck I was decided it would be a good idea to get into some $0.50/$1.00 cash and after a $25 pot win with JJ, I got pwned all over the shop, and made a filthy $40 call on a J high board with QQ which I knew was nowhere.
So after another $60 loss, the hero gets into a $1/$2 cash game with a $120 stack, this goes in one hand:

Dealt to LeKnave [Ts 8c]
BDaws leaves the table
sexuelity: folds
LeKnave: checks
cosa nostra1: folds
Elvis-73: calls $1
wader: checks
*** FLOP *** [8s 5s Tc]
Elvis-73: bets $4
wader: folds
LeKnave: raises $8 to $12
Elvis-73: calls $8
*** TURN *** [8s 5s Tc] [7s]
Elvis-73: checks
LeKnave: bets $18
Elvis-73: raises $152 to $170
LeKnave: calls $88 and is all-in
*** RIVER *** [8s 5s Tc 7s] [Ac]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Elvis-73: shows [9h Jh] (a straight, Seven to Jack)
LeKnave: mucks hand
Elvis-73 collected $240 from pot

Another terrible call, boy I was on fire in these games! At this point I was so annoyed I wasn’t even thinking tbh so the call was always coming.

I then started talking to Brent and Rich about how stupid I am etc, they cheered me up and I got bk into the swing of this with my new $500 BR with some $0.25/$0.50. I’m going to play 4 tables of $0.25/$0.50 for 4 hours a day, in blocks (3 6 handed and 1 9 handed) to attempt to aid the BR back to its original state.

I'm not sure what it is that makes me do this, but its going to be a big problem with my online play unless i sort it.

Later on I hit the $25K and $15K on stars, missed the cash in both…then decided to hit the $4K on crypto with Brent, with the added bonus of a pint in a last longer bet. Didn’t really see much in the way of cards for a while then made a few moves and generated a bit of a stack. Then 2 AK’s in a row got me to the 30K mark. People started dropping off and we had the final 10, with 7 left I push UTG with Ktos for 27K (1500/3000 blinds) and the BB woke up with AA and it was over, $270 for the 7th place isn’t to be sniffed at after the night I’ve had.

So, lessons to take into account:
  • Stay in the same game you have planned to play
  • If you feel you’re tilting, take a break - have some sort of Kit Kat
  • Ship It home in a MTT

The BR
DTD = £339.06 (+£139.06)

STARS = $536.16 ( -$463.84)

I decided to look at this the good way, I am still in profit in 2007!
DTD = +£139.06
STARS = -£238.33

LIVE = +£396

TOTAL = +£296.73

So, it is now that the grind starts:


  • $0.25/$0.50 Cash Tables
  • $22+$1 HU games


  • $0.25/$0.50 HU Cash Tables
  • £0.15/£0.25 6 Handed Cash Tables

The next update WILL be in a week or so, unless another big night like tonight happens.

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Horneris said...

Unlucky Dave, i have total respect for your honesty though. And found some of your lines about your tilt hilarious. Terrible call though. Although you dont need me to tell you that. Well done in your multi, and i look forward to your next post regarding your live and online progress.