Monday, January 08, 2007

2007 begins...

I've been playing poker for over 2 years now, and still love it.

It all began in college when i saw a few guys in the year above playing round a table, i had seen the game played on TV and this intrigued me. A guy i hardly knew called Brent asked me and a few friends to play (a moment that could have a huge impact on my life). From this second i was hooked and there was no going back. The buzz of coming home and emptying all this shrapnel out of your pocket!
Then as the months went by, home games with real chips started, casino visits and soon the shrapnel being taken out the pockets was hundreds of pounds.

I've always been one to update records effectively so writing progress on here shouldn't be an issue.

I will be playing online on Pokerstars with a $1000 bankroll and on Dusk Til Dawn (Cryptologic) with a £200 bankroll.

Live games i enjoy are at the Leeds Moortown grosvenor casino, where they have a great £10 double chance FO with 5000 chips. I enjoy playing there with my friends Brent, Steele, Rich and Gibbo, we usually ship it home no problem.

I recently went on holiday to Australia and staying in the Star City casino for 4 nights, this is the most live cash game experience i've ever had, i sat at the $80 NL tables ($1/$2 blinds) for 4 nights and managed to turn a $301.25 profit. I was happy with my introduction into the live cash game world, as my only previous experience was a £1/£1 game at Leeds gala for 10 mins and a £1/£1 at Grosvenor Walsall for an hour.

I have been to a few places playing including Leeds Gala, Grosvenor Leeds Moortown, Grosvenor Walsall and Grosvenor Stoke. Me and Brent enjoy going on roadtrips down south to play. And im looking forward to writing trip reports after each one we go on. The next scheduled trip is tomorrow, tuesday the 9th for the £25 FO with a fantastic structure and grosvenor stoke. We have gibbo accompanying us to this one and maybe Rich if he gets it together.

So thats the story so far, From £0.10/£0.10 cash games in college, to HU winners at bB3 to regular casino winners, to grinding with australia's best (or worst).

I hope i can take you all on an emotional journey over the next year, im sure there will be highs and sick lows, just got to get through it all and see what it changes in me.

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